CPA – the new AdSense Arbitrage?

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I have been dabbling in CPA (cost per action) for the last month or so, which is why I have been so slack in the posting here.

The best way to describe THE CPA is that it reminds me of how easy it was to make the fortunes of each day with AdSense, before Google changed the rules and moves the goal posts.

The main similarity is that there is no selling involved. Drive only traffic to the offer, and the quote is usually to get a free gift, a kind of, you will get the necessary action.

I bought as usual traffic for testing purposes only. No point in building a Web site to rank well, setting up a link campaign, writing unique content, submitting articles, and all the rest of the work involved, if its not going to be a winner.

As I was still not started construction to the winners and I am not likely.The traffic is dirt cheap and convert really well on the free offer so I figure, if it isn’t broke, why try and fix it?

If you decide to Try CPA, think of it as arbitrage.Buy cheap traffic so that you can (forget AdWords) and drive it to the best free offers you can find.

First, it will strike you is how easy it is to give anything away, especially if there is a minimum of targeting for your traffic.

I have one offer on the go, conversion and 30% of the traffic I driving licence that cost me a few cents. it makes over $ 300 a day and took only a few hours to set up.

The most difficult CPA is to get accepted in a network., I was struck by the first 2 I applied for the lied on the 3rd and then got accepted. they want corporations or at least real businesses, not IM smvs. newly created a domain with a corporate website theme and submit that as your main site and you will be good to go.

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