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Do you remember pop-ups, pop-under Web sites, FFA (free-for-all), and the many other online marketing and promotion mode that came and went? Then the future of article marketing? It is likely to fade away in time, remain the same, or there is an article 2.0 waiting in the wings that we must prepare?

Back in the 1980s, when most of us have been experiencing personal computer for the first time computer technology known as information technologies and both these words continued to share equal importance over the years, with perhaps the permanent letter “c” for “communication”.

If the information is not the most important and valuable technology and internet, so it’s certainly a runner Strait. People always need information, why articles that provide information will always be needed and will always have a place. is a bit like books-I’ve been around for a while now, but nobody is suggesting that we should stop writing them because there’s nothing else to say.

Why pop-ups, pop-unders, FFAs and other quick fix tricks marketers have all but faded into history books is because your Web browser, search engines and people had all wise tactics used by marketing and consequently developed ways around them.

Blocking pop-ups and pop-unders were incorporated in most Web browsers, FFAs and other blatant marketing sites were ignored by search engines and everything became a little more honest fairly quickly.Marketing realized that leaping up before someone face unwanted and yell at them is not an effective marketing tactics, whereas the genuine advice and useful information that actively encourage people to come to you are much more effective.

Thus was born the article directories and article marketing. but think that article marketing is remained static probably means that you are a player and not a article writer or article Marketing you. because the world of article marketing is one of the fastest changing, the fastest growing online marketing fields. search engines are constantly changing the way they evaluate online content, and article marketing have to try and keep up to make sure they capitalize opportunities and complying with the perceived.

Article directories have come and gone, with many of those previous no longer around, new those rubber bands and many more being left to gather dust.Some early survived and made much more than survive-have developed organically and now provide one of the richest sources of information on the Web.

Looking at these changes we’ll begin to see where there are likely to go and what we can all expect to see in the article marketing 2.0.

As regards the future of article marketing, make two predictions based on the trends seen in recent years and examining the way search engines have developed at the same time.

Estimate 1: Long tail SEO will become more dominant in terms of marketing, with less emphasis on keyword searches major article. After all, there’s only so many articles that can be written that incorporate the phrase “car insurance”. Article Marketing will find that their older articles will continue to work for their years from now, and the risk of adding to the executions of palo repeated yourself, repeating ideas or inadvertently duplicating content.

Instead it will become more popular than focus on the long tail key phrases, cashing on niche market research, as “affordable auto insurance for males under 25″.

Recent statistics show that the number of searches single keyword has been falling, but is still increasing the number of multiple searches of the word.people are realizing that typing ‘ “finance for low cost car” will result in hundreds of millions of results.Who needs that? Instead people are trying to restrict searches to get results faster.

Article SEO marketing long tail will be one of the main changes that we are inclined to see in the near future.(Incidentally, the short keyphrase above covers 65 million results, with the search for second, long tail only offering less than 150000.)

Prediction 2:Search engines will increase considerably on duplicate content, rapidly, wiping out about 80% of the content on the Web marketing article. I’m always amazed by the number of PLR article sites still out there.These articles of purchase only means that the first person to submit their threatens to receive any type of traffic.All others will be penalized for plagiarism or duplicate content.

While there are many article directories that really doesn’t check the originality of these articles and allow posting content unoriginal, search engines are already weeding this much out. estimates that each year about 10% less duplicate content on the Web is revealed in Google search results. in few years means that all those marketers article on the basis of PLR articles or copied suddenly they see their entire articles marketing strategy vanish.

Still, the good news is that for those of us who write original content that is well written and provides the value for the reader, suddenly we find ourselves with about 80% less competition. I don’t have a problem with this.

Essentially the differences that we are inclined to see in the article marketing 2.0 every point towards an increase of quality and strict rules that explosion anything else out of the water. Although none can be completely sure where we’re going, I think there is one very simple rule to future proof your article marketing:

write completely original content that provides real value for the reader.

Follow this rule, and like me, you could watch a future with 80% of competition out of the way. good riddance to spam article marketing, I say.

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