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Want links to your Web pages from blogs, around the world you distribute???

An article underground membership get linked the easy way!And have so much control you can use blogs to get links as you want you! also fast!

I always some E-mail questions about the article announcement blogs that as part of an article underground membership kommen.Ich thought it would be a good time to the link of my blog, which describes some of the benefits of blogs and has a video, which shows examples of how to share the best backlinks.

AU blog posting video

We have added some great new blogs, because the video and I add on a personal mission to at least 100 new blogs from October 2009! so our blog network is growing fast and we are to many great new sites that can use AU members associated with adding of!

See the video it has a ton of great info on back links and blogs!

> AU blog posting video

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AU announcement blog link tips and rules

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Article underground members are very happy that a huge network of high quality of WordPress blogs created and managed in the House, the “announce listing pages” are available. That is why we call the AU article announcement blogs!

More than just FAST places left – these blogs on many top rankings and traffic their own always because you are valuable REAL CONTENT WEB pages!

That’s our secret!Seasoned over time and provides real valuable content that readers love to read! and AU you get traffic members you! real traffic!

It is super easy for AU members get a new article page indexed and places on the market, if announced our high quality of blogs!

Now these blogs are mainly of high quality and are monitored in the House and members to report spam and evil deeds of whatsoever.We police you the value extra high to keep!

In fact, we have a set of rules, to help the AU members LINK video discussed the “right way” as the new members AU blog linking tips.

AU members have simply just the core rules, get are really helpful tips that will ensure that the links bring us the most.

What are the rules?They are easy to follow!

Each blog post “real content Web pages” can contain up to 2 text links, the announcement.

No links to site maps or low value pages zulässig.Sorry Charlie – only links to good things people would read and enjoy such as a link to a page with AU PLR article on you:’ >

You can post don’t worry ANY one of your URL’s in each BLOG once – do not post the same URL (Web page) more than once per blog- – your links go a long way, so a time per blog is enough for each of your Web pages!

You can up to 5 posts per blog per domain every day

This means you can URLS from any a domain up to a maximum 5 x 2 = 10 in one day.

The general idea is, post links to many pages within the site and not hammer ONE PAGE over and over.

A link in an AU BLOG is valuable Enouigh that you don’t need to do massive link – a link goes a long way!

Man because there is only 1 URL limit per blog is that often tag archive pages, category pages, pages etc. in the blog shows the links – so that each blog post links to more than 8 or more pages (according to tags and topics, and so on) can display

The full list of rules is in the new Member video AU blog connection tips

See also: about PLR articles - find out why all PLR not same!

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Free traffic Webinar video by Gauher Chaudhry

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Watch the free traffic Webinar video with Gauher Chaudhry and Mike Liebner

Generating free traffic is the theme of our Diskussion.Gauher grills me and discussing how much traffic from Google and other search engines to get without paying money to PPC!

I have uploaded only the Mondo huge FLV file from the webinar I last month to generate the movement by Gauher Chaudhry has! It is along a and is loaded with info!If you prefer to see it on your own pc – find the file linked at the bottom of this page.Feel free, download it and see it over and over! HA! enjoy!

Get the latest Flash Player to see this player.

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Webinar resources:

Save money on article underground with the fire sale I established for Gauher

Gauher’s special firesale is a link-get 1 year annual membership and save BIG!

WANA grab the file and watch it later?

Download the FLV

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AOL Search – hot one presented great new keyword research tool!

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Usually I released AOL without even if you are attention to everything with involved. This has changed since then!

I was stumbled upon HOT look the other day at AOL and impressed and thought it would be cool to share it with you.

Now at first glance this may only as a typical fluffy page pimping AOL search pages (what is), but it’s also loaded with valuable data that help, some large fish reel and be very inspiring!

For example-the other day which you have to a function

Top searched body Detoxifiers:

Revealed that top searched body Detoxifiers on AOL search:

1. Dual-action cleanse
2. Best
3. Acai berry Detox
4. Orovo Detox
5. Bowtrol
6. Almighty cleanse
7. Kinoki foot pads
8. Perfectly clean
9. Heavy metal Detox
10. Colpurin

I don’t know about you, but this kind of data gets me really excited!

It’s always good to know what keywords people are really looking!

These are the KEYWORDS we can consider in many ways!

It needs some volume, and you could be caught just be a big fish, waiting!

Good stuff!

This type of data could be used to help us to write new articles, add keywords and product names on our existing articles or just call us ideas, what we want to promote on our Web site.

Here is another list of the hot search that yesterday has done:

Hot searches for October 15, 2009:

1. Al Martino – Volare singer dies aged 82
2. Lou Albano-’ Captain pro wrestler died at the age of 76
3. Serena Williams set for a showdown in Sydney
4. “Hell’s kitchen’-see, won top prize in season finale”
5. Jaycee Dugard – goes public on cover of “People” after the kidnapping
6. Carla Hughes – ex teacher to life for double murder sentenced
7. ‘The Bachelor’ – pilot named next Bachelor.Sehen, who he is.
8. Columbine – High school shooter of mother breaks silence with essay
9. Charlie Davies – show soccer fans support for players who injured in car accident
10. FIFA – Costa Rica knocked out World Cup qualifiers after tie with United States

Now I know Google hot trends has some good data – but the data you give us is RAW and difficult to use – and this AOL info is actually implemented in a format that can be used quickly and easily.

Why the search activity is high and the searching in finding interested whats valuable threats.the really obvious it makes, it! help to analyze we not to spend time make the connections between the different searches.

I suggest you over and check out!

Great keyword research data safe!

I haven’t seen this, or at least not remeber do this to be good.

Check it out for yourself! there could be only a thousand dollars
Idea or two!

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AU PLR articles are for search terms not subjects written.

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The PLR articles Article Underground provides members each month are the best you’ll find for adding excellent content to your web sites fast and easy!

Our PLR articles are better and we also help you do things better so you can RISE above the competition – not get lost in it!

Do you want to win big? If so – you’re in the right place.

Why do we do it better than the other PLR guys out there??? Theres a ton of mediocre PLR out there, but is that stuff really gonna help you get more traffic to your sites? Our articles are better!

I need to take a minute and explain the concept and our philosophy here, because frankly it’s different than all the other PLR sources out there.

Let me get this out in the open right up at the top here and deal with why we do things the way we do.

Using our PLR articles on your sites will get you more free search engine traffic than if you just follow the pack and build cookie cutter sites like all the other lazy guys.

Why are our articles so good???

Each monthly zip of 400 articles are NOT categorized into folders of similar topics. This is for YOUR BENEFIT! It helps you BUILD BETTER WEB SITES!

The PLR articles we provide members R simply more effective at bringing free search engine traffic to web sites. The reasons aren’t just related to the article quality either, yes – the quality of our PLR is the best you’ll find… BUT – the key difference is that PLR articles from Article Underground are written from the ground up specifically to target an “exact keyword phrase”.


That in itself is revolutionary. The other guys have lame writers who write for topics. They have no clue about keywords and search engine rankings – so their articles are usually pretty bad. BAD for the reader and not exactly the kind of candy that Google loves to eat.

Because our articles are written and optimized for “exact keyword phases” the result is that our members’ web pages are not filled with vague gibberish about general topics that have little to no profit potential. Our content is tightly focused around EXACT KEYWORDS that are very likely to be highly profitable and bring in lots of search traffic.

Do you want top rankings from Google? Well, then you need to work a little smarter and we help you do that!

The Article Underground philosophy is also different than your run of the mill PLR sources because the 400 articles we present members each month are NOT categorized into neat little folders of like topics.

That’s good! That’s better! It helps our members get more traffic!

Yes – I know – that’s unusual – but trust me on this – IT’S MUCH BETTER!

You don’t want to let the folders dictate what artciles get put where. You’re smart enough to do that and will do it much better when your brain is involved in those decisions!

Hey – if you just want to make “cookie cutter web sites” like all the other folks out there buying PLR articles – go right ahead – get their PLR with 40 articles on basket weaving – but don’t plan on killing it and crushing it!

If you’re a member of Article Underground you’ll do it better than the other guys! I’ll make sure of it.

For one thing – you’ll quickly learn and more importantly understand that you want YOUR web sites to be more unique and different than the competition out there. I teach members that it does absolutely no good to buy a PLR pack of articles neatly organized into folders and then building the same or even identical web sites that the other people are putting out.

That’s what happens with folders of categorized files. People are lazy and a lot of them just take the folder and drop them on a site.

Trust me – that kind of stuff might make a few bucks for a couple of days but WE want BIG HITS and lots of money from top rankings that last a long time.

The only way to do that is by having web sites that are made using a little BRAIN POWER!

And since our articles are written for keywords – that means they cover a huge variety of subjects! Many more than if you got 20 folders of 20 files each. That’s because the articles are written for high volume – high profit potential keywords!

And that brings me to the reason that the 400 articles are not in folders of like-topics.

It has to do with HOW we decide what to write about.

The articles are not written for topics. We do a ton of keyword research and we weed out all the dud keywords that have little or no profit potential or low traffic volume. Then we give the lists of “winner keywords” to our team of ghostwriters (Article Underground has lots of writers – not just one guy in a basement!).

Then the MAGIC happens, because our writers get to pick the “keyword phrases” they are writing about so their articles are BETTER right off the bat! They enjoy what they write – and we get articles written very specifically for an “exact keyword phrase” that has a high potential of getting lots of traffic so we can make more money!

Now – the 400 articles that are in each monthly zip are released on the 16th of each month. Current memebrs get a new zip every 16th. The zip contains 400 individual text files that are NOT organized into sub folders. NO NO NO!

The articles are in one BIG folder – and one zip – and it’s easy to use them! The file names tell us the keyword they are optimized for as well as the number indehtifying the writer who wrote the article. This helps us with quality control in the event a writer does something goofy. It rarely happens – but it does – so knowing who wrote the article can be a big help to make sure all our articles are top notch!

Now – as far as using the articles from Article Underground – it could not be easier.

The best way to use them is to store them in a master folder on your hard drive. The instead of using all of them at one time – you build a library of files. You have a tool box of sorts where you can search for what you want to publish.

For example – let’s say you have a site on weight loss – simply go to your folder of files and search the Windows search (or Mac) and find all the file names with your keywords in the file name – or better yet – search the content and get a list of all the files that contain your keyword!

THIS is the best way to build your web sites! You will have your own individually crafted mix of articles and web pages and NOT a clone of what other people are doing.

Your site will be better and Google will give you more top rankings and traffic.

Now of course – we do suggest you tweak your article web pages at least a little so you don’t have identical pages as others using the same articles. That is very easy to do! Simply add a few extra sentences and switch out a few words here and there. Your web page will be different enough to rise above the pack!

OK – well that should give a you a good idea of how we sugegst you dominate the search engines with our PLR articles. The key is to put a little of your own brain power into the process. Not a lot – it’s still easy – it’s just better because you took a few extra minutes to improve upon it!

If you’re still not convinced or just want to learn more – check out these other articles here on the Article Blog and from my personal blog. Some of them have freebies and lists of the file names so you can get an idea of what kinds of keywords we write about.

> Sample File Names from Bonus Zips

> Why I am Down on Cookie Cutter Web Sites

> Exact Duplicate Content or Similar?

> Keywords NOT Topics

> About PLR Articles

Thanks for staying with me through all this! Let me know how you feel! Comment!

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AUKDAT Tips how use the keyword density Analyzer to get more top rankings!

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Want to get Top rankings for more keyword phrases???

It’s easy!Use AUKDAT find what are 3 word phrases on your site and then use you as LINK TEXT! many top rankings, for even more different searches on Google and other search engines!

You gotta watch video on how to use AUKDAT!

AUKDAT TIPS VIDEO LINK-use article underground-keyword density Analyzer-tool to get more top rankings!

This is like shooting fish in a barrel!Just find out what keywords you have on your Web site-, then use Google when it indicates the page Verknüpfen.Dies, your page is relevant for the words as link text have! not only the connection a phrase, and that’s it! no no no – go for a couple or even a lot of you – especially if you similar or related! you find that you will receive much more traffic from all the top rankings, are always!


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Gift PDF print this and SUCCEED!

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Hi, it’s Mike Liebner underground here article and I a Merry Christmas and a happy new year wish you!

2009 was a great year for me and I want to thank for being a part of it!

Whether you celebrate Christmas as a holiday or not, I’m sure that you the excitement and promise, a great new year approaches feel will need!

I hope you feel optimistic and I want to let you know that I am obliged to help, as much as I can to achieve your goals and gain to inspire happiness and success in 2010!

Ready do what makes you happy?

I would like to help you to discover your passions and skills how to monetize.

In the spirit of setting objectives and resolutions and Committmnts success make I passed by Michael Campbell happy together a fantastic gift PDF.

It could come at a better time!

Print this PDF and get ready to succeed in 2010! it is really good and can your passions and dreams to discover!

Be a pen out ready, and write down “analog go targets or as Michael says”!

Print the 20 page PDF and allow your mind to you help fill the gaps and get in the spirit of things which you passionate about to discover!

Get it! no registration or any purchase required!

That’s all for now! the best wishes for your marketing success!

Mike Liebner

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Join webinar replay available now

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Hi, it is Mike Liebner here with a link to a webinar replay I think, you get a lot of ideas.

Link ritual with Mike Liebner and Brian G Johnson

This is the second Webinar I have with Brian a few weeks ago for his Commission ritual members to get underground to the top rankings of articles.I thought you would also benefit guys from it so I Brian’s arm twisted and he gave me the replay file from this webinar.

The original video file is now HUGE so I made a MP3 version, where I is the audio aufgeräumt.Es downloads easier, and sounds much better!

You will find both linked files is:

Link ritual with Mike Liebner and Brian G Johnson

In this webinar, Brian shares an enthusiastic article, underground member is how he u-Bahnnetzes announcements blogs used articles top rankings fast to help him! Brian offers tips and suggestions and focuses on a few examples of Halloween.

It is very topical because right now the AU blogs are always a ton of top rankings and plenty of transport for all types of Halloween keywords. This translated into traffic safe, but also helps AU members get some link love to help push to your pages in the rankings! it is a win-win!

If you want to hear an edge in the rankings for and about internal linking secrets make sure and hear Webinar playback! it is a good one!

Link ritual with Mike Liebner and Brian G Johnson

Best wishes for your marketing success!

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New list of 60,174 large money keywords

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I added a few keyword research files see AU members.

If you are a current Member, get 2 incredibly profitable listing of keywords!

Find the 2 new lists loaded with keywords, the to make more money!

(1) Halloween list of 1,446 keywords on costumes and Halloween

(2) Keywords earn large list of 60,174 keywords for all kinds of money!

The new 1,400 + keyword list for costumes and Halloween is exactly what you need so you can start getting ready for the big money rush!

Now is the time to your seeds in place to get big Halloween rush that begins, goes nuts in mid-September and lasts till end of October to start strong.

Begin to your article pages and Web sites now so that you will be at the top, if traffic heats up big time!

The large keyword list is insanely huge!60 k plus the keywords make money are if you have on your Web pages!

I highly recommend you open Excel files jumbo size and use to the find high bid, high traffic of keywords strategically sprinkle on your article pages.

Trust me … this is Aneasy way to more free search engine traffic!Just some new phrases with some related keywords from the lists to write and add to your pages.

You get additional free search engine traffic PLUS if AdSense ads should point to your sites – your click money to go as the keywords on the two lists have been cleaned, so that only high-traffic and high bid keywords to stay!

No garbage keywords!

We get rid of junk e keywords that have low traffic and low bids! the 60,000 +, are to remain golden eggs!

These are the same lists of keywords that use article underground authors to write your article with us!

Autumn comes, and it is a Dmake time back into the Groove some easy money!

These keywords are super hot! go get em!

Not yet a member? > check out the 21 day trial offer for $9.95

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Pay Google AdSense revenue share – you really how much?

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What % AdSense pays out?? OK…, so always a secret was, what pays Google really, when someone clicks on an ad on a Web page for AdSense publishers. But now Google has produced and is up above about how much you pay.

They say that show is in the “Spirit of transparency”.Google???OK – nice to hear!

-AdSense content publishers worldwide – earn a revenue share from 68% to show, that appear on your Web sites.

AdSense for content allows approved publishers to generate revenue from display placed next to your Web content on sites you won and operate.

68% is thought out your paid higher than I.

I always thought it was about 40 or 50% MAX.So, this makes me feel better about Google.Rechts guys! thank you for revealing the percentage the you your publishers numbers!

For more details and the official statement from Google AdSense blogspot blog at:

What do you think about Google and AdSense? tell us – we want to know.

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