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Hi, it’s Mike Liebner here with a reminder about a very special offer for a great 10 k package I have the article underground members (past and present) is available.

If you are a current Member – this can be a way to more articles and save money from the monthly subscription! The reason I bring it up and remember, because I have several emails last week questions, if I would reopen the 1-year contract.I asked just a morning if you 10 k-konnten.OK deal – is open!

I will explain more but can the info at:


OK – “just to clarify it two different 1 year packages are” available. There is a 499 much and a 699 deal.

Which is right for you depends on whether you want an extra 5,200 article.

OK, can you rip us and see what we have available.

1 Year prepaid is only $499. and it is an annual subscription for article underground and brings the monthly membership to under $42 per month (save $55.42 per month). 499 Deal has all the features and benefits of an AU membership it is only cheaper and saves you money, if on an annual basis advance payment * the 499 membership automatically renewed every 12 months unless canceled

More at:


Now is the package I have been asked about and am back large 10,000 articles deal.For $200.more – at $699.Es underground is 10,000 articles on you – 5200 you receive immediately and 400 fresh fish per month for the next 12 months! This is an a kind offer on personal invitation only, and only here you can see it. Nobody else is there to promote! only for members and participants as you!The secret URL for the “big 10 k-package” is at:


It has all the benefits of full membership to article underground – it comes only with 10,000 articles instead of 4,800!

This is shocking and take something to the Bank!The limited edition 10,000 article AU package is a bit shocking because it limited 5,200 distribution PLR articles is that every month can use immediately on your Web site and 400 new for one year! dies are keyword optimized articles from back issue sets not 350 times downloaded AU.

Make the sites, you could populate a folder with 5,200 keyword optimized article can build and a monthly flow 400 fresh fish grow your websites in the next 12 months! if you have thought setting up a network of your own blogs, or NET sites – build a mini imagine what you can do with 5,200 keyword optimized articles in your Toolbox! but are not only getting articles – full access to over 100 “article announcements”-blogs can use that to your Web pages with “Link Text” link that help ill bring top rankings!

This is really the ultimate SEO dream package to help the traffic flowing in your direction! OK, it’s nice, have the article, but the real power of the article underground is over 100 blogs link at your fingertips that where to your Web pages the way right can! the manner, which will help you get top rankings!

Don’t worry – it’s easy and we will be as AU member teach all that stuff! we help make easy always text links!Indeed – they are 5.200 articles from back issue perfectly combine grab snippets from and use in the AU announcement blogs and quickly and easily make posting zippers! simply search for your keywords, that you rank for and open the files and text cut and paste some want! how much easier it can!So, if you think more in the next year, you could benefit from 5,200 article immediately and 4,800 I suggest, have views of the 10 k.

It is by invitation only for AU registered users and newsletter subscribers and go away very soon. of course you can always use the standard article underground membership for $97 stick.pro month is every penny, but if you do so at this offer save value $1,600.00 over, that’s not change!

The deal is a kind of package!

OK have to leave us we sum memberships available:

* Monthly all features in the $97.pro month – get 400 articles and the 100 + blog for the link


Try $97 rollt.Wenn keep it out for 21 days for only $9.95 – range of trial – you (and you!)


* 1 Year prepaid deal for $abrupt-all AU benefits of $ 41.58 per month if you pay annually!


* 1 Year Big 10,000 package for $699. 5,200 article immediately plus 12 months of AU


Well, I hope this helps you understand how we can help in your marketing efforts!

Best wishes for successful marketing!

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