PLR Source is a collection of thousands of PLR articles spanning topics from money to pets, targeting tons of niches. All of these articles are available to you for free.

In order to download these plr articles, you must first complete a brief survey for each bundle that interests you. The surveys are usually only about 3 pages, and takes about a minute to complete, and it will automatically notify you once you’ve reached the end.

By taking these surveys, you allow us to do three things at once:
1. It generates enough profit to afford our bandwith & hosting
2. Assures you’re human and not a bot eating up our bandwith
3. Allows us to continue providing these articles for free!

Bandwith isn’t free and we can’t afford to waste it, so we found that this is the best method to fight this problem. We appreciate all the support we’ve gotten for our article packs!

To begin, simply select a topic from the menu above and click the links to the articles you want. You can download as many as you want, you simply have to take a survey. Easy enough, right? The survey choices will appear after you click the link, and once completed the download link will be available to you for 24 hours. Along with the articles we provide, be sure to utilize our other resources: blog posts and great informational videos. Get started now!

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