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I am one of 2483 people happily paid Jason Potash $ 297 article Assistant, and now you can Grab your copy at a reduced price for exactly $ 0,00

YEP, its free.Now I dare say there is attached to an upsell to this, but it is really a great piece of software and I use my at least a couple times a week.

Provided that there is a quote that is associated with, do not Expect it to be a hard sell. Jason is not a hard sell guy, he is having its products speak for themselves, a founder of Portal feeder, the first guy offer spin ready PLR, the creator of the content of the Composer, which I have sings the praises of, at least one year and more recently he created traffic kahuna PPC Kahuna.

All of the above is the quality of the software, and membership sites that need no pre-sell so I guess, Jason uses his usual tactic to give away a large piece of software like article Assistant, so who have not yet encountered his package of tools you get to see how good his offer is.

Go Grab it now as he usually pulls quotes after he reaches a target.

Article Assistant

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