AOL Hot Search – introduced a great new keyword research tool!

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I released usually AOL without even if you’re much attention on everything that they involved. This has changed since then!

I was met in HOT searches the other day at AOL and impressed, and thought it would be cool, share it with you.

Now at first glance may just look like a typical fluffy page pimping AOL search pages (what it is), but it’s also loaded with valuable data, which help, coil, some large fish and are very inspiring!

The other day on a feature to the example action

Top searched for body of Detoxifiers:

They showed that top for body of Detoxifiers on AOL search:

1. Dual-action cleanse
2. Colonix
3. Acai berry Detox
4. Orovo Detox Spa
5. Bowtrol
6. Almighty cleanse
7. Kinoki foot pads
8. Perfect clean
9. Heavy metal Detox
10. Colpurin

I do not know about them, but this type of data is truly excited me!

It’s always good to know what really for keywords people search!

These are the keywords that we may want to consider in many ways!

There must be some volume and they would be just a big fish caught will wait!

Good stuff!

This type of data could be used to help us, writing new articles, add keywords and product names on our existing articles or simply call us ideas, what we want to promote on our websites.

Here is another list of hot search, the they did yesterday:

Hot searches 15 October, 2009:

1. Al Martino – Volare singer dies at the age of 82
2. Lou Albano – ‘Captain’ pro wrestler died at the age of 76
3. Serena Williams – set for a showdown in Sydney
4. “Hell’s kitchen” – see the top prize in season finale won
5. Jaycee Dugard – goes public after the abduction on cover of “People”
6. Carla Hughes – former teacher to life for murders sentenced
7. “Bachelor” – pilot with the name next Bachelor. See who he is.
8. Columbine – High school shooter’s MOM breaks silence with essay
9. Charlie Davies – show football fans support for players who are injured in car accident
10. FIFA – Costa Rica knocked out World Cup qualifiers after tie with United States

I know now-Google hot trends has some good data – but is the data that they give us RAW and hard-to-use – this info for AOL is actually in a format that can be used quickly and easily.

Why the search activity is high and what the searchers finding are interested in makes it more obvious there. This is valuable! They help to analyze them so that we do not time to spend the connections between the different search queries.

I suggest, you stop and take a look!

Great keyword research data safe!

I have not seen or at least not remeber do it this well being.

Check it out for yourself! It could only give a thousand dollar
Idea or two!

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