6 reasons why people struggle to write articles

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For some, just the thought of article marketing is enough to send chills down your spine and awaken insecurities.

Why? Well not some of this sounds familiar

1. I can’t write words from 300 to 500

2. what the heck I write about?

3. How do you get ideas on what to write?

4. I do not know how to do keyword research!

5. how to choose products to promote your articles?

6. have you heard of private label articles, but how do I use these?

This won’t be all, but you get the right direction! the reality is that there are answers to all these obstacles, only a few starting with the ability to write article after article, but the good news is your not in this to write a novel and writing with your personality is what you need, not trying to be about another.

Article marketing has been around for years and shows no intention to disappear off the radar of marketing and that is good news because this still works, any new marketing methods are available article marketing is still a vital part of any marketing arsenal ones.

If your struggling to write due to a block of writers, there are ways of releasing those creative juices, you can visit Ezine articles and or articles Go and widely read articles that are based around the theme: you can also read blog associated with the area you want to the market, this isn’t wrong for an invitation to go and copying other jobs, which is actually harmful!

No, you have to do is get the inspiration to write out their work with their own ideas and to take things, private label articles are also a useful resource, but here again only if is used to create their own ideas and rewrite significantly any content.

If you find yourself completely drained of all ideas you can always choose to elance.com as an example of an approach and get your articles written for you, for a small amount you can get articles which are unique to you. These are likely to cost in the region of lets say $ 5 and $ 10 and depends on the amount of items you want to have written are possible that you could get a discount.

If you choose to create your articles, by any method applies recalls that your articles will need to have an eye catching title, be full of good content and finally have a resource box that makes the reader want to know more.

Finally you shouldn’t forget that writing articles when done properly remains one of the most effective free traffic generation and SEO methods available on the online marketing and affiliate.

Want to know more? ….

Learn how to earn passive income from your articles bring your articles life. follow this series of videos of six part the Guide to article marketing for beginners and take the hand on the way to your success. Discover how http://www.articlemarketingonvideo.com here:

You really need PLR articles

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If you browse through many webmaster forums or websites and read opinions on PLR articles you will find probably the advantages and disadvantages of their use.

Some suggest that PLR articles are useless as they can be used by hundreds of people, while others claim that can be a great way to provide content on your website, as part of your article marketing campaign, or in your ezine.

The key to enjoying PLR articles is used as the basis for an article rather than a complete article everything ready for use.

It is important that members of PLR membership sites modify articles in some degree to make them unique. Simply using items “as is” not benefit you-will duplicate content for your website or article directories will reject them.

However, possession of PLR articles can be extremely beneficial. The search for the topic articles PLR has already been done. This means that you receive articles on topics that they would have taken otherwise you hours or days to research and write. You can now see how powerful are?

After receiving the PLR articles (usually monthly) you can then simply choose the items you want to use and edit or rewrite the article .This is easy and only takes a few minutes to complete the entire article.In minutes you now have a single article of use that it was necessary to make no research on the niche at all.Many PLR membership groups also provide articles on topics (often topics each month 10-20), means that you can receive 10-30 articles on any particular niche. This creates websites devoted to the topic and use pay-per-click or earn from their affiliate programs.You can also choose to build a newsletter list if you want to stay in touch with interested visitors to your site.

The advantages of PLR articles easily outweigh the disadvantages, but only when used properly. Members choosing to use PLR articles they receive each month and post to their Web site, without modification, most probably will see only short-term. who put effort in a few minutes each article will benefit in the short and long term because of an article is unique and does not fall within the duplicate content filter search engines.

PLR articles are cheap. memberships may vary in price depending on the number of enrollment available spaces and the number of items that are made available each month, but the prices are significantly lower than hire a ghostwriter.

Grab over 150 PLR articles in 14 niches for free and also sign up for a free eCourse about article marketing.

AU PLR articles are for search terms not subjects written.

Category : Article Resources

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The PLR articles Article Underground provides members each month are the best you’ll find for adding excellent content to your web sites fast and easy!

Our PLR articles are better and we also help you do things better so you can RISE above the competition – not get lost in it!

Do you want to win big? If so – you’re in the right place.

Why do we do it better than the other PLR guys out there??? Theres a ton of mediocre PLR out there, but is that stuff really gonna help you get more traffic to your sites? Our articles are better!

I need to take a minute and explain the concept and our philosophy here, because frankly it’s different than all the other PLR sources out there.

Let me get this out in the open right up at the top here and deal with why we do things the way we do.

Using our PLR articles on your sites will get you more free search engine traffic than if you just follow the pack and build cookie cutter sites like all the other lazy guys.

Why are our articles so good???

Each monthly zip of 400 articles are NOT categorized into folders of similar topics. This is for YOUR BENEFIT! It helps you BUILD BETTER WEB SITES!

The PLR articles we provide members R simply more effective at bringing free search engine traffic to web sites. The reasons aren’t just related to the article quality either, yes – the quality of our PLR is the best you’ll find… BUT – the key difference is that PLR articles from Article Underground are written from the ground up specifically to target an “exact keyword phrase”.


That in itself is revolutionary. The other guys have lame writers who write for topics. They have no clue about keywords and search engine rankings – so their articles are usually pretty bad. BAD for the reader and not exactly the kind of candy that Google loves to eat.

Because our articles are written and optimized for “exact keyword phases” the result is that our members’ web pages are not filled with vague gibberish about general topics that have little to no profit potential. Our content is tightly focused around EXACT KEYWORDS that are very likely to be highly profitable and bring in lots of search traffic.

Do you want top rankings from Google? Well, then you need to work a little smarter and we help you do that!

The Article Underground philosophy is also different than your run of the mill PLR sources because the 400 articles we present members each month are NOT categorized into neat little folders of like topics.

That’s good! That’s better! It helps our members get more traffic!

Yes – I know – that’s unusual – but trust me on this – IT’S MUCH BETTER!

You don’t want to let the folders dictate what artciles get put where. You’re smart enough to do that and will do it much better when your brain is involved in those decisions!

Hey – if you just want to make “cookie cutter web sites” like all the other folks out there buying PLR articles – go right ahead – get their PLR with 40 articles on basket weaving – but don’t plan on killing it and crushing it!

If you’re a member of Article Underground you’ll do it better than the other guys! I’ll make sure of it.

For one thing – you’ll quickly learn and more importantly understand that you want YOUR web sites to be more unique and different than the competition out there. I teach members that it does absolutely no good to buy a PLR pack of articles neatly organized into folders and then building the same or even identical web sites that the other people are putting out.

That’s what happens with folders of categorized files. People are lazy and a lot of them just take the folder and drop them on a site.

Trust me – that kind of stuff might make a few bucks for a couple of days but WE want BIG HITS and lots of money from top rankings that last a long time.

The only way to do that is by having web sites that are made using a little BRAIN POWER!

And since our articles are written for keywords – that means they cover a huge variety of subjects! Many more than if you got 20 folders of 20 files each. That’s because the articles are written for high volume – high profit potential keywords!

And that brings me to the reason that the 400 articles are not in folders of like-topics.

It has to do with HOW we decide what to write about.

The articles are not written for topics. We do a ton of keyword research and we weed out all the dud keywords that have little or no profit potential or low traffic volume. Then we give the lists of “winner keywords” to our team of ghostwriters (Article Underground has lots of writers – not just one guy in a basement!).

Then the MAGIC happens, because our writers get to pick the “keyword phrases” they are writing about so their articles are BETTER right off the bat! They enjoy what they write – and we get articles written very specifically for an “exact keyword phrase” that has a high potential of getting lots of traffic so we can make more money!

Now – the 400 articles that are in each monthly zip are released on the 16th of each month. Current memebrs get a new zip every 16th. The zip contains 400 individual text files that are NOT organized into sub folders. NO NO NO!

The articles are in one BIG folder – and one zip – and it’s easy to use them! The file names tell us the keyword they are optimized for as well as the number indehtifying the writer who wrote the article. This helps us with quality control in the event a writer does something goofy. It rarely happens – but it does – so knowing who wrote the article can be a big help to make sure all our articles are top notch!

Now – as far as using the articles from Article Underground – it could not be easier.

The best way to use them is to store them in a master folder on your hard drive. The instead of using all of them at one time – you build a library of files. You have a tool box of sorts where you can search for what you want to publish.

For example – let’s say you have a site on weight loss – simply go to your folder of files and search the Windows search (or Mac) and find all the file names with your keywords in the file name – or better yet – search the content and get a list of all the files that contain your keyword!

THIS is the best way to build your web sites! You will have your own individually crafted mix of articles and web pages and NOT a clone of what other people are doing.

Your site will be better and Google will give you more top rankings and traffic.

Now of course – we do suggest you tweak your article web pages at least a little so you don’t have identical pages as others using the same articles. That is very easy to do! Simply add a few extra sentences and switch out a few words here and there. Your web page will be different enough to rise above the pack!

OK – well that should give a you a good idea of how we sugegst you dominate the search engines with our PLR articles. The key is to put a little of your own brain power into the process. Not a lot – it’s still easy – it’s just better because you took a few extra minutes to improve upon it!

If you’re still not convinced or just want to learn more – check out these other articles here on the Article Blog and from my personal blog. Some of them have freebies and lists of the file names so you can get an idea of what kinds of keywords we write about.

> Sample File Names from Bonus Zips

> Why I am Down on Cookie Cutter Web Sites

> Exact Duplicate Content or Similar?

> Keywords NOT Topics

> About PLR Articles

Thanks for staying with me through all this! Let me know how you feel! Comment!

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More new blogs announcements inserted articles network

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September 2010 UPDATE: Over 200 BLOGS are the new blog post utility!

Added more new blogs to get linked!

I am in the process of the great network of announcements blogs that members of privleges underground use articles to build links and traffic coming on your sites can add a large number of new domains.

I thought I’d a brief overview of some of the latest blogs I add (more coming!), so that an idea of the types of Web sites could get subscribers and members can send traffic and top rankings!

Some specific topic – some are general topics (some Famnily friendly can be announced) and all are protected by our strict yet reasonable rules so that we keep the blog network at max value Bith AU members and the general public that comes to our sites for info!

* Costume ideas for Kids Halloween blog

* Discount camera photo blog cameras and photography

* Shoe offers Shoeblog – shoes and fashion only

* Advertising service HQ-all topics

* Smart dude reviews for announcements from reviews, bonuses and special offers only

* Research obesity – health, fitness and weight loss only

* E Home biz secrets online, business and earn money

Annie on the Web – all topics

* Helpful info consulting – all topics

That are some of the latest blogs – but – don’t think that the SITES TOO new because all DOMAINS are used for the article network established underground announcements sites with pages that are indexed by Google are been seasoned well and in many cases ON THE WEB have been for years!

Google estimates websites have been around and have AGE!

This is just one reason, why the AU Announcemnts blogs are better!

Links from our blogs top rankings and traffic help you get!

We really go the extra mile and the development of domains go over the last 5 years with some of you have longer again!

Not only that – has spread the AU blog network sites on Deciated all over the world! we have the real IP address diversity which means if you use our blogs to announce your Web pages – the search engines will know to appreciate coming your links from domains on servers around the world.

In addition, that the fact that the AU BLOG NETWORK by 80 + blogs contributed is complemented by our members, and this means that some excellent link can get easier than ever, juice and top rankings!

We have now more than 100 high quality blogs for you in linked get and this number is growing fast!

Well, that’s a quick course on the latest Blogs.Ich add plane on over 50 new blogs over the next 3 weeks and even before the end of 2009.

It is better for articles Undegrorund members!

If you see the blogs in action – the video want below connected.

> article announcements explained in this blog posting video

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Many Web traffic building Web-pages with PLR to get articles

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Are stuck in a rut – perhaps micro analyze every detail as Yu go to your money??? Stop now! Get to work and do the things that make us money!

I have an article I wrote called “get lots of Web traffic by creating Web pages with PLR articles with great words and getting links”, I suggest that, read.

Articles can only remind you that there are really only a few simple things that we do make money really! we all caught up wasting time on boring and often unnecessary tasks.

Article link > get lots of Web traffic

If you get stuck on analyze anything and it seems, are water – read the article – contact will soon to make money and be directed to screws!

Please find under: about PLR articles - all PLR is not the same!

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