Bonus set of PLR article file name

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Bonus time!  Get 400 extra Articless au *!

More bonus information and file names are here.

* If you buy Auto content cash through my Affiliate Link (THIS ONE) or if you join article underground between March and April 15, 2010-I like would get you a free bonus zip 400 article underground PLR articles.

There are 4 sets which you can select and you can see the file name here!

Please also visit instructions as bonus plus other information to articles in order.

It is a Webinar playback for car content cash and more info here.

Check it out – find everything you need to know on the links above!

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PPC bully has gone monthly!

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I wanted to say that PPC bully is gone now monthly!

This means that PPC bully is cheaper than ever before, and now can this great research tool for much less!

I personally love PPC bully and use it all the time!It is one of the best tools out there to find offers we can promote proved to make money for other affiliates!

PPC bully keeps track of what is promoted for keywords! this means that we can immediately see which ads are running and which keywords and then the same products promote us!

It is a fact people who will make money with ads on the same keywords for a long time to spend a profit! you testing – and we do see just what shows PPC bully profitable!

Very cool! this is a great way to put profitable offers on our pages!

It is much more than simply a spy tool – but – don’t take my word for it – stop from the link below and watch the video and see all the great features!

> watch the video to PPC bully here

The price goes up – so, now would it a good time to check out!

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Is the secret to making money online, taking action?

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Is the secret to making money online, taking action? AU member Wendell Chong

This paper provides a newsletter notification of article underground member Wendell Chong in its “online profit patterns”-Liste.Es is reprinted with permission.

The link is to be signed “Online Profit Patterns” you hier.Danken Wendell! great info!

  Is the secret to making money online, taking action? 

Not according to Tony Robbins.Lesen you more…

In the last few days there were a few Internet marketing videos circulating on the Internet.  Is a video with Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, John Reese.The other video is only with Tony Robbins and John Reese. 

In the forums these videos have created a lot of excitement, because so far it quite rare for all people in IN the much exposure outside our insular, Internet marketing niche have been is.

While the heard most people by Tony Robbins – you know that infomercial personal power guy with the big teeth :)-chances are that very few of your friends of Frank Kern or John Reese have heard.

Frank Kern is known for the online marketing architect of StomperNet and starts his own level control product, the $18 million and $ 5 million or in their original product gemacht.Die numbers vary depending on, that counts.Let’s just say you were in the mega millions…

John Reese is recorded as the first Internet marketer, the $1 million in a single day to crack.It was actually in less than a day, although we either splits hair on this one not!

In one of the videos questions frank and John Tony, why so many people, money online.Tony describes answers a kind of 4 part circular process for success.

The 4 parts are:

Potential, action, results, belief.

What I found very about Tony’s process description fascinating is that I thought he would say, the reason why people fail, is because you fail, my mantra has certainly been ergreifen.Das measures.

However, if you see not the video closely, you will understand that what actually people fail causing, is the lack of Aktion.Zumindest nicht.Es initially lack believe that holds people back!

Once the absence of the think kicks in, then potential, action and results, that all start to spiral toward fail.

On the other hand the think is strong – and it can be made stronger by visualization – then the spiral towards success!

This was a great eye opener for me and explains why many people – and I admit I’m one of you – jump from an online strategy to another.

If we just slow down and believe in the ultimate success of a strategy, and accordingly focus attention on the results and the adjustment, then we are looking more likely success as too many random actions that for, that a golden win money making strategy.

Here are the links to the two Tony Robbins videos.

You can also see my blog where you can find further discussion on the subject to make money online.

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Vary the link text is a smart thing to do!

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Vary your link text???

I was just asked about different link text when using the article underground “Announcements blogs”, links to a page to erhalten.Erfordert of each “keyword phrase” is it own MATCHING article???

Soon – ideally Yes! but let’s try to understand this whole thing the intelligent linking!

In the past I have written that it is smart, vary your link text (and to eat your vegetables!).

I wrote it because I know some people think if you the same LINK text on and hammer to number enter.. get first, may be true – but as time goes on If you only use about and identical LINK TEXT – fall like a bucket of lead when Google starts, see the pattern.

It may take a while before you figure it out and place your position down on the page – but you are smart! you will find it!

The solution is just soooo! vary your link text.

I understand, it can be confusing – but to consider the main thing is that you want to do things like a machine or a robot, avoid.

Try to be people and create patterns and repetitive strings, that scream “smells something fishy”.

So when I say “your link text may vary”, is what I really USE MORE OF the words on your page and not only the same ONE keyword phrase over and over in the link text use.

And what about the pages that are on your links???This applies to you to???

It is always good, creating unique that put back on the AU BLOGS that show your Web page you are trying to rank.

The links will have more value.

So if possible – do it!

At the very least- use no identical “exact duplicate content” or articles.

Tweak and adjust at least a little!

In the same article about and transfer would be as bad as MAS submit an article, the article directories that have the same links in the bio box.

Can hurt big time if Google sees all with same exact bio box hundreds or thousands of identical article in directories and links pointing to you.

They are smart.Know this kind of links not really have much value.

You need to get to you to a top ranking TRICK.Ein some good links from article of announcements blogs and you are golden!

So try you to do the automated spammy stuff with the AU blogs – you are not good for that!Have GOLD at your fingertips – to use the true power and your LINK TEXT VARY and vary your blog posts!

If you want TOP ranking REDKINGS – it’s easy – to get the highest quality links can point to your pages!

You want to improve focus on needs for an PRIMARY and at least one Advanced keyword each page.

Depends on how many secondary keywords, to how many good keywords your Seite.Dies natural are the words to the destination – what is already on your page regardless of different link text strategies – start with!

Fact: Did you know that up on Google for hundreds or even 1, 1, 000′s of keyword phrases rank is some Web sites that have many large related keywords???

The words that appear on your pages in your link text are you use sollten.Es is of course for Google, to you for these words – rank, especially when you see the tex links from quality sites! HOME RUN!

Use the AUKDAT TOOL to see what keywords prominently appear on your page, and these keywords TEXT left the article of underground blogs and social bookmarking sites and those targeting.

I search is usually 2 and 3 word phrases, that at least 3 times displayed are. 2 times occur on the page on the mndstns.ONE in not enough – generally include the PHRASE a few times more when it seems only a time and if you want to rank for it.

It is more difficult to rank for a keyword that once on your page is displayed wird.Es still more difficult to rank for a keyword does not device but said it happens! this is, how powerful LINK TEXT!

Each text link externally displayed on Web pages (and internally) on the page with Google that will strengthen keyword PHRASE that is your page and you will begin, see ranking you for keywords in text links especially, if you see the words on your pages to!

Link text is important, but so are the words that Apeear before and after you…Surrounding words play a role in how you rank!

The search engines not only to the words in the LINK TEXT on your site search – a look at the words on the page of text links sind.Umliegenden close words matter-not only the link text!

After all – trust of the LINK text would not you more if it were from a page that was trusted for this topic???Try as if you were to think Google.

So if more traffic more top Rankinghs for tons of different keywords is it simply a question a little extra work to do! get out there and vary the link text and the content/article/contributions, links to your pages! this helps you get most of the results of your efforts!

It’s easy to get top rankings when you properly go about it and use the article underground announcements blogs the way as you are meant to be used!

See also: vary your link text

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Your success boiled down to the simple steps

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Hi, it’s Mike Liebner here from Article Underground and the Words = Money Marketing Newsletter.

Out of the blue this morning I was thinking about the steps required to achieve success in online marketing and it occurred to me while we can get as deep and complex as imaginable with our road maps and blueprints, that it is also possible to condense all the secrets, details and techniques down to the bare core – the steps along the way to achieving success.

In fact that’s exactly what a lot of people really need – the most basic explanation of the steps required to get some money coming in. Maybe not quite so basic as my Article Underground Mantra of “Build Pages and Get Links” which does work by the way – but let’s try to include a few of the things in addition to that we need to accomplish as part of our plan.

So here it is – in as few words as I can manage – I will tell you what I think a newcomer to Article Underground and/or “affiliate marketing” needs to do to get the momentum going so that profits can come in as quickly as possible.

Now for those of you that are NOT beginners – please – still read on BUT keep in mind you may already have some of the bases covered. It won’t hurt to be reminded of those things. Also remember this is intentionally simple – tips and specific details are left for you to fill in as you go along.

Here are the steps – I’ll expand on them below.

1) Decide what you want to do – your basic end goal and the “tactic” or “method” you will be attempting.

2) You need to decide HOW you will get TRAFFIC.

3) Build pages with the right words on them. Put the right ads on them and make a “call to action” so your visitors will do something that can make you money.

4) Find out what works and focus our efforts on those things. Study stats and analyze why some things work better than others. Repeat and do more of what works. Dump what does not work.

OK – let’s expand on these a little.

1) Decide what you want to do – your basic end goal and the “tactic” or “method” you will be attempting.

Basically you need to decide whether you will be creating and selling your own products OR promoting those of others (affiliate marketing”). A 3rd variable you might want to add into the mix is selling advertising which could include selling text links or putting Google Adsense on some or all of your web pages.

In keeping with the goal of making this SIMPLE I’ll leave the MANY options for later research on your part – for now – to begin – you need a simple picture in your mind of HOW and WHERE the money might be coming from.

Basically – either you sell your own stuff – sell someone else’s stuff and get a commission – or you get paid to show ads on your pages – or any combination of those.

2) You need to decide HOW you will get TRAFFIC.

You can BUY IT or EARN IT – either will require effort – both are excellent ways.

You can buy ADVERTISING or you can build web pages with the goal of getting FREE SEARCH ENGINE TRAFFIC. Both are excellent ways to get people to see your offer(s).

3) Build pages with the right words on them. Put the right ads on them and make a “call to action” so your visitors will do something that can make you money.

OK – here is the critical step – regardless of whether you decide on getting FREE TRAFFIC or PAYING FOR IT – or BOTH – you MUST – note the MUST here – YOU MUST have web pages MOTIVATE your visitors to TAKE ACTION. Don’t hide the ads. Do appeal to them and do what you can to help them SEE things and REALIZE things. Point out POSITIVE info. Help them along!

Step 3 here is really the key step because it doesn’t matter HOW MANY PEOPLE see your page – IF YOU DO NOT have an OFFER and COMPEL THEM to take ACTION – you will not make one penny.

So – GOAL #3 should be to LEARN and MASTER building good looking web pages that are SPECIFICALLY MADE to help people who are looking at them to BUY SOMETHING or CLICK ON SOMETHING.

IF you are uncomfortable with this concept of selling things and recommending products and such – you will have a tough time making money in this business. Maybe it’s not for you if you get mad when people want you to buy things. Radio – TV – Magazines all do this – and the internet does it better than ever! BUT you can’t be shy about wanting people to do what YOU want them to do… You are helping people decide to make buying decisions – we’re not talking about tricking them – so – if this makes you feel uncomfortable – I’d say this business is NOT right for you. Think about it and consider trying something else if you don’t like asking people to buy things.

OK… sidetracked a bit. Yu want pages that help people take action and buy things!

Pick the best banners that will convert the best. Create words that make people want to do things. Design pages so they SCREAM OUT the steps you want people to take.

This is really one of the most overlooked parts of the process and I can’t tell you how many sites I have looked at that people show me and ask WHY they are not making more money and when I look at them they either have ZERO ADS or OFFERS or the ads and offers are hidden on the page. Or the ads don’t match the content. Or the banners look like crap.

IF you want to be successful at this and SELL LOTS OF STUFF or get lots of people to click on your ADSENSE ADS – then your pages need to help people do these things.

You can’t hide the ads…. you can’t be shy about featuring and recommending a product or a banner.

Now this is an ART in itself that could be a course. So we’ll have to save the details for another lesson.

Now, one of the things I have learned about recently that really opened my eyes is that in PPC advertising – such as when you buy ads on Adwords for example – your AD must be written to motivate people to take action. You need to TELL PEOPLE WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO DO! If your AD is crap and does not give people a reason to click – it will fail miserably. If you trick them or don’t deliver what you promised – you’ll be spending money and getting no conversions.

The same applies to your web pages – they must be designed in a way that helps the people visiting WANT to do the things that will make you money.

4) Find out what works and focus your efforts on those things. Study stats and analyze why some things work better than others.

This is the key step. You need to experiment and find your way and take note of the things that bring you more money. Then you spend more time on that line of attack.

If you are able to – monitor your stats – find out what keywords are bringing you the most traffic and ideally which keywords bring you traffic that CONVERTS into sales.

The goal is CONVERSIONS – whether you buy traffic or get people from the search engine rankings – you need to know as much as you can about the conversions and WHY they converted.

This is the secret to expanding your success!

Do you want to learn more about stats tracking and keyword conversions???

There are 2 programs that are really worth looking at!

I found an exciting program called Affiliate Prophet that is designed to track conversions for PPC. I bought it myself,  but this one is not required, but I do think you’ll learn something by looking at the sales page and reading all the info.

It is primarily for tracking paid advertising (PPC) but it does however also have features for tracking organic traffic plus split testing and other cool things. This is advanced stuff for sure – but some really exciting stuff.

The Affiliate Prophet page because it is loaded with valuable information – in fact – if you register Peter will send you a PDF case study of one of his actual campaigns showing his stats – the winners and losers.

If nothing else, even if you do not buy it – you will learn a lot about stats tracking and keyword conversions. I did!

Another exciting tracking program is Xtreme Conversions. It too is primarily aimed at PPC tracking but has some features that are of interest to organic tracking as well.

Once again – just by visiting the site you can learn a ton about tracking and conversions!

The key to making more money is by IMPROVING and EXPANDING on what is already working. Tracking is the way to do it!

Well… I already turned this into more words than I had planned.

If this stuff interests you and you want to learn more I suggest you read the following articles and watch the suggested videos!

If you are a beginner and need a refresher course on what affiliate marketing is and where the money comes from – please watch my video “The Missing Link”. It will help you make the connection between people and traffic and how you can monetize your web sites!

A perfect compliment is my article “The Best Place to Start is at the Beginning”

A great article that might just change the way you think is:

When You Change The Way You Look at Things… The Things You Look at Change!

Lastly… please keep in mind that this is a “numbers game”:

Creative Ways to Make Extra Money

Take Action

That should be enough to help you along the path towards success!

Wishing you success!

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Commission blueprint 2

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Commission blueprint 2 has launched!

I created a review video so that you could see inside! Oh – a bonus is to it.

Oh yes – it is a brand new product called Commission blueprint 2 and it is not just an upgrade from v1 – but all new product!

More info on you, I fall are because I need to find these puppies – but from what I’ve seen, this one is a monster!

Tim and Steve are both first class, so I know this will be every cent value! more information and videos at Commission blueprint 2 page.

Here is the link to my video review with details of a bonus offer that I have prepared for you!

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Introduction to blogs equal money and blogging underground

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Blogging underground is here – almost!

OK…I’ve been quietly worked my lab coming up with what I think is the Ultmate Web Publisher Toolkit and I’m sharing the world on August 24th, 2010 as blogging underground!

The new special report and free video library accordingly is training called blogs equal money, and it really is the bomb! Once again I have delivered price point with blogs equal to FREE!

Blogging underground is the all new improved version of the article underground – the only difference is that the monthly PLR articles – blogging underground but contain – the price point is very attractive and I hope that we will get more people to membership by you advanced functions and a monster Toolkit at a $67 per month price point! alternative we at $299 a year will offer.for those who want to save a ton of money and nothing against advance payment!

  The really cool thing is that article underground members blogging underground get free!

Yes! I know I could make more money make, if it were a paid upgrade, but I article to use underground members who want it for the PLR article, which can all new blog post utility and the ever-growing network of ‘ Announcemnet blogs “.”

Man o man , BPU thing (the blog post utility) is a monster, and getting back links in our growing stable of the a-class of blogs makes it a no-brainer!

Now – before we have loaded already 100 inside blogs, and 60 + member contributed blogs! And the numbers rise as I 200 experienced domains are in the pipeline have added in the next few months!

Get blogging underground free when you join article underground! Introduction to blogs equal money and blogging underground I am my friends who are a pre-release look at equal money blogs and blogging underground with 6 sneak peek videos get!Almost 3 hours blogging underground videos!Lock the door and you say you are busy!check the list of videos: 1. Intro to BU – a private pre-launch tour of blogging underground words equal money only for subscribers.> run time 24: 552 aus.Blog post utility-tour through the new control panel in the be Web post!> run time 17: 283 aus.Keyword research section Oveview video – shows how to use the keyword research tables the domain hunting or go for keyword-targeting > run time 27: 334.Site-Struktur – the secret ingredient that makes our system work so well! > run time 22: 585. 12 step success strategy system overview – is the new system a monster! 49 minutes with me spend like me, covers the entire system and all its steps am. > run time 49: 11
6. How to start A blog – this video is for beginners – started correctly is important! > run time 20: 15Watch out the videos here

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Keyword elite 2 free video – mein membership tour

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Keyword elite 2 free video

If you read your email of last week or so you already know that a new version of keyword elite is on 25 August 2009 coming out.Ich was lucky enough to get a pre-release beta version of the app, and I look forward to show you in my free video on keyword elite 2

> see the video here

> get a free PDF and see keyword elite 2

Check out keyword elite 2 and it’s AdWords time machine, the JV diamond miner and the search engine Dominator among other new features!

> keyword elite 2

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Blogs equal money pages not related Webinar

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Hello it’s Mike Liebner and I would like to invite you to join me on Wednesday, September 22, 2010 at 12 PM PST for a Webinar called “blogs equal money – pages not posts”

This is 12 NOON time here in California and a perfect time to an hour or so to spend talking more and more top rankings in Google!

Space is already complete and is limited! there are only 250 seats still available, so please, if you wish to visit please reserve your seat now at:

Join to discuss me the revolutionary new website structure strategy for WordPress blogs, called “pages not post” and how we can use them to take many more top rankings in Google!

After a brief overview of the new strategy, which I created called “pages not posts” will I show an example WordPress blog, as well as other issues such as external link discuss domain hunting and keyword targeting!

It is a good and I am counting on you are there and also help, by questions!

The webinar begins at NOON here in California and are 1 hour with the possibility of 15 to 30 minutes depending on the number of questions to go.

“Blogs equal money pages not” webinar is on Wednesday, September 22, 2010 at 12 PM PST

Put the date in the calendar and grab your place now at:

Do please me a favor be equal money PDF for blogs to register charts and videos.

Find an new designed download page and multimedia library with some new surprises!

I am looking forward to seeing you at the event!

Well – that’s all for now! I hope to see you on the Webinar!

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400 Holiday themed article your BONUS!

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It is a good time, a member of the underground article, because I only added bonus zip has 400 holiday themed articles from the article underground Vault problem back.

These articles are divided into 2 folders of 200 each – article, containing the “Halloween” and/or “Costume” and the second folder of 200 contains 200 items that the word “Christmas” in articles.

If you a member of updates or be underground before October 31st, 2009 you can a new Member of the article you grab bonus zip on the members home page!

> please check out the FILE NAMES

If for any reason you are not a updates – join! get the bonus zip with 400 additional articles and current zip of 400 articles, which just released!This is 800!

As always – I suggest, spend at least a little time optimized and change the articles a little add your “own secret sauce,” it is not necessary but to the more words you put on your Web pages that will have more opportunities you get free search engine traffic
of top rankings.

Adding additional keywords – such as sentences, the related keywords – increase the number of records and more importantly the number of combinations of words. This is a big secret to higher earnings!

A little work goes a long way – so try, add a few additional words and re-word a few sentences for the best results!

Login to the section members go and get your articles – OR JOIN NOW!

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