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Keyword research and targeting exact keyword phrases

Hello! it’s Mike Liebner here with a quick post sharing some way words on keyword research and an invitation to a special “words equal money” Webinar on my 20th.

Target topics or are very specifically go “exact keyword phrases”???

How am I regularly in contact with a large number or “Web publishers”, many of you members of article underground, I get to see a lot of behind the scenes stuff that shows how people go by the price or in many cases not go after the price.

I know, stay on top of all tricks and tips, it can be difficult us SEO types pass border but it is one thing that is so simple, but often overlooked.

The one thing that I see far too often when I see people book and go after traffic is that you don’t “EXACT keyword phrases” TARGET.Und to me-this is a sin!

I mention this because very often I people, that the usual see “click here” or “click on more info” or link to the URL link with keywords that should help you to get top rankings.

Now – make the linking thing one step further – I think we should all first and above all be thinking about how we a very specific “exact keyword phrase” are targeting our content and if we link the content.

Since every opportunity you have to build search engine friendly Web pages and back links with a text link to people to your Web pages you need a “exact keyword phrase” goal and ideally it prominently on your Web site appears to get.

An exact keyword phrase is “EXACT KEYWORDS” that people use to search for something.

It is not comprehensive MATCH the FAR FROM is exactly and it is not even PHRASE MATCH is a step closer to EXACT, that although “Phrase” might even extra words.

“Talking”about”EXACT MATCH”.the conditions people give.

Well, I is not in this to deep right jetzt-but let me just say that if want, more traffic and top rankings of Google – you need your Web pages Verknüpfen.sehr spent important things a little, about the words on your Web pages and how.

And if you think “exact keyword phrases” instead of jumbled words clusters in targeting or width themes or topics or subjects start to a great edge right kind of extra stuff that 90% of the webmasters and bloggers out there have not tun.Sie do from the target!

Now – some people think that I propose you mistakenly get spammy and go overboard – NO – it is not! what I am saying is that if you want to make big money must plan a little ahead and select a destination to go after.

Do not blindly things and great returns on your Bemühungen.Sie need very specifically work on a target hin.Wie always a number one on Google for a “exact keyword phrase” that has good potential to you some money!

Part of this process should contain to do some keyword research.

Not just a list of 1,000 words see then it away speak the file on your Festplatte.Ich views of the research and the decisions about which most likely some what keyword phrases make great money be scanned.the keywords, the significant volume… those have high average bids CPC (cost per click), and so on.

If you are looking for the highest volume and “go exact keyword phrases most in demand”, and build your pages around you and link to you the right ways – have a great chance of hitting it big!

OK-so I hope this helps! if you this kind of thing interesting-then to join in any case find me for a special webinar on keyword research this Thursday May 20, 2010 at 5 PM EST.

Register here:
It will be a special 90-minute session, how a keyword research expert who with me will share all kinds of tips and strategies on the use of keyword research for “free search engine traffic” and whatever “cheap PPC traffic” from less competitive places like image view on the content network.

 Jon Shugart of keyword Rockstar is an expert on all this stuff and will be spill the beans in a special conversation style Webinar.Keine doses sales pitch or presentation – no – we will have a real conversation on keyword research and I the issues that really matter are Jon! not just fluffy sales hype.

Jon and I will share ideas for an hour and then open the call for questions for about 30 minutes.

Make sure you LIVE with us during the webinar, because I’ll be sharing a “webinar only” gift links where you can grab some tables make filled with money keywords from some missions I have running on keyword Rockstar, so make sure you register and join us at 5 PM EST on Thursday, may 20, 1010.

Space is limited.

Reserve your “words equal money” Webinar seat now at:

PS there are still a few slots open for 1 year membership to article underground at the outrageous fire sale prices!

It is a good time to get hooked up to spend to AU for a year and almost nothing!

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