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It is pretty much a given that anyone who has tried to make money online for more than 5 minutes now understand that the only questions get one-way links. Unlike most previous theories, however, requires OneWay links is not that you buy an ebook to understand how or why it works.

A single ticket link is counted as a vote. How much the vote, which is worth will depend on the page, which gives the link popularity and whether its a topic that is related to the page the link to.

Pretty simple and straight forward, right?The problem is, however, when people actually try to læringsomgivelser these single ticket links. how to persuade people to leave you a link when they are likely to understand the value of the link to you?

You should think of one way link building as a 3 tier system there is low, middle, and high-quality links.

Low quality one way links. There is a saying, no link is a bad link, and these are your low quality links, which you can easily get yourself. Social bookmarking, answer questions about Yahoo, forum signatures, article submission, blog comments, etc.

Middle quality one way links.Create a Squidoo lens, a blogger blog, a Wetpaint site etc. and point a one way link from them to the pages money. all these Web 2.0 sites are respected by Google, and it costs nothing more than your time.

High quality one way links.These are from Web sites that have high page rank, and is closely related to the topic of your own site.In order to get a one way backlink from a page like this is the next impossible unless you are prepared to pay.

This is because most of the webmasters who owns the pages with high page ranks by how the system works. they have slogged their guts out gets 100/s of low quality links, building dozens of Maximinus and blogger pages to build middle quality links and paid for multiple high quality one way links.

Link structure.This is how I organize my link structure, because it works for me … I do not say its best, but I want to say with confidence, it is a million miles away from becoming worse.

Google does not like to see something unnatural. a new 5 page website sells the latest acne treatment that suddenly have a bunch of backlinks is not natural.

In the Web site put up money and then build a Squidoo Lens, a blogger blog and a few other. Wikier and other Web 2.0 sites can absorb a rapid influx of links, so I can point more bookmarks to these and to submit a few articles to article marketing automation to get the ball rolling.

With a little work, you can quickly get these some PR, especially if you get active in the communities of Web 2.0 sites (get a top 10 ranking in Wikier Lens in your category, and you will soon be climbing Google).

While I build up the PR of my Web 2.0 sites I would add no more than 1 or 2 low quality links per day to my money page, so it looks natural.

As each of the Web 2.0 sites earn some PR, I would like to add a link in the text of my money page again, however, slowly in order to keep it looks natural, maybe 1 week.

If I did my keyword research correctly and checked out my competition strength before you start, should this leads me, at least one top 20, hopefully a top 10 in Google.

For the final push to get the top spot colors do I choose a pair of one-way links on several related Web sites that have good to high page rank. I get these from the where I can pick up 5 PR4 links to about $ 20 bucks a month, which is an absolute bargain when you see some companies charging 10 times the amount.

From beginning to end will take me 3-4 months for a keyword with moderate competition, 9 to 12 to moderate to high.

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