6 reasons why people struggle to write articles

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For some, just the thought of article marketing is enough to send chills down your spine and awaken insecurities.

Why? Well not some of this sounds familiar

1. I can’t write words from 300 to 500

2. what the heck I write about?

3. How do you get ideas on what to write?

4. I do not know how to do keyword research!

5. how to choose products to promote your articles?

6. have you heard of private label articles, but how do I use these?

This won’t be all, but you get the right direction! the reality is that there are answers to all these obstacles, only a few starting with the ability to write article after article, but the good news is your not in this to write a novel and writing with your personality is what you need, not trying to be about another.

Article marketing has been around for years and shows no intention to disappear off the radar of marketing and that is good news because this still works, any new marketing methods are available article marketing is still a vital part of any marketing arsenal ones.

If your struggling to write due to a block of writers, there are ways of releasing those creative juices, you can visit Ezine articles and or articles Go and widely read articles that are based around the theme: you can also read blog associated with the area you want to the market, this isn’t wrong for an invitation to go and copying other jobs, which is actually harmful!

No, you have to do is get the inspiration to write out their work with their own ideas and to take things, private label articles are also a useful resource, but here again only if is used to create their own ideas and rewrite significantly any content.

If you find yourself completely drained of all ideas you can always choose to elance.com as an example of an approach and get your articles written for you, for a small amount you can get articles which are unique to you. These are likely to cost in the region of lets say $ 5 and $ 10 and depends on the amount of items you want to have written are possible that you could get a discount.

If you choose to create your articles, by any method applies recalls that your articles will need to have an eye catching title, be full of good content and finally have a resource box that makes the reader want to know more.

Finally you shouldn’t forget that writing articles when done properly remains one of the most effective free traffic generation and SEO methods available on the online marketing and affiliate.

Want to know more? ….

Learn how to earn passive income from your articles bring your articles life. follow this series of videos of six part the Guide to article marketing for beginners and take the hand on the way to your success. Discover how http://www.articlemarketingonvideo.com here:

Article marketing-Finally, a free step-by-step, “how to” Guide (part 9)

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Last time we installment we talked about starting with article marketing, ezine lists, article directories and the various forms of article submission. Now we’re going to enter the content of the article.

* Step 7-article content **

Now that you have your own Web host, products and autoresponder you might be wondering where you can get the article content.

Don’t let the fact that not a Professor of English, has a degree in journalism or haven’t spent the entire writing creative life discourage. The fact is that it is not easy to write articles of attention grabbing, but isn’t rocket science either.

One of the first things you should know is that most of the work is already done for you.

There are literally thousands of pages on the Internet on the specific topic you are writing about.All you need to do is to run a search on Google with your argument as a search criterion. you’ll find page after page of information about your topic.

Take time out and do some reading on the subject. once have digested enough information then sit down and write an article of 300-400 simple word on what you just read it…i suggest not cut and paste the words of others to your article so doing is illegal.

Not only is illegal, that you do not want your article classified as duplicate content by search engines or sites to which they will present their. write articles from your point of view and ideas into their way of expressing.

Reading books or magazines on the topic of your niche is also a great place for article ideas.

** PLR articles = Loser **

There are many sites that will seek to sell or even give “PLR articles” (private label rights) saying that you can cut and paste it into an article submission and rake in the cash.

NEVER use PLR articles.

The renowned article directories will refuse them flat and if you continue to submit their could be banned permanently. PLR articles equals a bad idea.

The only real answer to provide fresh new content you write your articles yourself.
This mini-course will be continued in part 10.

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How to pull in traffic free and Delight your Visitors

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Content is King and keywords count when it comes to attract search engines, but any old content will do, if you want to keep visitors coming back for more (more clicks on your AdSense ads, more opportunities to buy your products …).

Typical content you get from the many sites that sell articles (the so-called private label rights or PLR article sites) will have visitors clicking away from your site faster than the speed of light.

What keeps visitors on your site and transforms them into repeat visitors is the quality of the information.

You can get that without

* work for hours of research and writing original articles

* using content from article sites with links that pay the author (leader visitors right outside your site)?

Yes you can, if you choose the PLR articles with care

1. use of quality articles

Make sure that the items that you select to disseminate useful information.Have you learned anything from reading yourself?Will your visitor useful or get annoyed when they have wasted by clicking on the link?

2. hold keywords natural

It’s a good idea for your PLR articles with the word or phrase “seed” key you are trying to target with your Web page to attract the search engines but not add as many keywords that you think that the reader doesn’t know how to write and search engines on suspicion of spamming them.

3. Add your own ideas

There are a number of dubious value, around which will automatically add the content for your articles “to make them unique.”In fact many add words that make no sense at all in the context of article. all means that it is for the visitor you can kiss goodbye-will not be back. If you use these content generators ensure that article still has some meaning.

Much better but you actually take a couple of minutes to read the article and add the information provided, if possible. If it is a person not familiar with try and combine your articles differently or do a small research to add a new point Then you truly want. provide value to your visitors with little extra effort.

4. pay only for what you need

Typically, you will find that PLR articles are on sale in membership sites where you get hundreds of articles each month and thousands of members have access to the same articles. Unfortunately, the vast majority of items are of poor quality and cover subjects that have no relevance for websites! Use instead a PLR site offering packages of articles of quality for a limited number of people and lets you pay only for those packages you choose to use.

Copyright © 2006, Janice Small

Janice is a regular contributing author of http://www.realcontentclub.com where you choose only the quality of the content that you want is relevant to your niche. Today a look and download the packages of articles of quality for few cents each.

You really need PLR articles

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If you browse through many webmaster forums or websites and read opinions on PLR articles you will find probably the advantages and disadvantages of their use.

Some suggest that PLR articles are useless as they can be used by hundreds of people, while others claim that can be a great way to provide content on your website, as part of your article marketing campaign, or in your ezine.

The key to enjoying PLR articles is used as the basis for an article rather than a complete article everything ready for use.

It is important that members of PLR membership sites modify articles in some degree to make them unique. Simply using items “as is” not benefit you-will duplicate content for your website or article directories will reject them.

However, possession of PLR articles can be extremely beneficial. The search for the topic articles PLR has already been done. This means that you receive articles on topics that they would have taken otherwise you hours or days to research and write. You can now see how powerful are?

After receiving the PLR articles (usually monthly) you can then simply choose the items you want to use and edit or rewrite the article .This is easy and only takes a few minutes to complete the entire article.In minutes you now have a single article of use that it was necessary to make no research on the niche at all.Many PLR membership groups also provide articles on topics (often topics each month 10-20), means that you can receive 10-30 articles on any particular niche. This creates websites devoted to the topic and use pay-per-click or earn from their affiliate programs.You can also choose to build a newsletter list if you want to stay in touch with interested visitors to your site.

The advantages of PLR articles easily outweigh the disadvantages, but only when used properly. Members choosing to use PLR articles they receive each month and post to their Web site, without modification, most probably will see only short-term. who put effort in a few minutes each article will benefit in the short and long term because of an article is unique and does not fall within the duplicate content filter search engines.

PLR articles are cheap. memberships may vary in price depending on the number of enrollment available spaces and the number of items that are made available each month, but the prices are significantly lower than hire a ghostwriter.

Grab over 150 PLR articles in 14 niches for free and also sign up for a free eCourse about article marketing.

Private label rights PLR products-how can increase your Internet income

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Popularizing a website to improve your online business can be easily reached by learning to use private label rights in acquiring information or high quality content. The contents of private label rights (PLR) are generally articles, manuals, software and electronic books that are free for subscribers to use as they wish.

Having private label rights give you the right to PLR products and properties, including the right to make changes on these products, as you might want. This is particularly useful when you have an idea about what your customers or visitors most need to know, as you can only change these articles PLR content most relevant to your website and your customers.

Using PLR content for your business

Increasing the profit from your online business can be done easily using PLR content and products you can use PLR content and products to increase your ranking on search engines, which plays an important role in bringing traffic to your website or search engine optimization of your website (SEO). You can make your site available in search engines by posting articles only, which is facilitated by PLR, because it is only possible to rewrite PLR articles to make them unique and exclusive. It is highly suggested that revisions are at least 30% of the original content.

You can make some revenue to drive traffic to your website through the paid advertising, such as Pay Per Click (PPC), or organic traffic that arrives to websites through search engines. You can also use PLR articles to boost your affiliate commissions doing lots of sales only increased traffic to your website. You can also build your reputation as an expert in your niche, delivering as many high quality and useful articles.

All you have to do is use PLR articles on a wide range of niches and change your PLR articles before you post them. You can also use them to create reports using PLR articles in viral short reports, and giving them away for free. If the products are high quality, viral reports will be distributed all over the Internet. You can also create products back end with the use of PLR articles and then sell them with other complementary products.

How to change your PLR articles

Having useful, unique and fresh content on your website and submit articles to article directories, public will drive massive traffic to your website.However, submitting duplicate content is not allowed by most directory, which is why it is necessary to send unique articles. it is recommended that you alter completely articles that are obtained by private label rights content resources, so they are no longer recognizable as original articles. Many article directories need to be the only author of an article, then check their submission guidelines before sending. They will know whether an article of PLR was rewritten; and, in some cases, the author may get banned.

To make unique PLR articles, you should learn how to customize them. If you use the keyword optimized articles, you can modify the title without changing the keyword in the title.So if your article is based on the keyword “Losing weight”, the title might be “Losing Weight the right way, and so on.

You should also change the opening paragraph of the article, but make sure your keyword appears at least once or twice. Discover ways on how to change a sentence, but still say the same thing.You can use synonyms to change the tint of different words, or even add the introduction, if not completely change. it is also possible to take a different approach when dealing with a topic.Make sure your opening paragraph is altered.

The same technique can be applied when working through the body of the article.You can also edit or delete words and phrases, paragraphs. can present the facts in a different order, or expand their by adding new points.Rewrite in your own words and be creative.

In fact, you can create a new article if you take two or more articles of private label rights content on the same theme and blending them in a longer, better an informational article. you may need to provide additional information, if the article is missing them.Keep in mind that the intention is to make readers love your articles and make them needs more stuff from you.

However, you can choose to go about altering PLR content articles, make sure that you insist on producing high quality articles on niches that have high levels of demand, so you can ensure that your site will yield revenues.Profitable Niches, of course, you always have contest, then make sure that distinguish it from others.

How to market effectively PLR articles

One of the most cost-effective ways of marketing products or services on the Internet is through advertising campaign “Pay-per-click”, which can attract consumers of right as soon as possible. This is an easy to understand the advertising strategy, where you pay to be always visible in the network for specific keywords of your choice.

Keywords or key phrases selected on your website, and the bidder ranks the best. pay only after visitors click your link, then the name of “Pay-per-click”. This also helps to improve campaign strategy of responding effectively to both customers and competitors. This will be easy, whereas you can manage the “pay-per-click” 24 hours a day and 7 days a week through advertising.

Another convenient way to generate traffic to your website is through search engines. you can use this effective if can rank high on search engines, which is possible only if it can offer fresh and unique content on your website top positioning in search engines is important because when people type specific keywords that relate to your website, your site comes out top listed on these search engines, provides you with a better chance of getting more people to visit.

Private label rights content is a welcome alternative for those who still do not generate a high income through AdSense or affiliate sales, especially if buy articles by freelance writers at sites like Elance or Rentacorder are rather a proposition expensive. in any event, you can use private label rights products to increase profits for your online business.

Jeremy Gislason is leading expert on membership sites, business marketing and online Find private label right weekly and reviews related to online business, internet marketing and various niche topics to website URL of http://www.surefirewealth.com/goto/private_label_rights.html surefirewealth.com

GCD 2 – stealing money with Google cash detective 2

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Google cash detective 2 here’s launch date! 12 Noon to 10 PM EST March 2009!

GCD 2 – stealing money with Google cash detective 2!

Google cash detective 2 can SPY on PPC competition and see what to run AdWords ADS you see the exact page you send to people find PLUS you can see historic dates back to October 2008 and analyze, if your ad is a winner by seeing if you have used the same ad for a long period.

It is easy to find winning combinations and copy if you just do what you do, and soon get flows some money from this keyword and ad combo! is cool??? You virtually steal the money out NICHES that show successful run have!

Is it unethical spy on competition, and steal your money???

It’s not your money!And there’s a lot are! it’s not steal!

This is not what it is – you STUDY what winners do and do what you do, but better! GCD2 makes it so easy to do! and there are a lot of money to go to! you necessarily take it away from everyone – you get easy in a keyword and niche that is hot!

You do just copy testing – and make learning what ad money and skip the long time investment you made to test and find out what combination of ad and product makes a lot of money!

Now…I can not explain, here everything you need, see what Google cash detective to itself not!

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FREE PDF special report “blogs equal money (pages not)”

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Blogs equal money (pages not posts)

Hi, it is Mike Liebner here and I have something special for you, I’ve been working for quite some time! it is finally finished!

My 35 page PDF special report “blogs equal money (pages not)” is a real game changer! Everything really upside rotate it!

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I am very confident this is some of my best work and I see all 12 steps in the PDF file and a revolutionary strategy the I “pages not posts” call.

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Well, that’s all I say now-, that URL is a secret direct link to the PDF file for my friends and newsletter subscribers only – but – aware I will announcement PDF in the world and offers as part of a FREE LEVEL membership underground blogging, my new membership Web site to be.

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