Keyword Rockstar webinar replay

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You miss the keyword research Webinar or just want to see it again???

Here is the webinar replay link from the special “words equal money” webinar I on May 20th Rockstar with Jon Shugart by keyword.

Find in playing and much more:

>>> Keyword research webinar replay

Can find some Free keyword tables with data exported from keyword rock star research missions I ran 20!

The zip has 20,000 + keyword phrases!

Are fresh and tasty, and you are free to go, grab ‘em!

Keyword Rockstar webinar replay

Find a special offer for a “lifetime” membership ToKeyword Rockstar that contains all kinds of tools and updates for life!You can get it here!

A big thanks to everyone who attended – it was webinar and we much have come more from you you in the future!

Now get there and earn money!

PS it is still a few slots open for 1 year membership to article underground to the outrageous fire sale prices!

> fire sale offer

It is a good time to get hooked up to spend to AU for a year and almost nothing!

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Promotion of tenders with videos

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I hope you enjoy summer! I know it of fun to spend some time in the Sun and having fun, but don’t forget this is the perfect time to a few seeds, so when case and back comes to school around, you are ready and in a great position to swoop down and cash-to start!

To get start planning now to top rankings and promote ideal products for September and October (Halloween don’t forget!)

In the mind a little extra to do I wrote an article called “getting more conversions by promoting deals videos” and posted it on my Internet marketing blog.

It is a must read!

Increasing conversions through promotion of tenders with videos

Videos are great tools to people to do what you want!

It all began with an email from an article underground member issues advice on like a video squeeze page! man I get a lot of good ideas and inspiration you guys so keep sending us e-mails with questions and ideas!

I love it!

Find out as add short simple videos can bring, increases your website profits and increase conversions! the link is:

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More new blogs announcements inserted articles network

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September 2010 UPDATE: Over 200 BLOGS are the new blog post utility!

Added more new blogs to get linked!

I am in the process of the great network of announcements blogs that members of privleges underground use articles to build links and traffic coming on your sites can add a large number of new domains.

I thought I’d a brief overview of some of the latest blogs I add (more coming!), so that an idea of the types of Web sites could get subscribers and members can send traffic and top rankings!

Some specific topic – some are general topics (some Famnily friendly can be announced) and all are protected by our strict yet reasonable rules so that we keep the blog network at max value Bith AU members and the general public that comes to our sites for info!

* Costume ideas for Kids Halloween blog

* Discount camera photo blog cameras and photography

* Shoe offers Shoeblog – shoes and fashion only

* Advertising service HQ-all topics

* Smart dude reviews for announcements from reviews, bonuses and special offers only

* Research obesity – health, fitness and weight loss only

* E Home biz secrets online, business and earn money

Annie on the Web – all topics

* Helpful info consulting – all topics

That are some of the latest blogs – but – don’t think that the SITES TOO new because all DOMAINS are used for the article network established underground announcements sites with pages that are indexed by Google are been seasoned well and in many cases ON THE WEB have been for years!

Google estimates websites have been around and have AGE!

This is just one reason, why the AU Announcemnts blogs are better!

Links from our blogs top rankings and traffic help you get!

We really go the extra mile and the development of domains go over the last 5 years with some of you have longer again!

Not only that – has spread the AU blog network sites on Deciated all over the world! we have the real IP address diversity which means if you use our blogs to announce your Web pages – the search engines will know to appreciate coming your links from domains on servers around the world.

In addition, that the fact that the AU BLOG NETWORK by 80 + blogs contributed is complemented by our members, and this means that some excellent link can get easier than ever, juice and top rankings!

We have now more than 100 high quality blogs for you in linked get and this number is growing fast!

Well, that’s a quick course on the latest Blogs.Ich add plane on over 50 new blogs over the next 3 weeks and even before the end of 2009.

It is better for articles Undegrorund members!

If you see the blogs in action – the video want below connected.

> article announcements explained in this blog posting video

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Not all links are created equal – IP addresses of matter – A lot!

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Backlinks and Proper Linking are what helps make specific individual web pages rise to to the top of the search engine results pages.

If you want to be on top you need better links than the competition.

That may sound like it’s difficult and complex – but if you have an Article Underground membership it is EASY for you!

Sure – it can be a daunting task to set up a site and then need to go out and get links pointing at it, but that’s exactly why Article Underground is called a ‘content and traffic system” – because we help webmasters put great content on their pages and THEN we go one step further and provide them a network of high quality blogs to get good quality backlinks!

If you want to be on top – you need to get the RIGHT kind of links.

Allow me to explain.

Not all links are created equal.

Google and the other search engines are very sophisticated and before they let our web page rank on top for a keyword phrase that gets traffic, they will analyze both ON PAGE and OFF PAGE factors.

On page is what is on your web page – the words – the content. The stuff Google’s spiders see when they crawl your web page.

In order to rank for a keyword phrase or multiple keyword phrases (you are targeting more than 1 keyword per page, aren’t you???) your web page MUST BE RELEVANT to the phrase and ideally contain your keywords. In fact the keywords should not just be on your page – they should be PROMINENT!

If you are using Article Underground PLR articles for content – then you have that angle covered. AU articles are written and optimized for specific keyword phrases.

The keywords are featured prominently throughout the AU articles we provide our members.

So that’s ON PAGE – what about OFF PAGE??? What is an off page factor???

If you want your web pages to rank on top of Google and the other search engines you need to make sure that your pages have the words on the page and OFF PAGE -  you need to make sure that other web sites out there are LINKING to your web pages with the KEYWORDS you are targeting in the TEXT LINKS.

OFF PAGE FACTORS revolve around LINKS pointing at your page from other web pages and web sites.

IP Addresses Matter – Not ALL Links are Created Equal

Do you understand what an IP ADDRESSES is??? Do you know what they represent???

Let me try to explain – you really need to get this right or you might do all the WRONG THINGS and Google will slap yo butt!

In fact, the most common reasons that I run across when Article Underground members show me their sites and complain of Google dropping them off the front page is the page is related to poor wreckless linking.

If it were simply volume of links pointing at a page – we’d have it easy – but Google sees a lot more than simply a link and the text… they look at many factors to judge the qulaity of the links.

You need to understand this or your site can be in big trouble with Google.

Too many crappy links can get your domain banned from Google.

Ok… so let’s spend a little time on one of the most important concepts that affects where your pages will rank on Google.

Google wants to know WHERE your link is coming from. The origin. Where it comes from is a part of their quality score for the link(s).

One thing they look at is the IP ADDRESS of the domain that is linking.

Every domain is assigned an IP ADDRESS which helps identify the location of the files so that your browser can find and connect with that web page.

If you have a web site – it has an IP ADDRESS assigned so people can find it. Depending on your hosting it may be used by many domains.

To see your IP Address or the IP of any site – use this tool:

Google looks at this and considers the IP ADDRESSES in their OFF PAGE quality scoring.

They will SCORE your page based on their internal rules relating to IP ADDRESSES.

They look at individual IP’s and they also look at ALL of the IP’s as a group. They look for unusual patterns that may reveal an attempt to GAME THEM!

So – you might be wondering – aren’t all IP ADDRESSES the same??? They’re just numbers, right?

They may be numbers – but they also help identify WHERE the LINK is originating from.

They look at the kind of page – the number from the domain – the ip address – all kinds of things can be connected to a link and an ip address.

If the LINK comes from a BANNED IP ADDRESS or one that has a lot of unusual or suspsicous activity – Google might not count it.

If the link isn’t what they consider “perfect” -they might discount the value of the link or even NOT count it.

If TOO MANY LINKS come from BANNED IP ADDRESSES, such as those from known link spammers, or cookie cutter article directories on the same host, they may do something extreme such as BAN YOUR DOMAIN.

At the very least Google won’t think much of your page and/or site if too many of your backlinks are crap.

One of the reasons that IP ADDRESSES get banned is because Google can analyze patterns as seen from their HUGE database of data. They can spot that UNUSUAL and UN-NATURAL THINGS are happening.

Usually – link spammers – especially AMATEUR or newbie link spammers will LINK in excess. They mistakenly think MORE is BETTER and go overboard.

If this happens and Google can connect the IP ADDRESS to this pattern – it is possible they will ban it.

Same concept almost as when specific countries get banned from ecommerce or affiliate programs because of excessive fraud. The large majority of the problems come from isolated places – so you can take action on that specific place.

Remember – Google is way smart – they will know if YOU are trying to game them by serving a 1,000 links to your web page from a domain hosted on the same server as your domain. In fact – Google can see MANY patterns that ordinary humans just wouldn’t think of…

But hey – we’re not ordinary humans, are we???

If you are SMART and careful about the way you link to your own pages, you’ll be just fine and get lots of top rankings. It’s the EXCESSIVE and OBNOXIOUS behavior that Google is most concerned with.

As long as you are careful and break  the patterns you will be just fine.

* note: see also my article on breaking patterns

>>> “Good SEO – Breaking the patterns”

OK… so back to the IP addresses and what they represent…

EVERY IP ADDRESS has class A, B, C and D – all of them.

I know this can be confusing, but LOOK at it this way

that is an IP address

here are the classes in that IP – class a, b, c and d:

A 208
B 109
C 181
D 174

Every HOST is given a ‘block” of IP addresses

They are usually in the same class C BLOCK

So – using the above IP – here is an example of what IP addresses a host might have allocated to them through

so they would have each IP in the C CLASS of 181


All of those are in the SAME CLASS C IP BLOCK

When Google looks at links pointing at our web pages – they are primarily trying to catch people LINKING to their own sites EXCESSIVELY.

Since most people have only ONE SERVER and ONE WEB HOST – it is pretty easy for Google to do this.

It is NOT natural for a large percentage of LINKS to come from the same place.

All they have to do is compare the IP Adresses of the domains linking to a WEB PAGE or WEB SITE and they will see patterns if the web owner is indeed LINKING TOO MUCH to their own web sites.

So if they see TOO MANY IP’s from within the same CLASS C BLOCK of IP ADDRESSES they will most likely DISCOUNT the value of the links OR in extreme cases they will PENALIZE or BAN the web site.

Now, remember EXACTLY HOW they do all this scoring is a SECRET.

Google has never told us this info or specific algorhytms – it is ASSUMED by SEO types that they score like this, because as pointed out earlier, we KNOW that ONE WEB HOST most likely has a LIMITED RANGE of IP ADDRESSES they can give to a CLIENT. And linking to sites of your own is easy to spot by analyzing the IP addresses.

These excessive patterns don’t usually happen in the real world for popular sites. The most popular sites don’t need to game links. They get too many links without asking for them!

IF a web site is VERY POPULAR and successful on it’s own without any MANIPULATION or “in house” linking schemes, the DIVERSITY OF IP ADDRESSES will be VERY BROAD.

There will be MANY CLASS C IP BLOCKS represented in the LIST OF IP ADDRESSES.



So – that being considered – it is OK to have SOME or even a LOT of LINKS coming from the same CLASS C IP BLOCKS as long as there is an OVERALL DIVERSITY with lots of OTHER IP BLOCKS MIXED IN.

In other words – if you ONLY have a few LINKS and they all come from the same PLACES (same class c ip block) it is VERY LIKELY those links are NOT natural real world links.

Ideally a web site needs MANY different DIVERSE IP ADDRESSES linking to the site/pages.

Ideally NOT ONLY different CLASS C BLOCKS – but ideally many different CLASS A BLOCKS and B and CLASS C BLOCK IP addresses.

The D BLOCK or the 4th part of the IP ADDRESS is MOST LIKELY IGNORED


In other words – it is really NOT likely they even care what the 4th octet or d class of your linking IP address is – because they can see from the C CLASS of the linking IP if it is coming from the same host.

While those two MAY be different – Google most likely sees them as coming from the same HOST – most likely a site YOU also own.

I am pretty sure they won’t give you a top ranking based on that kind of link!

Now – if the class C’s are different (3rd octet) – they will most likely see them as coming from DIFFERENT HOSTS and give you FULL CREDIT or BONUS POINTS for having links originating from more different CLASS C BLOCKS

these are different class C IP’s

these are diffenet class B IP’s

these are different class A IP’s

It is very likely these 2 IP’s are allocated to HOSTS that are geographically spread far apart from each other.

Google likes to see this kind of diversity and will reward your page for this.

So the general rule of thumb for linking is – if you link to your OWN domain from your OWN SITES – and those sites are on the same server – link sparingly.

Don’t link too many times or they will be smart enough to know they are all links from your own sites.

If you have 2 hosts – you can link slightly more often – but still NOT TOO MUCH because they can still figure out your links are coming from the same places.

The only way to make sure that you have the best quality of links that Google loves is to have many diverse web sites from servers located all over the world pointing at your web site and pages.

The AU Blogs are spread on different servers with many different IP addresses.

So – to summarize – we want to look at the IP addresses in the links pointing at our sites and we want to make sure we have as many different IP’s from all 4 of the blocks – class a, b, c and d – as possible.

We do not want TOO MANY coming from the same CLASS C BLOCK.

If you are linking to your sites using the Article Underground announcements blogs – they will be getting diverse links from DOMAINS on different servers that are spread out ALL OVER THE WORLD.

The AU Blogs are spread onto a DIVERSE number of DIFFERENT IP ADDRESSES. Many different CLASS A IP’s… many different CLASS B IP’s and many different CLASS C IP’s.

These links from the AU BLOGS in conjunction with NATURAL LINKS coming in from the real world give your pages a huge advantage over those pages with just a few links or links originating from the same places.

If you want top rankings – you need pages that have good words and you need high quality links!

Article Underground is the answer to both needs!

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Old WordPress blogs are hacked!

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If your old WordPress blogs are hacked I have some help for you!

I woke up a big hassle because I discovered some of my WordPress blogs have been chopped and screwed with.I hate that! why people have to do this kind of stuff!

Here’s the lowdown.

Apparently on versions of WordPress before 2.8.4 it is a security vulnerability that allows still hidden admin access as “additional” and as such, you can do some damage while in the blog.Run scripts and shaping

As far as I can tell what you did, a few of my personal blogs screw with permalinks was so after error pages instead of the proper Permalink URLs ging.Sie showed the URL’s that Google had indexed only an error page stattdessen.Das can be bad how Google has indexed something else.

If you find yourself in this situation, I propose that these 2 pages besuchen.Sie have a ton of helpful info.

> WordPress Permalink RSS problems

> old-WordPress versions see attack

If you are unsure whether you had problems – do – GO to Google and check out how many pages for your site are indexed by in site: enter

In my case the results URL is here

Start click to see if you get all the pages, the error instead of the right pages have.

-Alternating – login as admin to your blog and go to user and see how many you show for administrators – when it shows more than visible – such as (2) and see only (1) user name (own) then you got.

The solution is in the above links – i ‘ L spare boot fix – but youneed RID get the extra admin PLUS update your installation of WordPress to prevent it happening again.

Hope this was helpful!

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Web 2 traffic guide – free training videos

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Hi, it’s Mike Liebner underground with 2 brand new training videos here from article.

I have 2 new training videos I created that I gladly would – share with you are traffic guide on my new Web site

One is the other on WordPress free hosted blogs on Web 2.0 site Sphinn and tagging!

I have also a special PDF report the you out sollten.Alle article underground colleague Wendell Chong check are free!

2 New training videos I created, I would like to share with you are:

1. Free hosted blogs on

2. Setting up an account and post on Sphinn

AU member Wendell Chong provides a special report on faster indexing using WordPress tags at online profit patterns

It’s free to stop by and grab it!

That’s all for now! hope so far have a great year!

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AU 4th of July firesale

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Hi, it’s Mike Liebner here with something very special. It is a article underground 1 year membership FIRE SALE, all of you to help to celebrate by save some big money here at the beginning of the summer and during the 4th of July holiday here in the U.S.!

OK-so let’s firesale celebrate early summer with my first ever! it is a hot!

This is a real fire sale offer with limited quantities and a ridiculous terribly low starting price of $299. for a 1 year prepaid membership article u station and it is only by personal invitation.

> article underground 1 year membership FIRE SALE

The starting price is $299 for 1,200 items immediately along with a full year of the article underground.

I’m sincere when I say that I can’t afford to sell a lot of memberships at these prices, so I’m afraid this will be a limited offer, which you need to be get the best prices!

It is a firesale, so the price a little of each rising 10 memberships are sold.

So, why the fire sale???

While I’m happy that great for me and article underground things are, it’s no secret the economy, especially here in the United States slowed hat.Viele people are tightening, your wallet and cut corners where you can.I can understand that – I am doing same thing!

Almost everyone is looking to where you can save money and buy the most sensible items at the best prices.

After 3 years success with article I decided underground, it was time to help and give something back by you a small handful of memberships at a ridiculously low price.

As you may know already, is article filled underground with members like to pay the regular monthly membership $ 97.It is every penny in 97 dollars value. annually to $1,164 works. and I still members who have paid each month since 2006!

Now, you may also know that I have offered a discounted annual subscription package for $499. making $699.und at these prices very affordable membership article underground.

But I really wanted to go nuts and go way down, that – if only for a few Mitgliedschaften.vielleicht I can get a few of you guys back in the really need a break!

This is why I came up with the idea to do my first article underground FIRE SALE (it somehow means fireworks related fourth July).

> article underground 1 year membership FIRE SALE

A firesale is a great way you guys offer that really need it a few prepaid annual membership with a stupidly low price of $299.$ For the full year.

This works on $24,91 per month! about it even more exciting and valuable – I decided 1,200 include fire immediately downloadable articles with every 1 year membership in sale (while stocks last).

Now if you’ve ever seen a firesale, you know how it works.

The basic premise is to a stupidly low price, start and how you sell units increase the price.In this way, the people who know what you want and quickly are rewarded with a lower cost than those, the “think it over” and wait.

First 10 fast movers get it for $299.

Sorry – but I can go to only, for $299.People for the first 10, the signup!

Next 10 is $349.

Next 10 are $399.

Next 10 is $449.

And $499 for a year if you pay in advance is the regular price.

All firesale members will receive also 1,200 article at sign instead of the regular 400 articles up!

Find all the features and benefits a membership with article underground at fire sale Seite.Es has all the details and the current go Preis.Sehen, what it is:

> article underground 1 year membership FIRE SALE

$299, Or even $349.oder even $399-membership article underground is an absolute no brainer steal a deal! A membership at the regular price is a wise investment!

If until all items (1200 + 4800 = 6,000) at $299 hinzufügen.Sie pay approximately $0.04 per article! and these are optimized article, not the usual PLR high quality keyword junk-e-all bonding other guys off sind.AU articles are known for the high quality! and to get your sites, pay approximately $0.24 cents per month, about 100 blogs (and growing) to every blog link! this it really brings in perspective, because for a time $299.YOU GET A whole year of posting in our high quality blogs can handle the powerful traffic, increase of text links, you.

Think about it, how much to pay a monthly cost connects you for a few text… much more 299, and it would be probably! this is a full year access to our blogs!

Come and have a look for yourself on all the great features a membership to article underground!

Have not that much cash to hand???

I realize that not everyone has that kind of money lying around – so those who join in the next five days off the regular price of 97 per month also can get up 800 additional items at the curses is 800 back issue articles + 400 current – give your 97 dollars you Member stay 1,200 articles immediately and 400 for each month, during our firesale buy holiday if you fourth of July!

The 1,200 bonus package is only for a few days and at the following URL:

and once again the 1 year FIRESALE is URL:

Best wishes for successful marketing!

Mike Liebner

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Killer keyword research

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Hi, it’s Mike Liebner underground with a tutorial here from article and a free sample spreadsheet presents the killer keyword research, which helps to make such underground items!

> Get the free keyword research table and TUTORIAL here

Sorry, I could not help but brag about, because it’s the keywords really help us great write articles and also help members get the most traffic possible from your Web pages by using the keyword research to make better Web sites!

Not all keywords are considered equal.

Some words are simply better!

In fact – 150 top keywords use this brand new free spreadsheet for themselves to see that currently access the highest cost per click from AdWords advertisers are!

>>> Get the free keyword research spreadsheet

Find free spreadsheet PLUS a great TUTORIAL on the use of keyword research to hook domain name to get the super easy to rank above on Google! if you want to transport large – is a great way to do it, get some domain name, the right keywords in you!

The turorial shows you how easy it is! the example table of top 150 CPC keywords for January 2010 is in Excel format and shows the highest paying keywords! through you, stop to see which keywords advertisers currently average as much as $32 numbers.$ Per click for!

Our keyword research is the best!

It helps article underground members plus we know valuable insight, which keywords of pay well for AdSense, which keywords get the most traffic!

This is valuable information!

You can use it to write articles, your article extra words to add to, or simply sprinkle big money – high traffic of keywords on your Web pages to more traffic from search engines to get!

See-one is little known secret by simply adding your Web pages a ton of the right keywords fresh and new search engine traffic starts coming your way when you receive rankings for all kinds of mix and match keyword phrases!

And it’s as simple as adding more related keywords to your Web pages!

It is like a charm! the words on your pages, combine suddenly to hook you top rankings for all kinds of combinations of keywords you usually get for rank würde.Nachdem all – if these are the words on your pages – can for you to get you rank! I can not believe, more people do not! it’s so easy! it is very easy if you have the kind of keyword data we the article to give underground members!

In fact – we share actually with members, the same keyword research data, we give our authors that you select the “exact keyword phrases” article on to write for us!

OK, well, that should be enough to stop you by and grab the free sample keyword spreadsheet with 150 most expensive top keywords to snag tutorial to using keyword research to valuable domain name plus the great!

>>> Get the free keyword research table and TUTORIAL here.

See also: Most expensive keywords video

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Focus on specific keywords closely themed sites

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Targeting Specific Keywords with Tightly Themed Web Sites and Lots of Related Content

OK, so you want to go after a specific keyword phrase and have your page rank on the first page of Google so that when people are searching they will see your web page at the top.

While it’s OK to think in terms of what you need on your article web page – it’s smarter to think beyond just the one page and consider the content on your site that surrounds your target page.

In other words – build a great page to rank for a keyword and surround it with good related content!

To get your page to rank on top for a competitive keyword is actually easy when you know how!

One of the best ways to do this is to create a small tightly themed web site that covers similar topics related to that main keyword phrase on your target page and keep adding fresh articles over time to keep it growing.

Google loves sites with tight themes and fresh content!

Yes, you read right – you will need to build content pages to supplement your main pages to get them to the top!

Ahhhh…. so it’s more than simply getting one good page up on a site…. that makes sense, right???

Now, this is NOT the only way to do it – you can get away with general topic web sites which have top ranking pages – but more and more it seems Google prefers sites that are concentrated on a subject – be it a somewhat broad topic like health – or a more specific theme like – weight loss.

Remember – there is NO ONE way to do it – this is just ONE APPROACH!

So – let’s concentrate on getting a top ranking for a competitive keyword phrase by building a site around a semi tight theme… let’s go for weight loss as a theme for this example.

In this example our target web page will go after the phrase “lose weight fast” which according to Google has around 201,000 average monthly searches (it was 801,000 in April).

Chances are with that kind of search volume there are a LOT of people going after the phrase because a number one ranking for “lose weight fast” could bring in a significant amount of daily visitors – many of whom would buy things relating to the topic.

It’s also a big niche with many possibilities of products to promote. eBooks on losing weight, diet programs, food, nutrition, exercise and on and on.

So how do we go after a top ranking for “lose weight fast”???

Well – to start you need a good web page that has that keyword phrase prominently on the page…. you also need text links pointing at the page with that phrase and other related phrases… LINKING is a topic discussed in many of our other videos and articles – so let’s just concentrate on the site here… If you want to learn more about LINKING – check out the 20 Top Linking Secrets Video here.

So…. for your target web page you need to either write an article from scratch or find content for your site and modify it to make it keyword relevant for “lose weight fast”.

If you are an Article Underground member – well – you have it easy!Find an article on weight loss and modify it for “lose weight fast”! HOw much easier can it be!

Each month AU brings you 400 fresh new articles you can use on your web sites. And there is a good chance there will be an article you could use.

For example – the current zip of 400 articles has some great ones for the weight loss – health niche… here are a few we might use on our themed site:


Those are a few files from the 400 in the latest ZIP from Article Undeground for April 2009. A new one comes out on the 16th of each month. More info HERE

With 400 articles each month you could easily build all kinds of themed sites!

Of course – the way YOU group the articles you use from Article Underground is up to you… this makes it very easy to build a UNIQUE one of a kind THEMED site with your own creativity, thereby avoiding the dreaded “cookie cutter syndrome”.

OH NO… not cookie cutters… they suck!

Well… more on that below – but let’s just say that we’ll have more success with a unique site rather than a cookie cutter site.

So – in this example I picked out 20 PLR articles from the latest AU zip.

Keep in mind those 20 articles are just from one zip – as you stay a member you accumulate many articles on many topics and that makes it easy to gather your articles for your themed sites.

For fun – I just searched my folder of back issue AU zips for “weight loss” and found 429 article files.

Of course that search does not include other keywords like “lose weight” etc. so there are MANY more than just 429 :’> The point is – as you stay a member you asemble an awesome content library and have the ability to create one of a kind unique themed sites with your own blend of articles.

Now – some people do have trouble with the large variety of topics in the 400 monthly articles because they are NOT grouped into folders of matching themes.

You simply get a folder of 400 diverse AU PLR articles with varying keywords AND this is what makes the PLR from AU better!

We intentionally do NOT organize the files into folders for you…

This is done for YOUR BENEFIT – it helps AU MEMBERS create sites that are NOT COOKIE CUTTER SITES like the ones built by most folks who take PLR Articles from the other companies and just slap them up as sites.

These cookie cutter “me too” sites simply do NOT get top rankings – at least not for long!

When Google sees all the SAME cookie cutter sites with the EXACT same clusters of articles – well – they’re too smart to let them stay on top.

That’s why we’re doing this exercise – because we want to target a keyword phrase and get our page on top and keep it there!

IF you want top rankings your sites need to have REAL CONTENT and be unique – the idea is to MIX and MATCH your articles so they are NOT identical to the other cookie cutter sites.

To find out more about WHY I HATE COOKIE CUTTER WEB SITES – read this!

So let’s continue with this exercise… Very often Google gives preference to web pages that are on web sites that focus around a theme. Google loves sites it feels has lots of related info on it.

It crawls the links on the site and if it sees a large percentage of the links go to pages with similar/related topics, then it is very likely that Google will consider your page “authoritative” and it will get placed at the top of the free search engine listings for the keyword phrase.

Our ultimate goal is to create a web site with good content so that Google feels a visitor will find all kinds of info relating to what they may be interested in. After all – if people who find your sites through Google stay on your page and your web site longer – Google is smart enough to know that they found what they were looking for. You’ll score points and your page will be more likely to stay on top when poeple show Google they like it and your site.

So when possible – surround your main articles with articles of related topics.

An easy way to do this is to let Google themselves TELL YOU EXACTLY what keywords they think your site should have articles on.

Here is a basic run through.

>>> Search Google for your keyword phrase and copy the URL of a web page that is ranking at or near the top for that query.

How about looking for “lose weight fast”

This is what Google is showing at the top:

How to Lose Weight Fast – To learn how to lose weight fast, try one of these diets.

They work, they’re free and come with instructions to get the weight off – 78k –

OK, so that web page is at the top – it means Google thinks it will satisfy people when they click that link after searching for “lose weight fast”.

So let’s analyze that page URL and see what keywords Google thinks that web page is about.

>>> Go to the Google Adwords Keyword tool:

>>> Find and select the “Website content” option

Look for the form : “Enter a webpage URL to find keywords related to the content on the page.”

>>> Enter in the URL from a top ranking site for your “keyword phrase”

Our example URL above – you should get results like:

Showing keywords grouped by these terms:

crock pot recipe (19), to lose weight (7), weight loss pill (7), cabbage soup diet (6), crock pot (7),

weight loss (17), diet pill (9), crockpot recipes (6), low carb (5), loose weight (5), diet (58),

recipe (28), weight (8), Miscellaneous keywords (18)

If you use the “Website Content” option Google will group the keywords for you – this is very handy as they are basically TELLING US what topics we could include on our site.

Now – keep in mind the Google Keyword tool is NOT intended to be used to help us BUILD WEB SITES, but rather to be used to select KEYWORDS for buying clicks on Adwords – BUT STILL – they are showing us HOW THEY THINK. It can only help!

Based on the page that Google analyzed – it is showing us the general themes we could use to build a site

- along with specific keywords to include on our pages – based on the top ranking page it analyzed.

In other words – the page that ranked on top for our desired keyword phrase triggered this DATA to show in the Google tool – that should help us to make our site equally as relevant or even better!

Take the TOPICS and make them categories. Grab some of the keywords and try to include them on some of your article pages.

This can give you some ideas of how to structure a site so you can go after the keyword “lose weight fast”.

If it is a blog for example – you could set up categories for:

* recipes

* weight loss pills

* diets

* low carb


Here is a little trick – something I like to do when I am researching a niche – I will ALSO enter in the actual SEARCH URL from the query on Google or

You’ll get an entirely new list of results – often with more topics to consider as categories on your site.

OK, well that pretty much wraps it up.

The idea is to create a really good web page – put your target keywords throughout the page – make sure you have text links out there pointing at your page with those keywords (and a few variations as well) and then structure your site so it has rleated articles on it.

Then keep your site fresh by adding more articles on the themes you have chosen.

You can rank on top and then build on tha success!

I hope that is helpful!

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