Free Website Content-is it really possible for lots of it? Part 1

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You can get the contents of the website for free? And lots of it for your site? Actually the answer is an emphatic yes and is much easier than you ever thought it was. And is nothing to do with PLR (private label rights articles). The truth is that PLR articles do not help. You will only get in all types of problems, including all the problems that go with duplicate content. The only people who profit from PLR articles are people sell useless stuff.

And even if you take the PLR articles and use all these intelligent tools these days we rewrite as fresh content, you will still not be very useful. The reason is simple, and I’ve seen in almost every article PLR rewritten that I ran. They tend to rumble only and without giving any really valuable information to readers and to those who seek.And yet most people searching for information online are desperate right valuable information they are looking for and have no time for point to point of information that doesn’t really say much. actually in most cases that ends up being terribly annoying and irritating to anyone visiting your site and thus they leave shocked and with a bitter taste in your mouth about yourself and your website.

So what is it that I’m talking about? Where you can get plenty of content for your site already written?

Actually there are many places where you can get a lot of free useful content for your website or blog, which is around unused at the time. Let me mention a few.

If you are running your business for any length of time, even a few months, you are required to have received some email requests.If you have done is undoubtedly answered them giving full details of how you can be of service to the person who sent the email.But even before he did write to friends and potential lenders, explaining what they wanted to do with your new business?All this is precious fresh original content around in your unused email accounts and still thirst for content for your site.

The enormous advantage with this content is that you can be sure no rumble on and on and bore people who were writing email. Secondly you answer questions loaded with real problems from prospects that your business can resolve and real query. This means that it is difficult to find anywhere the content that is more valuable than what you will find in your mail account. is all unused free Web site content.

More tips on how to get tons of site content free for you.

As you can really profit from article Marketing-research and writing

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Ok. You have decided to write an article. Should be something you are passionate or at least have some knowledge of the subject.

We go in depth on searching for the substance of your article.


If you are passionate and know enough about this article will probably be able to write an article of the word of 700-1000 in less than 30 minutes.

Once you choose the beginning niche using search engines to get a feel for the information that were returned for your search phrases.

Visit some article directories, (use the term “article directories” in Google to find many), and do a search of these article directories to see the information you are sending to other authors.

Check out the Forum to see what questions people are asking and write an article with the information they are looking for. give people what they want.

If you want to, can walk the path of research articles and post on the newsgroups, Google/Yahoo groups, CNN, BBC and so on, but to be honest this probably will lead to too much information and you won’t get ever written an article.

(It is useful to keep a small notebook and pencil with you to jot down ideas when they occur. great ideas always happen when we don’t have a pencil, why we are still not millionaires!)

Write your article

You can:

1. write it yourself.

2. outside your article of a writer source ghost

3. use Private Label Rights (PLR) articles


1. write it yourself.

Most people have immediately say, “I can’t write”.This is absolutely absurd.Normal people can be a bit of apprehension or simply afraid to put pen to paper for others to see, but just about anyone can write an article about something they know.

This is comfort zone, and we shall be willing to expand our comfort zone, just because we feel somewhat awkward then nothing will ever get. So just remember that you can write articles, so get writing.

Make sure that you want to deliver quality content.An error that some people do is write ads for their affiliate products with a link to purchase. If you gave the reader a article quality you will begin to trust you and then buy from you.

Articles are written for:-

1. Directly inform the reader through quality content and 2. Sell indirectly to the reader.

The portion of sales is through your resource box or bio. This worth spending some time on how besides want readers to visit your Web site that you want to also search engines to index that link back to your site. these links are extremely important because they bring a lot of weight with Google.

So now you have the written article with quality content.Let’s look at the resource box and link anchor text.

If you try to give your readers some reason to click on the link in your resource box. If they have enjoyed your article and want more information then that is a good reason.Let them know that you are over for them, but that they must go to your website.

Anchor Text Links

It is not possible to show you the exact HTML tags are not allowed typically organs article but my resource box is an example of anchor text and you can always use source view feature of your browser.

If you can also use a link http://straight how sometimes the HTML anchor text is not allowed or not recognized by some article directories.

2. outside your article source

There are many sites dedicated to outsourcing-Scriptlance and Elance are probably the most known. these aren’t just for writing the article, but you can hire the services of a Pro for anything you want.

Note: when I say Pro be careful, because there are sharks around. Always treat with writer through the site and if you are prompted to make a payment outside via e-Gold then back, as you probably never will see your money again.

Can be as cheap as $ 5 for each article, but you still need to know exactly what to ask. aint no good saying “give me an article about …” Should be very specific about keyword density, keyword, title, subject, and you generally have to supply resources for ghost writer, see.

Sometimes, since you have gathered resources and other information article may well have written the article yourself.

Check the feedback from people that means hiring and who consider cheaper is not always better. you may be able to ensure a more profitable price for each article if you like 10 or more articles written around the same theme.

3. use Private Label Rights (PLR) articles

I am not convinced that this is really of any use at all. “Experts “are making a big deal out of this moment and flogging off PLR packages left right and Centre for next to nothing … actually you can actually download PLR articles and products for free just by giving your email address.

In my experience, the articles are sub standard and I would be embarrassed for them to review a human editor. Naturally aim to amend articles so magically become unique to avoid duplicate content penalties levied by search engines, but in all honesty the time spent to modify these “articles” could be better spent doing your research.

If you haven’t tried PLR take an article and run it through to see how long it will take to make a single article.

You can buy software to transform an article of junk into thousands of articles “unique” in seconds. once again, I am not convinced. the whole process stinks of scam or, at best, is morally suspect and certainly is not giving the reader of quality content that’s what I thought of writing articles is meant to be about. I must find a good system of PLR will write an article about it.

However, you can get some ideas for niches and articles can at least give a starting point for writing.

Taff Martin performs Article Directory of Taff and publishes TAD NEWS. a newsletter dedicated to give real article marketing information to real people. visit its Article Marketing Blog of tips, tricks and strategies on article marketing that you can use right away.

You really need PLR articles

Category : Article Resources

If you browse through many webmaster forums or websites and read opinions on PLR articles you will find probably the advantages and disadvantages of their use.

Some suggest that PLR articles are useless as they can be used by hundreds of people, while others claim that can be a great way to provide content on your website, as part of your article marketing campaign, or in your ezine.

The key to enjoying PLR articles is used as the basis for an article rather than a complete article everything ready for use.

It is important that members of PLR membership sites modify articles in some degree to make them unique. Simply using items “as is” not benefit you-will duplicate content for your website or article directories will reject them.

However, possession of PLR articles can be extremely beneficial. The search for the topic articles PLR has already been done. This means that you receive articles on topics that they would have taken otherwise you hours or days to research and write. You can now see how powerful are?

After receiving the PLR articles (usually monthly) you can then simply choose the items you want to use and edit or rewrite the article .This is easy and only takes a few minutes to complete the entire article.In minutes you now have a single article of use that it was necessary to make no research on the niche at all.Many PLR membership groups also provide articles on topics (often topics each month 10-20), means that you can receive 10-30 articles on any particular niche. This creates websites devoted to the topic and use pay-per-click or earn from their affiliate programs.You can also choose to build a newsletter list if you want to stay in touch with interested visitors to your site.

The advantages of PLR articles easily outweigh the disadvantages, but only when used properly. Members choosing to use PLR articles they receive each month and post to their Web site, without modification, most probably will see only short-term. who put effort in a few minutes each article will benefit in the short and long term because of an article is unique and does not fall within the duplicate content filter search engines.

PLR articles are cheap. memberships may vary in price depending on the number of enrollment available spaces and the number of items that are made available each month, but the prices are significantly lower than hire a ghostwriter.

Grab over 150 PLR articles in 14 niches for free and also sign up for a free eCourse about article marketing.

Pay Google AdSense revenue share – you really how much?

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What % AdSense pays out?? OK…, so always a secret was, what pays Google really, when someone clicks on an ad on a Web page for AdSense publishers. But now Google has produced and is up above about how much you pay.

They say that show is in the “Spirit of transparency”.Google???OK – nice to hear!

-AdSense content publishers worldwide – earn a revenue share from 68% to show, that appear on your Web sites.

AdSense for content allows approved publishers to generate revenue from display placed next to your Web content on sites you won and operate.

68% is thought out your paid higher than I.

I always thought it was about 40 or 50% MAX.So, this makes me feel better about Google.Rechts guys! thank you for revealing the percentage the you your publishers numbers!

For more details and the official statement from Google AdSense blogspot blog at:

What do you think about Google and AdSense? tell us – we want to know.

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