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I added a few keyword research files see AU members.

If you are a current Member, get 2 incredibly profitable listing of keywords!

Find the 2 new lists loaded with keywords, the to make more money!

(1) Halloween list of 1,446 keywords on costumes and Halloween

(2) Keywords earn large list of 60,174 keywords for all kinds of money!

The new 1,400 + keyword list for costumes and Halloween is exactly what you need so you can start getting ready for the big money rush!

Now is the time to your seeds in place to get big Halloween rush that begins, goes nuts in mid-September and lasts till end of October to start strong.

Begin to your article pages and Web sites now so that you will be at the top, if traffic heats up big time!

The large keyword list is insanely huge!60 k plus the keywords make money are if you have on your Web pages!

I highly recommend you open Excel files jumbo size and use to the find high bid, high traffic of keywords strategically sprinkle on your article pages.

Trust me … this is Aneasy way to more free search engine traffic!Just some new phrases with some related keywords from the lists to write and add to your pages.

You get additional free search engine traffic PLUS if AdSense ads should point to your sites – your click money to go as the keywords on the two lists have been cleaned, so that only high-traffic and high bid keywords to stay!

No garbage keywords!

We get rid of junk e keywords that have low traffic and low bids! the 60,000 +, are to remain golden eggs!

These are the same lists of keywords that use article underground authors to write your article with us!

Autumn comes, and it is a Dmake time back into the Groove some easy money!

These keywords are super hot! go get em!

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