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Content is King and keywords count when it comes to attract search engines, but any old content will do, if you want to keep visitors coming back for more (more clicks on your AdSense ads, more opportunities to buy your products …).

Typical content you get from the many sites that sell articles (the so-called private label rights or PLR article sites) will have visitors clicking away from your site faster than the speed of light.

What keeps visitors on your site and transforms them into repeat visitors is the quality of the information.

You can get that without

* work for hours of research and writing original articles

* using content from article sites with links that pay the author (leader visitors right outside your site)?

Yes you can, if you choose the PLR articles with care

1. use of quality articles

Make sure that the items that you select to disseminate useful information.Have you learned anything from reading yourself?Will your visitor useful or get annoyed when they have wasted by clicking on the link?

2. hold keywords natural

It’s a good idea for your PLR articles with the word or phrase “seed” key you are trying to target with your Web page to attract the search engines but not add as many keywords that you think that the reader doesn’t know how to write and search engines on suspicion of spamming them.

3. Add your own ideas

There are a number of dubious value, around which will automatically add the content for your articles “to make them unique.”In fact many add words that make no sense at all in the context of article. all means that it is for the visitor you can kiss goodbye-will not be back. If you use these content generators ensure that article still has some meaning.

Much better but you actually take a couple of minutes to read the article and add the information provided, if possible. If it is a person not familiar with try and combine your articles differently or do a small research to add a new point Then you truly want. provide value to your visitors with little extra effort.

4. pay only for what you need

Typically, you will find that PLR articles are on sale in membership sites where you get hundreds of articles each month and thousands of members have access to the same articles. Unfortunately, the vast majority of items are of poor quality and cover subjects that have no relevance for websites! Use instead a PLR site offering packages of articles of quality for a limited number of people and lets you pay only for those packages you choose to use.

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