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It is a good time member of the article underground, his, since I added, only a bonus zip which has 400 holiday themed articles from article underground problem Vault back.

These articles each – article divided into 2 folders 200, contain the “Halloween” and/or “Costume” and the second folder of 200 includes 200 articles, that the word “Christmas” in articles.

If you become a member or a new Member of the article before October 31st, 2009 will be underground, you can grab bonus zip on the members home page!

> check out the file names

If for any reason you are not a current Member – to connect! Get the bonus 400 additional articles and the current zip zipper 400 article just released! That’s 800!

As always – I suggest, you spend at least a little time tweaking and change the articles a little add your “own secret sauce”. It is not required, but put more words on your Web pages, which will have more options, you get free search engine traffic search
of top rankings.

If you add additional keywords – for example sentences that contain related keywords – increase the number of records, and more importantly the number of combinations of words. This is a big secret to higher earnings!

A little work goes a long way – so try, add a few extra sentences and re-word a few sentences for the best results!

Login to the section members go and get your articles – or JOIN NOW!

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