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This emailaces revision should serve as a warning to all internet marketers would be looking to save some pennies in the short term.

If I remember correctly was Marc from PLRPro, who advised me some years ago that if I were to take this game seriously I need to use either the Aweber or GetResponse autoresponder as my service, all other similar services was just pretenders.

Are new, you are me and become a smart arse I decided not to listen and shopped find me a bargain basement pretender is called emailaces.

Since then I have built lists of:

7000 + UK homeowners who have hired the services of a generator and had major renovation work done (priceless).

2000 + would be internet marketers.

1000 + Americans concerned about identity theft.

About 10 other smaller lists covers indegestion, back problems, etc, etc.

Value of the above? I to say, a grand a month … …. the minimum.

Last week my bank rang to say the trøde my card had damaged the dedit online and they would not accept longer transactions through the map and a new one would be in the post asap.

The card arrived a few days ago so I logged in my PayPal account and added the new map. when the 2 small payments had taken over the card to confirm it was mine, were all set up.

I should point out at this point that any card attached to my PayPal account has not been applied in at least 2 years. I get the money paid into my account every day from the sale and I never completely empty account.

No problems so far …

I cancelled then the old card from my PayPal account as per bank instructions only to immediately receive e-mail from PayPal 14 each tells me a subscription payment had canceled and would no longer be taken from my account in the future.

These included memberships such as SEnuke, LinkVana, BackLink Solutions, Nichebot, HostNine, SEO hosting, a pile of Hostgator accounts and EmailAces.

Dave Kelly support guy from LinkVana emailed literally minutes to ask if I had “really” canceled or was it a problem with PayPal?HostNine and Hostgator responded to my tickets within an hour to confirm they would cancel anything. all other responded within 24 hours to confirm it would not be a problem. everyone except emailaces.

The following is a copy and paste the email I got from emailaces during minutes PayPal cancellation:

“account Email ACEs referenced above will no longer be billed and shall be deemed to be permanently cancelled. we can not add you to the system or reactivate your account cause.”

I have emailed their support. I have filled in their support of the forms I have emailed their PayPal address. I have sent a PayPal dispute.

My e-mail messages ask …

If their credit and debit cards have expiration dates?why the discretion to cancel accounts without any confirmation request?why if I pay monthly on 26th should I be locked out of my account with at least one week to go in this month, even if I cancel my subscription?

Not a word of replies yet. I cannot log to retrieve my lists and yes I know, I should have backed up them, but do you?

Lesson learned. from now on its large players just for me … If you use emailaces or similar services (and that goes for cheap hosting and autoresponder services) unto you a favor and get, while you can do it on your own terms.

I have had to spend the rest of the week around all my sites, Setup new forms and build lists again from scratch!

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