Is the secret to making money online, taking action?

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Is the secret to making money online, taking action? AU member Wendell Chong

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  Is the secret to making money online, taking action? 

Not according to Tony Robbins.Lesen you more…

In the last few days there were a few Internet marketing videos circulating on the Internet.  Is a video with Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, John Reese.The other video is only with Tony Robbins and John Reese. 

In the forums these videos have created a lot of excitement, because so far it quite rare for all people in IN the much exposure outside our insular, Internet marketing niche have been is.

While the heard most people by Tony Robbins – you know that infomercial personal power guy with the big teeth :)-chances are that very few of your friends of Frank Kern or John Reese have heard.

Frank Kern is known for the online marketing architect of StomperNet and starts his own level control product, the $18 million and $ 5 million or in their original product gemacht.Die numbers vary depending on, that counts.Let’s just say you were in the mega millions…

John Reese is recorded as the first Internet marketer, the $1 million in a single day to crack.It was actually in less than a day, although we either splits hair on this one not!

In one of the videos questions frank and John Tony, why so many people, money online.Tony describes answers a kind of 4 part circular process for success.

The 4 parts are:

Potential, action, results, belief.

What I found very about Tony’s process description fascinating is that I thought he would say, the reason why people fail, is because you fail, my mantra has certainly been ergreifen.Das measures.

However, if you see not the video closely, you will understand that what actually people fail causing, is the lack of Aktion.Zumindest nicht.Es initially lack believe that holds people back!

Once the absence of the think kicks in, then potential, action and results, that all start to spiral toward fail.

On the other hand the think is strong – and it can be made stronger by visualization – then the spiral towards success!

This was a great eye opener for me and explains why many people – and I admit I’m one of you – jump from an online strategy to another.

If we just slow down and believe in the ultimate success of a strategy, and accordingly focus attention on the results and the adjustment, then we are looking more likely success as too many random actions that for, that a golden win money making strategy.

Here are the links to the two Tony Robbins videos.

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