Webinar invite: 90 minutes with Jon Shugart of keyword Rockstar and Mike Liebner

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Register issues Webinar on Thursday, now for this “keyword research” may 20, 1010 free!

You spend 90 minutes with Jon Shugart keyword Rockstar and Mike Liebner

Accompany me, Mike Liebner of http://www.articleunderground.com/ , as I a spend hour brainstorming with Jon Shugart of Rockstar keyword. We will share tips and ideas for more money with free movement of top Rankinsg on search engines such as Google, as well as always, such as the Google content network PPC super cheap clicks. Have you ever Trid with “Image map” of the “content network”? JOn is an expert and helps on this will get super hot too cheap targeted traffic us!

Jon and I will be your ideas for an hour and then open the call for questions for about 30 minutes.

Make sure, you are there to live with us investment needs Webinar because I will be sharing a “webinar only” gift links where you can access some tables filled with money making keywords from some missions that I run on keyword Rockstar have.

We will also rock star offers a special deal on keyword during the webinar – so choose, that you register and visit us at 5 PM EST on Thursday, may 20, 1010.

Sign up here:


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Killer keyword research

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Hello, it is Mike Liebner underground with a tutorial here from article and a free sample spreadsheet presents the killer Keyword research that helps to make as large underground article!

> Use the free keyword research spreadsheet and TUTORIAL here

Sorry, I could not help but bragging rights because it is the keywords that help us really great article and also help that members receive the most traffic possible from their Web pages by using the keyword research to better websites write!

Not all keywords are considered equal.

Some words are simply better!

In fact – grab this brand new free spreadsheet, for himself, top 150 keywords that currently access the highest cost per click AdWords customers see are!

>>> Get the free keyword research spreadsheet

You will find the free spreadsheet PLUS a great TUTORIAL about how to use keyword research to hook domain names that get super easy you are to rank on Google! If you want large – traffic is a good way to do it, get some domain name, the the right keywords in them!

The turorial shows how easy it is! Example table of top-150 CPC search terms for January 2010 is in Excel format and shows the highest paying keywords! Stop to see which keywords currently advertisers pay $32 on average about. $ Per click you for!

Our keyword research is the best!

It helps the article underground members, which keywords pay good for AdSense valuable insight to win, and we know which keywords get the most traffic!

This is valuable information!

You can use it, write articles, add extra words to your articles or simply sprinkle websites, high traffic of keywords on your big money – to get more traffic from search engines!

She see secret is by simply adding more of the right keywords to your Web pages – a ton of fresh starts a new and little-known search engine traffic your way when you get identical rankings for any mix of keyword phrases!

And it’s as simple as your Web pages to add more related keywords!

It’s like magic! Suddenly combine to the words on your pages to hook top rankings that you normally would get for all types of combinations of keywords, not for rank. After all – if the words on your pages – you can get rank for them! I can’t believe more people don’t do that! It’s so easy! It is especially easy if you have the kind of keyword data, we give article underground members!

Indeed – we share them our authors, of which indeed with members the same keyword research data, we give the “exact keyword phrases” who choose to write articles about us!

OK, should be enough good, that get to stop and grab the free sample keyword spreadsheet with 150 most expensive top keywords plus great tutorial about how to use keyword research to get a hold of valuable domain names!

>>> Use the free keyword research spreadsheet and TUTORIAL here.

See also: the most expensive keywords video

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Commission blueprint 2

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Commission blueprint 2 has launched!

I created a video to check , so you could view within! Oh – a bonus is to it.

Oh-it is an all new product as Commission blueprint 2 and it is not just an upgrade from v1 – but an all new product!

I’ll be more info on you fall because I must search for these puppies, about – but from what I have seen that this is a monster!

Tim and Steve are top notch, both so that I know is that every penny value! More info and videos to the Commission blueprint 2 page.

Here is the link to my video review with details of a bonus offer, which is preparing for you, I have!

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Vary the link text is a smart thing to do!

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Distinguish the link text???

I was asked just about different link text when used with the article underground “Announcements blogs” , to get links to a page.  Requires any “keyword phrase” is it own MATCHING article??

In the near future – ideally Yes! But let us try to understand this whole thing the link smart!

In the past I have written, that it is intelligent, vary your link text (and also your vegetables food!).

I wrote it, because I, that some people think know if it always and always the same HYPERLINKTEXT get HAMMER them on number… First of all, the possibly true – but continues as the time When you only identical LINK-TEXT about and use you as a bucket of lead drop, if Google starts to see patterns.

It may take a while before it it out and figure your position at the bottom of the page – but they are smart! You will find it out!

The solution is soooo easy! Vary your link text.

I understand can it confusing – but the main thing to consider is that you want to avoid things like a machine or a robot.

Try to be human rights and patterns and repetitive strings that scream “something smells fishy” do not create.

When I say “Vary your link text”, so what I really use mean you more of the words on your page and not just the same a keyword phrase over and over in the link text use.

And what about the pages that are on your links? This is true for them to???

It is always good to create unique posts on the AU BLOGS that show where you try your website rank for.

The links will have more value.

So if possible – do it!

At the very least- use any identical “exact duplicate content” or article.

Tweak and modify it at least a little!

Reposting of same article over and over would be as bad as MAS submit an article to article directories that have the same links in the bio box.

The hundreds or thousands of identical article in directories you hurt big time as Google sees all with same exact bio box and links pointing to you.

You are smart. You know, these kinds of links have not really much value.

They must not cheat to get them to a top ranking. A few good links from the article announcements blogs and you’ll be golden!

So try you not, that automated spam material with the AU blogs to do-they are too good for it! Have GOLD, at your fingertips – so use the true power and your LINK TEXT vary and differ your blog posts!

If you want to be TOP ranking REDKINGS easy-links get the highest quality, you can point to your pages!

You want each page focus on needs be optimized for an PRIMARY and at least one secondary keyword.

Like many secondary keywords hangs on how many good keywords have on your side you. This are the natural words to the target – independent of different link text strategies – start with what is already on your page!

Fact: Did you know that the many large related keywords are 1000de of keyword phrases on Google for 100 or even 1, rank is some websites??

The words which are displayed are those you should use in your link text on your pages. It is natural that Google rank you for these words – especially, when they see the quality of Web sites from tex-links! HOME RUN!

Use the AUKDAT TOOL for display the keywords prominently on your site and those keywords with TEXT LINKS to the article underground blogs and th social bookmarking sites, and such as the target.

I search usually 2 and 3 word phrases that appear in at least 3 times on the page. 2 Times at the mndstns. AN occurrence is in General not enough add the PHRASE a few times, if it only appears once, and if you want to rank for it.

It is more difficult to rank for a keyword that will be shown only once on your page. It is even harder to rank for a keyword, does not Appear…, but that is to say – it happens! That’s how powerful LINK-TEXT can be!

Each text link externally displayed on Web pages (and internally) for this page with Google, your site is reinforce is the KEYWORD WORTGRUPPE and it starts you ranking for the keywords that they see in the text-links – especially when they see the words on your pages to!

Link text is important, but so are the words that Apeear before and after you… Surrounding words play a role in how you rank!

The search engines see not only of the words in the LINK TEXT on your page also they look at the words that are on the side in the vicinity of text links. Surrounding words role to – not only the link text!

After all – trust the LINK TEXT would not you more if it were from one side, that was trusted for this topic? Try as if you were to think Google.

So, if you tons more traffic from more top Rankinghs for various keywords – it’s easy to do a question a little extra work! Get out there and vary the link text and also the content/article/place, have the links to your pages! This will help you in your efforts to get the most results!

It’s easy to get top rankings, if you properly go about it and with the article underground of announcements blogs as they are used!

See also: vary your link text

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Not all links are equal – much created IP addresses matter!

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Backlinks and Proper Linking are what helps make specific individual web pages rise to to the top of the search engine results pages.

If you want to be on top you need better links than the competition.

That may sound like it’s difficult and complex – but if you have an Article Underground membership it is EASY for you!

Sure – it can be a daunting task to set up a site and then need to go out and get links pointing at it, but that’s exactly why Article Underground is called a ‘content and traffic system” – because we help webmasters put great content on their pages and THEN we go one step further and provide them a network of high quality blogs to get good quality backlinks!

If you want to be on top – you need to get the RIGHT kind of links.

Allow me to explain.

Not all links are created equal.

Google and the other search engines are very sophisticated and before they let our web page rank on top for a keyword phrase that gets traffic, they will analyze both ON PAGE and OFF PAGE factors.

On page is what is on your web page – the words – the content. The stuff Google’s spiders see when they crawl your web page.

In order to rank for a keyword phrase or multiple keyword phrases (you are targeting more than 1 keyword per page, aren’t you???) your web page MUST BE RELEVANT to the phrase and ideally contain your keywords. In fact the keywords should not just be on your page – they should be PROMINENT!

If you are using Article Underground PLR articles for content – then you have that angle covered. AU articles are written and optimized for specific keyword phrases.

The keywords are featured prominently throughout the AU articles we provide our members.

So that’s ON PAGE – what about OFF PAGE??? What is an off page factor???

If you want your web pages to rank on top of Google and the other search engines you need to make sure that your pages have the words on the page and OFF PAGE -  you need to make sure that other web sites out there are LINKING to your web pages with the KEYWORDS you are targeting in the TEXT LINKS.

OFF PAGE FACTORS revolve around LINKS pointing at your page from other web pages and web sites.

IP Addresses Matter – Not ALL Links are Created Equal

Do you understand what an IP ADDRESSES is??? Do you know what they represent???

Let me try to explain – you really need to get this right or you might do all the WRONG THINGS and Google will slap yo butt!

In fact, the most common reasons that I run across when Article Underground members show me their sites and complain of Google dropping them off the front page is the page is related to poor wreckless linking.

If it were simply volume of links pointing at a page – we’d have it easy – but Google sees a lot more than simply a link and the text… they look at many factors to judge the qulaity of the links.

You need to understand this or your site can be in big trouble with Google.

Too many crappy links can get your domain banned from Google.

Ok… so let’s spend a little time on one of the most important concepts that affects where your pages will rank on Google.

Google wants to know WHERE your link is coming from. The origin. Where it comes from is a part of their quality score for the link(s).

One thing they look at is the IP ADDRESS of the domain that is linking.

Every domain is assigned an IP ADDRESS which helps identify the location of the files so that your browser can find and connect with that web page.

If you have a web site – it has an IP ADDRESS assigned so people can find it. Depending on your hosting it may be used by many domains.

To see your IP Address or the IP of any site – use this tool:


Google looks at this and considers the IP ADDRESSES in their OFF PAGE quality scoring.

They will SCORE your page based on their internal rules relating to IP ADDRESSES.

They look at individual IP’s and they also look at ALL of the IP’s as a group. They look for unusual patterns that may reveal an attempt to GAME THEM!

So – you might be wondering – aren’t all IP ADDRESSES the same??? They’re just numbers, right?

They may be numbers – but they also help identify WHERE the LINK is originating from.

They look at the kind of page – the number from the domain – the ip address – all kinds of things can be connected to a link and an ip address.

If the LINK comes from a BANNED IP ADDRESS or one that has a lot of unusual or suspsicous activity – Google might not count it.

If the link isn’t what they consider “perfect” -they might discount the value of the link or even NOT count it.

If TOO MANY LINKS come from BANNED IP ADDRESSES, such as those from known link spammers, or cookie cutter article directories on the same host, they may do something extreme such as BAN YOUR DOMAIN.

At the very least Google won’t think much of your page and/or site if too many of your backlinks are crap.

One of the reasons that IP ADDRESSES get banned is because Google can analyze patterns as seen from their HUGE database of data. They can spot that UNUSUAL and UN-NATURAL THINGS are happening.

Usually – link spammers – especially AMATEUR or newbie link spammers will LINK in excess. They mistakenly think MORE is BETTER and go overboard.

If this happens and Google can connect the IP ADDRESS to this pattern – it is possible they will ban it.

Same concept almost as when specific countries get banned from ecommerce or affiliate programs because of excessive fraud. The large majority of the problems come from isolated places – so you can take action on that specific place.

Remember – Google is way smart – they will know if YOU are trying to game them by serving a 1,000 links to your web page from a domain hosted on the same server as your domain. In fact – Google can see MANY patterns that ordinary humans just wouldn’t think of…

But hey – we’re not ordinary humans, are we???

If you are SMART and careful about the way you link to your own pages, you’ll be just fine and get lots of top rankings. It’s the EXCESSIVE and OBNOXIOUS behavior that Google is most concerned with.

As long as you are careful and break  the patterns you will be just fine.

* note: see also my article on breaking patterns

>>> “Good SEO – Breaking the patterns”

OK… so back to the IP addresses and what they represent…

EVERY IP ADDRESS has class A, B, C and D – all of them.

I know this can be confusing, but LOOK at it this way

that is an IP address

here are the classes in that IP – class a, b, c and d:

A 208
B 109
C 181
D 174

Every HOST is given a ‘block” of IP addresses

They are usually in the same class C BLOCK

So – using the above IP – here is an example of what IP addresses a host might have allocated to them through

so they would have each IP in the C CLASS of 181


All of those are in the SAME CLASS C IP BLOCK

When Google looks at links pointing at our web pages – they are primarily trying to catch people LINKING to their own sites EXCESSIVELY.

Since most people have only ONE SERVER and ONE WEB HOST – it is pretty easy for Google to do this.

It is NOT natural for a large percentage of LINKS to come from the same place.

All they have to do is compare the IP Adresses of the domains linking to a WEB PAGE or WEB SITE and they will see patterns if the web owner is indeed LINKING TOO MUCH to their own web sites.

So if they see TOO MANY IP’s from within the same CLASS C BLOCK of IP ADDRESSES they will most likely DISCOUNT the value of the links OR in extreme cases they will PENALIZE or BAN the web site.

Now, remember EXACTLY HOW they do all this scoring is a SECRET.

Google has never told us this info or specific algorhytms – it is ASSUMED by SEO types that they score like this, because as pointed out earlier, we KNOW that ONE WEB HOST most likely has a LIMITED RANGE of IP ADDRESSES they can give to a CLIENT. And linking to sites of your own is easy to spot by analyzing the IP addresses.

These excessive patterns don’t usually happen in the real world for popular sites. The most popular sites don’t need to game links. They get too many links without asking for them!

IF a web site is VERY POPULAR and successful on it’s own without any MANIPULATION or “in house” linking schemes, the DIVERSITY OF IP ADDRESSES will be VERY BROAD.

There will be MANY CLASS C IP BLOCKS represented in the LIST OF IP ADDRESSES.



So – that being considered – it is OK to have SOME or even a LOT of LINKS coming from the same CLASS C IP BLOCKS as long as there is an OVERALL DIVERSITY with lots of OTHER IP BLOCKS MIXED IN.

In other words – if you ONLY have a few LINKS and they all come from the same PLACES (same class c ip block) it is VERY LIKELY those links are NOT natural real world links.

Ideally a web site needs MANY different DIVERSE IP ADDRESSES linking to the site/pages.

Ideally NOT ONLY different CLASS C BLOCKS – but ideally many different CLASS A BLOCKS and B and CLASS C BLOCK IP addresses.

The D BLOCK or the 4th part of the IP ADDRESS is MOST LIKELY IGNORED


In other words – it is really NOT likely they even care what the 4th octet or d class of your linking IP address is – because they can see from the C CLASS of the linking IP if it is coming from the same host.

While those two MAY be different – Google most likely sees them as coming from the same HOST – most likely a site YOU also own.

I am pretty sure they won’t give you a top ranking based on that kind of link!

Now – if the class C’s are different (3rd octet) – they will most likely see them as coming from DIFFERENT HOSTS and give you FULL CREDIT or BONUS POINTS for having links originating from more different CLASS C BLOCKS

these are different class C IP’s

these are diffenet class B IP’s

these are different class A IP’s

It is very likely these 2 IP’s are allocated to HOSTS that are geographically spread far apart from each other.

Google likes to see this kind of diversity and will reward your page for this.

So the general rule of thumb for linking is – if you link to your OWN domain from your OWN SITES – and those sites are on the same server – link sparingly.

Don’t link too many times or they will be smart enough to know they are all links from your own sites.

If you have 2 hosts – you can link slightly more often – but still NOT TOO MUCH because they can still figure out your links are coming from the same places.

The only way to make sure that you have the best quality of links that Google loves is to have many diverse web sites from servers located all over the world pointing at your web site and pages.

The AU Blogs are spread on different servers with many different IP addresses.

So – to summarize – we want to look at the IP addresses in the links pointing at our sites and we want to make sure we have as many different IP’s from all 4 of the blocks – class a, b, c and d – as possible.

We do not want TOO MANY coming from the same CLASS C BLOCK.

If you are linking to your sites using the Article Underground announcements blogs – they will be getting diverse links from DOMAINS on different servers that are spread out ALL OVER THE WORLD.

The AU Blogs are spread onto a DIVERSE number of DIFFERENT IP ADDRESSES. Many different CLASS A IP’s… many different CLASS B IP’s and many different CLASS C IP’s.

These links from the AU BLOGS in conjunction with NATURAL LINKS coming in from the real world give your pages a huge advantage over those pages with just a few links or links originating from the same places.

If you want top rankings – you need pages that have good words and you need high quality links!

Article Underground is the answer to both needs!


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New list of 60,174 large money keywords

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I’ve added only a few keyword research files in the section of AU members.

If you are a member get 2 incredibly profitable lists of keywords!

Can find the 2 new lists loaded with keywords, you can make more money!

(1) Halloween list of 1,446 keywords relating to costumes and Halloween

(2) Keywords make large list of 60,174 keywords for all types of money!

The new 1,400 + keyword list for Halloween and costume design is just what you need, so you can start getting ready for the big money-rush!

Now is the time to start your seeds in place for the big Halloween rush to get starting, goes nuts in mid-September and lasts until late October strong planting.

Catch you on your article pages and Web sites so far, that you will be at the top if the traffic heats up big time!

The large keyword list is insanely huge! If you have them 60 k plus the keywords that you will make money on your Web pages!

I recommend very, you jumbo size Excel files and use find bid high, high traffic keywords open that you can sprinkle article strategically on your Web pages.

Trust me…. This is Aneasy way to get more free search engine traffic! Simply, you write with some new phrases add some related keywords from the lists and your pages.

You get additional free search engine traffic, and if you, AdSense ads on your pages – click money should only high traffic and high bid to remain the keywords to go as the keywords on the 2 lists were cleaned!

No garbage collection keywords!

We get rid of the junk e keywords, who have visited little traffic and low! Remain the 60,000 +, which are golden eggs!

These are also same lists of keywords, with which the article underground authors write their articles for us!

Autumn comes, and it’s time, back in the Groove a Dmake some easy money!

These keywords are super hot! Go ‘ to get ‘em!

Not a Member? > look at the 21-day trial, to get for $9.95

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400 Holiday themed article YOUR BONUS!

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It is a good time member of the article underground, his, since I added, only a bonus zip which has 400 holiday themed articles from article underground problem Vault back.

These articles each – article divided into 2 folders 200, contain the “Halloween” and/or “Costume” and the second folder of 200 includes 200 articles, that the word “Christmas” in articles.

If you become a member or a new Member of the article before October 31st, 2009 will be underground, you can grab bonus zip on the members home page!

> check out the file names

If for any reason you are not a current Member – to connect! Get the bonus 400 additional articles and the current zip zipper 400 article just released! That’s 800!

As always – I suggest, you spend at least a little time tweaking and change the articles a little add your “own secret sauce”. It is not required, but put more words on your Web pages, which will have more options, you get free search engine traffic search
of top rankings.

If you add additional keywords – for example sentences that contain related keywords – increase the number of records, and more importantly the number of combinations of words. This is a big secret to higher earnings!

A little work goes a long way – so try, add a few extra sentences and re-word a few sentences for the best results!

Login to the section members go and get your articles – or JOIN NOW!

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Is measures the secret to making money online?

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Is measures the secret to making money online? AU member Wendell Chong

This paper provides a newsletter notification of article underground member Wendell Chong in his “online profit patterns”-list. It is reprinted with permission.

Link to sign up “Online Profit Patterns” is here. Thank Wendell! Great info!

Is measures the secret to making money online?

Not according to Tony Robbins.  Continue reading…

In the past few days, there were a few Internet marketing videos on the Internet in circulation.  Is a video with Tony Robbins, Frank Kern and John Reese.  The other video is with only Tony Robbins and John Reese.

In the forums these videos have created a lot of excitement, because until now quite rare for all people in IN the much exposure of the population outside of our insular, Internet marketing niche have been is.

While the have heard most people from Tony Robbins – you know, this infomercial personal power guy with the big teeth :) -the chances are good that very few of your friends of Frank Kern and John Reese have heard.

Frank Kern for this online marketing architect from StomperNet collected and his own mass control or 18 million $ and launches made $5 million in their products.  The numbers vary slightly depending on, that counts.  We just say they were in the mega millions…

John Reese is pointed as to crack the first Internet marketer, the $1 million mark in a single day.  It was actually in less than a day, although we will either split hairs on this not!

In one of the videos questions frank and John Tony, why so many people not to make money online. Tony answers to describe circular process for the success of a type of 4 part.

The 4 parts are:

Potential, action, results, believe.

What I found very intriguing about Tony’s description of the process is, I thought, he would say the reason, why people fail, because they take no action.  That has certainly been my mantra.

However, if you see not the video closely, you will understand that in fact what fail people caused the lack of action.  At least not at the beginning.  It is the lack of believe that holding back people!

Once the lack of faith kicks in, then the potential, action, and all start in the direction of errors spiral results.

On the other hand, if the think is strong – and it can by visualization more made – and then the spiral to success!

This was a big eye opener for me and explains why many people – and I admit I am one of them – jump from an online strategy to another.

If we just slow down and focus on believe in the success of a strategy, and make sure you customize the results, and accordingly, we are success rather than too many random actions, that looking to make a golden money to win strategy.

Here are the links to the two videos, Tony Robbins.



You can also see it on my blog, where you can find further discussion on the subject make money online.


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Gift-PDF – print this and succeed!

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Hi, it’s here from article underground Mike Liebner and I want you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year wish!

2009 was a great year for me, and I would like to thank you for your part of it!

Whether you celebrate Christmas as a holiday or not, am I need to feel safe, that you approach the excitement and promise, a great new year!

I hope you feel optimistic and I would like to tell you that I am obliged to help as much as I to inspire your goals to reach you and can achieve success and happiness in 2010!

Are you ready, what makes you happy to focus?

I would like to discover how to earn money to help your passions and skills!

Make the success in the spirit of setting goals and resolutions and Committmnts am, a fantastic gift PDF by Michael Campbell I passed.


There could be no better time!

Print this PDF and prepare yourself successfully in 2010! It is really good and helps you discover your passions and dreams!

Get a pen and write down goals, or, as Michael be “analog” ready!

Print 20 page PDF and let your mind, you can fill the gaps and to discover the things, in the spirit that you are passionate!


Go grab! Requires no registration or any purchase!

That’s all for now! Best wishes for the success of your marketing!

Mike Liebner

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AU PLR articles are for keywords not topics written.

Category : Article Resources

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The PLR articles Article Underground provides members each month are the best you’ll find for adding excellent content to your web sites fast and easy!

Our PLR articles are better and we also help you do things better so you can RISE above the competition – not get lost in it!

Do you want to win big? If so – you’re in the right place.

Why do we do it better than the other PLR guys out there??? Theres a ton of mediocre PLR out there, but is that stuff really gonna help you get more traffic to your sites? Our articles are better!

I need to take a minute and explain the concept and our philosophy here, because frankly it’s different than all the other PLR sources out there.

Let me get this out in the open right up at the top here and deal with why we do things the way we do.

Using our PLR articles on your sites will get you more free search engine traffic than if you just follow the pack and build cookie cutter sites like all the other lazy guys.

Why are our articles so good???

Each monthly zip of 400 articles are NOT categorized into folders of similar topics. This is for YOUR BENEFIT! It helps you BUILD BETTER WEB SITES!

The PLR articles we provide members R simply more effective at bringing free search engine traffic to web sites. The reasons aren’t just related to the article quality either, yes – the quality of our PLR is the best you’ll find… BUT – the key difference is that PLR articles from Article Underground are written from the ground up specifically to target an “exact keyword phrase”.


That in itself is revolutionary. The other guys have lame writers who write for topics. They have no clue about keywords and search engine rankings – so their articles are usually pretty bad. BAD for the reader and not exactly the kind of candy that Google loves to eat.

Because our articles are written and optimized for “exact keyword phases” the result is that our members’ web pages are not filled with vague gibberish about general topics that have little to no profit potential. Our content is tightly focused around EXACT KEYWORDS that are very likely to be highly profitable and bring in lots of search traffic.

Do you want top rankings from Google? Well, then you need to work a little smarter and we help you do that!

The Article Underground philosophy is also different than your run of the mill PLR sources because the 400 articles we present members each month are NOT categorized into neat little folders of like topics.

That’s good! That’s better! It helps our members get more traffic!

Yes – I know – that’s unusual – but trust me on this – IT’S MUCH BETTER!

You don’t want to let the folders dictate what artciles get put where. You’re smart enough to do that and will do it much better when your brain is involved in those decisions!

Hey – if you just want to make “cookie cutter web sites” like all the other folks out there buying PLR articles – go right ahead – get their PLR with 40 articles on basket weaving – but don’t plan on killing it and crushing it!

If you’re a member of Article Underground you’ll do it better than the other guys! I’ll make sure of it.

For one thing – you’ll quickly learn and more importantly understand that you want YOUR web sites to be more unique and different than the competition out there. I teach members that it does absolutely no good to buy a PLR pack of articles neatly organized into folders and then building the same or even identical web sites that the other people are putting out.

That’s what happens with folders of categorized files. People are lazy and a lot of them just take the folder and drop them on a site.

Trust me – that kind of stuff might make a few bucks for a couple of days but WE want BIG HITS and lots of money from top rankings that last a long time.

The only way to do that is by having web sites that are made using a little BRAIN POWER!

And since our articles are written for keywords – that means they cover a huge variety of subjects! Many more than if you got 20 folders of 20 files each. That’s because the articles are written for high volume – high profit potential keywords!

And that brings me to the reason that the 400 articles are not in folders of like-topics.

It has to do with HOW we decide what to write about.

The articles are not written for topics. We do a ton of keyword research and we weed out all the dud keywords that have little or no profit potential or low traffic volume. Then we give the lists of “winner keywords” to our team of ghostwriters (Article Underground has lots of writers – not just one guy in a basement!).

Then the MAGIC happens, because our writers get to pick the “keyword phrases” they are writing about so their articles are BETTER right off the bat! They enjoy what they write – and we get articles written very specifically for an “exact keyword phrase” that has a high potential of getting lots of traffic so we can make more money!

Now – the 400 articles that are in each monthly zip are released on the 16th of each month. Current memebrs get a new zip every 16th. The zip contains 400 individual text files that are NOT organized into sub folders. NO NO NO!

The articles are in one BIG folder – and one zip – and it’s easy to use them! The file names tell us the keyword they are optimized for as well as the number indehtifying the writer who wrote the article. This helps us with quality control in the event a writer does something goofy. It rarely happens – but it does – so knowing who wrote the article can be a big help to make sure all our articles are top notch!

Now – as far as using the articles from Article Underground – it could not be easier.

The best way to use them is to store them in a master folder on your hard drive. The instead of using all of them at one time – you build a library of files. You have a tool box of sorts where you can search for what you want to publish.

For example – let’s say you have a site on weight loss – simply go to your folder of files and search the Windows search (or Mac) and find all the file names with your keywords in the file name – or better yet – search the content and get a list of all the files that contain your keyword!

THIS is the best way to build your web sites! You will have your own individually crafted mix of articles and web pages and NOT a clone of what other people are doing.

Your site will be better and Google will give you more top rankings and traffic.

Now of course – we do suggest you tweak your article web pages at least a little so you don’t have identical pages as others using the same articles. That is very easy to do! Simply add a few extra sentences and switch out a few words here and there. Your web page will be different enough to rise above the pack!

OK – well that should give a you a good idea of how we sugegst you dominate the search engines with our PLR articles. The key is to put a little of your own brain power into the process. Not a lot – it’s still easy – it’s just better because you took a few extra minutes to improve upon it!

If you’re still not convinced or just want to learn more – check out these other articles here on the Article Blog and from my personal blog. Some of them have freebies and lists of the file names so you can get an idea of what kinds of keywords we write about.

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Thanks for staying with me through all this! Let me know how you feel! Comment!

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