Old WordPress blogs are hacked!

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If your old WordPress blogs are hacked I have some help for you!

I woke up a big hassle because I discovered some of my WordPress blogs have been chopped and screwed with.I hate that! why people have to do this kind of stuff!

Here’s the lowdown.

Apparently on versions of WordPress before 2.8.4 it is a security vulnerability that allows still hidden admin access as “additional” and as such, you can do some damage while in the blog.Run scripts and shaping

As far as I can tell what you did, a few of my personal blogs screw with permalinks was so after error pages instead of the proper Permalink URLs ging.Sie showed the URL’s that Google had indexed only an error page stattdessen.Das can be bad how Google has indexed something else.

If you find yourself in this situation, I propose that these 2 pages besuchen.Sie have a ton of helpful info.

> WordPress Permalink RSS problems

> old-WordPress versions see attack

If you are unsure whether you had problems – do – GO to Google and check out how many pages for your site are indexed by in site: articleblog.articleunderground.com enter

In my case the results URL is here

Start click to see if you get all the pages, the error instead of the right pages have.

-Alternating – login as admin to your blog and go to user and see how many you show for administrators – when it shows more than visible – such as (2) and see only (1) user name (own) then you got.

The solution is in the above links – i ‘ L spare boot fix – but youneed RID get the extra admin PLUS update your installation of WordPress to prevent it happening again.

Hope this was helpful!

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