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I get through a lot of crap products and most do not worth the digital space they take, but every now and then a will there merely beggers belief and makes even bad products look pretty good. £ 700 In a day is one of these.

Bad products in the internet marketing arena is designed for the first part only, newbie from their cash and send them on their way to the next dream. £ 700 in one day is worse than. It makes obvious the wrong information, which all but ensures a beginner may fail, and it offers a guarantee, which means that you will have to fight to get your cash back.

£ 700 in one day is a series of videos about making money from AdSense Keywords research video shows the owner of this scam junk – Shaun Smith of Birmingham in the United Kingdom – searches the term shaun Smith, Blogger and then bragging to his audience that the top 2 results is his blog.I shit you not!

He then does a search for “shaun smith internet Marketer” without the quotation marks and tells his viewers that 2 million plus the number on the top right, not how many search results, Google has found but, in fact, the number of people seeking to term – unbelievable but true people!

Warranty (if you can call it that) says, if you can prove that you did everything he tells you in 60 days, and you’ve never made a penny so that you are entitled to your money back if you deviate from his plan, give in to realize its a scam or a crap happen to have a little luck and, in spite of the extremely poor advice you happen to get a click and make a few cents, your warranty is invalidated.

Avoid like the plague, as well as the folks IT.

Visit the Grizz’s blog and in 15 minutes you will know the 10 times more than that, Shaun Smith has ever known about keywords and its 100% free!…Make money online for beginners.

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