How to Use Your PLR Articles

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It turns out that many people out there have been making huge mistakes with the use of their PLR articles. A few years ago, it was both common and acceptable to simply take the articles and use them raw, without any editing or addendum. People could submit the articles they bought to any of the online article directories as a way to create backlinking for the site(s) to which they wanted traffic driven. Raw PLR articles were also used for blog posts and other kinds of content distribution, because they are rich in both specific keyword phrases as well as related keywords, making them easily discovered by search engines. These methods were effective for a while until suddenly there were too many people doing the same thing. There was so much duplicate content that search engines have been reprogrammed to punish and discourage duplicate content, meaning that throwing articles out-of-the-can onto the web is no longer going to cut it.

How should you use your PLR articles, then? The main secret is this: all the methods that used to work, still work, you just have to add a step or two. You can still submit your articles to major article directories, because it is a great way to drive traffic, build your reputation and increase your search engine rank, the only thing you need to do is change the article up. It really isn’t as difficult as it seems–you don’t even have to write the whole thing from scratch. All it takes is a couple minutes of reading the article, finding out how to either rearrange the structure, change words, and, if possible, adding a few lines from your own knowledge of the subject. Adding unique content to the PLR content is the superior way to beef up your articles and prevent penalization from search engines–and readers, for that matter. All it takes is to think a little bit more like a person, rather than a computer. What do your users/readers/target audience want to get from the content you publish? How can you make your content cater more closely to their needs?

There are plenty of ways to aid you in the process of changing up your PLR articles. One option is to simply outsource; find a freelance writer or hire an English major at the local college/university to change the article or rewrite it all together. Article-rewriting software, often called article spinning, is also available on the Internet and provides an environment that assists with your edits and can help you focus on things that need to be changed, as well as provide resources, such as a thesaurus, so you can get everything done from one window.

You can still drive traffic and get picked up by search engines by using PLR products, just remember that should not use any of them just as they are. Change them up, reword sentences, change some of the word choice, and most importantly, add your own unique content–a sentence or two at least–it really isn’t hard. The more unique you make your article, the happier the search engines will be, and, just as important, the happier your readers will be.

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