400 Holiday themed article YOUR BONUS!

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It is a good time member of the article underground, his, since I added, only a bonus zip which has 400 holiday themed articles from article underground problem Vault back.

These articles each – article divided into 2 folders 200, contain the “Halloween” and/or “Costume” and the second folder of 200 includes 200 articles, that the word “Christmas” in articles.

If you become a member or a new Member of the article before October 31st, 2009 will be underground, you can grab bonus zip on the members home page!

> check out the file names

If for any reason you are not a current Member – to connect! Get the bonus 400 additional articles and the current zip zipper 400 article just released! That’s 800!

As always – I suggest, you spend at least a little time tweaking and change the articles a little add your “own secret sauce”. It is not required, but put more words on your Web pages, which will have more options, you get free search engine traffic search
of top rankings.

If you add additional keywords – for example sentences that contain related keywords – increase the number of records, and more importantly the number of combinations of words. This is a big secret to higher earnings!

A little work goes a long way – so try, add a few extra sentences and re-word a few sentences for the best results!

Login to the section members go and get your articles – or JOIN NOW!

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More new blogs, the the article announcements added to network

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Sept. 2010 UPDATE: more than 200 BLOGS are the new Blog-Post Utility!

More new blogs added to in connection with get!

I am in the process of the already extensive network of announcements blogs, the article underground members of Privleges with links and traffic, which have obtained the corresponding websites add a large number of new domains.

I thought I would a brief overview of some of the latest blogs I have add (more coming!) to subscribers and members give an idea of the types of sites that can send traffic and top – ranking!

Some are specific subject – some are general topics (everything friendly can be announced Famnily) and all are protected by our strict but sensible posting rules, so we keep the blog network to max value Bith for AU members and the public, who comes on our websites for info!

* Costume ideas for Kids Halloween blog

* Discount camera-photo blog cameras & photography

* Shoe offers Shoeblog – shoes and fashion only

* Advertising services HQ-all topics

* Smart dude reviews for announcements of reviews, bonuses and special offers only

* Research obesity-health, fitness and weight loss only

* Home biz secrets – online, E business and earn money

* Annie in the Web – all topics

* Helpful info tips – all topics

Which are, been not seasoned that some believe the latest blogs – but – the sites because all domains that will be used for the article underground network announcements established websites with pages of Google indexed are too new and to have good and in many cases ON THE WEB for years!

Google is happy about Web sites, which already and age!

This is just one reason, why the AU Announcemnts blogs are better!

Left of our blogs helps you top rankings and traffic to get!

We really go the extra mile and develop the domains in the last 5 years with some of them go back longer than that!

Not only that – has distributed the AU blog network sites on Deciated servers all over the world! We have real IP address diversity, that is, when you use our blogs to your Web pages announce – the search engines will appreciate that your links from domains on servers all over the world come from.

Add the the fact that the AU BLOG network by 80 + blogs contributed by our members is completed, and that means that some excellent link and you can get easier than ever before juice top rankings!

We have now more than 100 high-quality blogs for you in get linked and this number is growing fast!

A quick course on the latest blogs is good. I have before more than 50 new blogs to add in the next 3 weeks and even before the end of 2009.

It is better always only for article Undegrorund members!

You want to find the blogs in Action – Watch under the following video.

> article announcements explains in this blog posting video

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Bonus set of PLR article file name

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Bonus time!  You get 400 extra Articless of AU *!

More bonus information and file names are here.

* If you buy Auto content cash through my affiliate link (this one) or if you join article underground between March and April 15, 2010 -I want to present you a free bonus zip 400 article underground PLR article.

There are 4 sets, those which you can select, and you can see the file name here!

You can find also on instructions how to claim the bonus, as well as other details of the article.

There is a Webinar for automatic content play cash as well as further information.

Check it out – will find all what you need to know at the above links!

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Save money on article underground

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Want more of a 1 year membership – stop from firesale page for more details.

This is a real fire sale offer with limited quantities and a ridiculous terribly low starting price of $ 299. for 1 year is prepaid membership, to article underground and it only by personal invitation at this link:

>>> 2010 Article page underground fire sale

The starting price is $ 299. for 1,200 article immediately with a full year of article underground.

>>> 2010 Article page underground fire sale

Best wishes for successful marketing!

Mike Liebner

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Video – get blog posting on the AU article linked announcement blogs

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Do you want to distribute links to Web pages of blogs in the world???

An article underground membership get linked you made easy! And you have so much control the blogs can links get, as you like it! TO FAST!

I have always some e-Mails, to the questions as part of an article make underground via the article of announcement blogs, accession come. I thought it would be a good time to share the link of my blog, which describes some of the benefits of blogs and has also a video, which shows examples of the best backlinks to get.

AU blog-posting video

We have added some great new blogs, because the video, and I’m on a personal mission to add at least 100 new blogs by October 2009! So our blog network is growing fast, and we will add many great new sites with the AU members in connection with get!

You can see the video it has a ton of great info on back links and blogs!

> AU blog-posting video

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Article Assistant free

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«Back written by ady on august 3, 2009 – 11: 00 pm-

I am one of 2483 people happily paid Jason Potash $ 297 article Assistant, and now you can Grab your copy at a reduced price for exactly $ 0,00

YEP, its free.Now I dare say there is attached to an upsell to this, but it is really a great piece of software and I use my at least a couple times a week.

Provided that there is a quote that is associated with, do not Expect it to be a hard sell. Jason is not a hard sell guy, he is having its products speak for themselves, a founder of Portal feeder, the first guy offer spin ready PLR, the creator of the content of the Composer, which I have sings the praises of, at least one year and more recently he created traffic kahuna PPC Kahuna.

All of the above is the quality of the software, and membership sites that need no pre-sell so I guess, Jason uses his usual tactic to give away a large piece of software like article Assistant, so who have not yet encountered his package of tools you get to see how good his offer is.

Go Grab it now as he usually pulls quotes after he reaches a target.

Article Assistant

Click here to get your free copy of article Assistant

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Article free niche-increased online presence

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May you have spent hours online trying to promote your business or website, without realizing that one of the most effective ways to increase your visibility or Web presence is by using Article free niche. There are many entrepreneurs who think that if they sell to the wider market is the simplest path to success. The only problem is that this expansion side isn’t always effectiveness as a global marketing strategy that takes care of catering for a niche market. Marketing is always expensive when everyone is a potential perspective.

In a highly competitive field of play, information overload can also lead to failure. Lead article of free niche is important. When we say Article free niche, we mean that you need to identify a niche in your company and then the audience that visits your website looking for niche that target. In this way, you can create a database for visitors who have a need which only can satisfy.Niche also means that the quality will be higher and will focus on providing customer service to a category of niche Geschäftskunden. This will create customer loyalty and drive success.

Niches are always manageable.For example: dog food is a niche and pet food is a huge category. working with a niche will help you avoid wasting money and time to get a general population interested in what you’re offering. To serve this niche, you will require article free niche.

In a nutshell, you must cultivate your own niche super.Article free niche is all about the purchase of content that focuses on your niche business.These articles are offered by freelance writers and content and communication for companies that have an archive of articles that can be modified according to your requirement.

Want 300 articles of brand new, top shelf every month without having to write a single word of them! check out my new site http://www.nichearticleempire.com for more details! feel free to distribute this article in any form, provided that you include this resource box.

Article Marketing 2.0-the future of marketing article

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Do you remember pop-ups, pop-under Web sites, FFA (free-for-all), and the many other online marketing and promotion mode that came and went? Then the future of article marketing? It is likely to fade away in time, remain the same, or there is an article 2.0 waiting in the wings that we must prepare?

Back in the 1980s, when most of us have been experiencing personal computer for the first time computer technology known as information technologies and both these words continued to share equal importance over the years, with perhaps the permanent letter “c” for “communication”.

If the information is not the most important and valuable technology and internet, so it’s certainly a runner Strait. People always need information, why articles that provide information will always be needed and will always have a place. is a bit like books-I’ve been around for a while now, but nobody is suggesting that we should stop writing them because there’s nothing else to say.

Why pop-ups, pop-unders, FFAs and other quick fix tricks marketers have all but faded into history books is because your Web browser, search engines and people had all wise tactics used by marketing and consequently developed ways around them.

Blocking pop-ups and pop-unders were incorporated in most Web browsers, FFAs and other blatant marketing sites were ignored by search engines and everything became a little more honest fairly quickly.Marketing realized that leaping up before someone face unwanted and yell at them is not an effective marketing tactics, whereas the genuine advice and useful information that actively encourage people to come to you are much more effective.

Thus was born the article directories and article marketing. but think that article marketing is remained static probably means that you are a player and not a article writer or article Marketing you. because the world of article marketing is one of the fastest changing, the fastest growing online marketing fields. search engines are constantly changing the way they evaluate online content, and article marketing have to try and keep up to make sure they capitalize opportunities and complying with the perceived.

Article directories have come and gone, with many of those previous no longer around, new those rubber bands and many more being left to gather dust.Some early survived and made much more than survive-have developed organically and now provide one of the richest sources of information on the Web.

Looking at these changes we’ll begin to see where there are likely to go and what we can all expect to see in the article marketing 2.0.

As regards the future of article marketing, make two predictions based on the trends seen in recent years and examining the way search engines have developed at the same time.

Estimate 1: Long tail SEO will become more dominant in terms of marketing, with less emphasis on keyword searches major article. After all, there’s only so many articles that can be written that incorporate the phrase “car insurance”. Article Marketing will find that their older articles will continue to work for their years from now, and the risk of adding to the executions of palo repeated yourself, repeating ideas or inadvertently duplicating content.

Instead it will become more popular than focus on the long tail key phrases, cashing on niche market research, as “affordable auto insurance for males under 25″.

Recent statistics show that the number of searches single keyword has been falling, but is still increasing the number of multiple searches of the word.people are realizing that typing ‘ “finance for low cost car” will result in hundreds of millions of results.Who needs that? Instead people are trying to restrict searches to get results faster.

Article SEO marketing long tail will be one of the main changes that we are inclined to see in the near future.(Incidentally, the short keyphrase above covers 65 million results, with the search for second, long tail only offering less than 150000.)

Prediction 2:Search engines will increase considerably on duplicate content, rapidly, wiping out about 80% of the content on the Web marketing article. I’m always amazed by the number of PLR article sites still out there.These articles of purchase only means that the first person to submit their threatens to receive any type of traffic.All others will be penalized for plagiarism or duplicate content.

While there are many article directories that really doesn’t check the originality of these articles and allow posting content unoriginal, search engines are already weeding this much out. estimates that each year about 10% less duplicate content on the Web is revealed in Google search results. in few years means that all those marketers article on the basis of PLR articles or copied suddenly they see their entire articles marketing strategy vanish.

Still, the good news is that for those of us who write original content that is well written and provides the value for the reader, suddenly we find ourselves with about 80% less competition. I don’t have a problem with this.

Essentially the differences that we are inclined to see in the article marketing 2.0 every point towards an increase of quality and strict rules that explosion anything else out of the water. Although none can be completely sure where we’re going, I think there is one very simple rule to future proof your article marketing:

write completely original content that provides real value for the reader.

Follow this rule, and like me, you could watch a future with 80% of competition out of the way. good riddance to spam article marketing, I say.

Well, it looks as if you’re reading this sentence, which is thanks to all SEO article service by Justin Arnold. consistently ranked # 1 on Google, offers real traffic real businesses everyday. learn more about how his article service could help your business get more businesses, providing results as this has.

Article marketing-how to do it?

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If you want to actually make your article “to put on the market”, you really do the resource box as complete and as short as possible. This resource box is considered the “box” informational “, located below the article body and it is also known as the” signature “or short-term for signing.

Some important issues that must have a resource box:

or name: the name and caption must be the primary element that must be present in a resource box.You would be surprised that some individuals disregard insert their name in it.

Web site address or: address must be a valid URL. an example would be: http://the-company-name.com//.

or the elevator Pitch: this is typically the penis penis from 1 to 3 or a summary of the real meaning of your proposal and what makes the offer distinctive. it is also recognized as your USP or unique Selling preposition,

or Call to Action: after you get informed, now is the time to direct to menu from you visiting your website. On this site, you may wonder what needs to be sold. it would be good if you could provide an exact call to action.

There are some possible issues that could have your own resource box:

or address Ezine subscription: If a person visits your website and he is always absorbed surf it, you can start with a guarantee method, getting your e-mail address. If you will do this technique, be sure to include a URL to the address ezine subscription.An e-mail address is not appropriate to consider the address “join”.

or contact information: this information consists of telephone numbers, corporate and personal email on how to get in touch with you as with a meeting, interview or consultation. summary is connection tool.Always remember that article marketing is a sustainable approach. And no matter what to include in article once been distributed and read by many people, there is no easy way to pick it up. be cautious!

Free or Report: is also known as the ratio of free bonus.This report could also be inserted in your call to action. This is a further improvement of the reliability of the Professional with regard to the topic of the article presented.

or an auto responder email: aren’t excited about this plan due to the fact that spammers will add an address answering to their record of spam, if they have caught someone address.

or a URL safe which is connected to a keyword or keyword phrase you want to put a powerful SEO. For example: if I feel like making a significant search engine or powerful for the words “Article marketing”, then, would connect the words in my mailbox resource through my site.This is a level mid to advanced-level approach and should not be exploited by overuse it, just to keep it simple and easy.

There are some issues that should not have a resource box:

or a record of all websites that you own. the quickest to undermine its integrity is to post a half-dozen or too many independent URLS that have no connection with the other.It’s always great to just send a URL that has something to do with the topic of the article.

or a record of all your previous realization and newer. This should not be found in your resource box for nobody cares about your success. just keep a brief and informative. Should also be useful for readers, and that they have to discover the meaning in reading rather than the self-image be demonstrated.

or Ads for animals is not appropriate for the subject of the article.

or Keep the size of the resource box that is neither more than 20% of overall item dimensions. Often, some of the resource box that I’ve seen is 50% of the size of the item as an integer, and I always say that is abusive.

or ideal Resource Box conclusion:
The article body is the part where they “Provide” and the RESOURCE BOX is the part where to buy for marketing article as a gift notification. Therefore, the resource box is the “way of offsetting” who purchases by providing your articles. remember that you always include your name, address of the website, the preposition shop as brief as possible and a call to action as simple as possible.

Luke Calvert is an SEO expert and marketing article via article submission techniques. Compare article submission software Top 3!

As you can really profit from article Marketing-research and writing

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Ok. You have decided to write an article. Should be something you are passionate or at least have some knowledge of the subject.

We go in depth on searching for the substance of your article.


If you are passionate and know enough about this article will probably be able to write an article of the word of 700-1000 in less than 30 minutes.

Once you choose the beginning niche using search engines to get a feel for the information that were returned for your search phrases.

Visit some article directories, (use the term “article directories” in Google to find many), and do a search of these article directories to see the information you are sending to other authors.

Check out the Forum to see what questions people are asking and write an article with the information they are looking for. give people what they want.

If you want to, can walk the path of research articles and post on the newsgroups, Google/Yahoo groups, CNN, BBC and so on, but to be honest this probably will lead to too much information and you won’t get ever written an article.

(It is useful to keep a small notebook and pencil with you to jot down ideas when they occur. great ideas always happen when we don’t have a pencil, why we are still not millionaires!)

Write your article

You can:

1. write it yourself.

2. outside your article of a writer source ghost

3. use Private Label Rights (PLR) articles


1. write it yourself.

Most people have immediately say, “I can’t write”.This is absolutely absurd.Normal people can be a bit of apprehension or simply afraid to put pen to paper for others to see, but just about anyone can write an article about something they know.

This is comfort zone, and we shall be willing to expand our comfort zone, just because we feel somewhat awkward then nothing will ever get. So just remember that you can write articles, so get writing.

Make sure that you want to deliver quality content.An error that some people do is write ads for their affiliate products with a link to purchase. If you gave the reader a article quality you will begin to trust you and then buy from you.

Articles are written for:-

1. Directly inform the reader through quality content and 2. Sell indirectly to the reader.

The portion of sales is through your resource box or bio. This worth spending some time on how besides want readers to visit your Web site that you want to also search engines to index that link back to your site. these links are extremely important because they bring a lot of weight with Google.

So now you have the written article with quality content.Let’s look at the resource box and link anchor text.

If you try to give your readers some reason to click on the link in your resource box. If they have enjoyed your article and want more information then that is a good reason.Let them know that you are over for them, but that they must go to your website.

Anchor Text Links

It is not possible to show you the exact HTML tags are not allowed typically organs article but my resource box is an example of anchor text and you can always use source view feature of your browser.

If you can also use a link http://straight how sometimes the HTML anchor text is not allowed or not recognized by some article directories.

2. outside your article source

There are many sites dedicated to outsourcing-Scriptlance and Elance are probably the most known. these aren’t just for writing the article, but you can hire the services of a Pro for anything you want.

Note: when I say Pro be careful, because there are sharks around. Always treat with writer through the site and if you are prompted to make a payment outside via e-Gold then back, as you probably never will see your money again.

Can be as cheap as $ 5 for each article, but you still need to know exactly what to ask. aint no good saying “give me an article about …” Should be very specific about keyword density, keyword, title, subject, and you generally have to supply resources for ghost writer, see.

Sometimes, since you have gathered resources and other information article may well have written the article yourself.

Check the feedback from people that means hiring and who consider cheaper is not always better. you may be able to ensure a more profitable price for each article if you like 10 or more articles written around the same theme.

3. use Private Label Rights (PLR) articles

I am not convinced that this is really of any use at all. “Experts “are making a big deal out of this moment and flogging off PLR packages left right and Centre for next to nothing … actually you can actually download PLR articles and products for free just by giving your email address.

In my experience, the articles are sub standard and I would be embarrassed for them to review a human editor. Naturally aim to amend articles so magically become unique to avoid duplicate content penalties levied by search engines, but in all honesty the time spent to modify these “articles” could be better spent doing your research.

If you haven’t tried PLR take an article and run it through copyscape.com.ora to see how long it will take to make a single article.

You can buy software to transform an article of junk into thousands of articles “unique” in seconds. once again, I am not convinced. the whole process stinks of scam or, at best, is morally suspect and certainly is not giving the reader of quality content that’s what I thought of writing articles is meant to be about. I must find a good system of PLR will write an article about it.

However, you can get some ideas for niches and articles can at least give a starting point for writing.

Taff Martin performs Article Directory of Taff and publishes TAD NEWS. a newsletter dedicated to give real article marketing information to real people. visit its Article Marketing Blog of tips, tricks and strategies on article marketing that you can use right away.http://www.taffs-article-directory.com/blog/