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September 2010 UPDATE: Over 200 BLOGS are the new blog post utility!

Added more new blogs to get linked!

I am in the process of the great network of announcements blogs that members of privleges underground use articles to build links and traffic coming on your sites can add a large number of new domains.

I thought I’d a brief overview of some of the latest blogs I add (more coming!), so that an idea of the types of Web sites could get subscribers and members can send traffic and top rankings!

Some specific topic – some are general topics (some Famnily friendly can be announced) and all are protected by our strict yet reasonable rules so that we keep the blog network at max value Bith AU members and the general public that comes to our sites for info!

* Costume ideas for Kids Halloween blog

* Discount camera photo blog cameras and photography

* Shoe offers Shoeblog – shoes and fashion only

* Advertising service HQ-all topics

* Smart dude reviews for announcements from reviews, bonuses and special offers only

* Research obesity – health, fitness and weight loss only

* E Home biz secrets online, business and earn money

Annie on the Web – all topics

* Helpful info consulting – all topics

That are some of the latest blogs – but – don’t think that the SITES TOO new because all DOMAINS are used for the article network established underground announcements sites with pages that are indexed by Google are been seasoned well and in many cases ON THE WEB have been for years!

Google estimates websites have been around and have AGE!

This is just one reason, why the AU Announcemnts blogs are better!

Links from our blogs top rankings and traffic help you get!

We really go the extra mile and the development of domains go over the last 5 years with some of you have longer again!

Not only that – has spread the AU blog network sites on Deciated all over the world! we have the real IP address diversity which means if you use our blogs to announce your Web pages – the search engines will know to appreciate coming your links from domains on servers around the world.

In addition, that the fact that the AU BLOG NETWORK by 80 + blogs contributed is complemented by our members, and this means that some excellent link can get easier than ever, juice and top rankings!

We have now more than 100 high quality blogs for you in linked get and this number is growing fast!

Well, that’s a quick course on the latest Blogs.Ich add plane on over 50 new blogs over the next 3 weeks and even before the end of 2009.

It is better for articles Undegrorund members!

If you see the blogs in action – the video want below connected.

> article announcements explained in this blog posting video

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