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I don’t know about you, but when I buy a product I expect an upsell. Its OK for a long time now, it has been common practice, and the wind not me as it did originally.

I am Not even 3rd and 4th upsell and, as in the case of Dirty CPA, I end up there, I would not bothered to buy things in the first instance.

It is like “Hello, your sales pitch said this program finanskorrektionsmuligheder all learn about CPA so why after purchase are you telling me now to buy your more in depth training course costs, four numbers?”

Review of the amended CPA

OK, apart from pet hates described above, I learn quite a lot in the few days or so, it took me to go through all of the videos.

I would have preferred a PDF to accompany each video, but as long as you are quick to write down, URLs and other important bits of info, uses video to provide this type of content works well.

There are some holes in the process, the largest any given a CPA campaign bonustype power you created. Let me explain ….

Sales page will ask you to provide the reader, if they would like to “make more money in 45 minutes, than you do normally in a month?”

Assume the answer is a resounding ‘ yes ‘ punter and then buy the course, find out how, he is soon to be told before the videos, which is a CPA campaign shall be considered to be a success if it returns a 50% profit.

This means that if your normal monthly salary is $ 4000 to say then you need to spend $ 8000 in these 45 minutes to make your $ 4 K for profit.

Expenditure of the kind of money is a relatively easy time when buying traffic, put it on a winning CPA campaign is not so easy.

Fortunately, the course is quite extensive and the point is made that you need to reign in your campaigns and test test test until you have your winners and then run with them as best as your budget allows.

Just to be clear, you must be a few hundred dollars a month to run your test campaigns and then you’ll find lots of spare cash, or a high limit on your credit card if you want to make the kind of money sales pitch conversations about.

Was it worth the money?

I am more than pleased with Dirty, I picked up THE CPA. lots of info, and it comes with a couple of neat tools, I can use in my other marketing ventures, not just THE CPA.

One of the dirty tactics videørne in session is a presentation on PPV (pay per view) the placing on the market of Cubits Sultanic. this hour and a half video alone was worth the cost of the course, which is concerned about a total newbie. would think, but I do not know, but with a trial version at just $ 4.95 its worth getting in to find out.

Check it out here.

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