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«Back written by ady on august 17, 2009 – 8: 24 pm

Finally, I was trying out SEnuke this month, I have looked at it a few times and never SEnuke review bothered, but with the doors close soon I thought would better be able to take advantage of the free trial before the chance was gone for good.

I can tell you right now, within 10 minutes, sorry, do not take the leap months ago and add this tool to my ever growing list of marketing and promotion tools.

The easiest way for me to make SEnuke review is to tell you exactly how I use it because if you me and want your tools to really be ‘ automatically ‘ then this is likely to blow your socks!

Once I have checked my email to see how many sales in while I was asleep, fire up SEnuke and click Create accounts.

First, it does is create an e-mail account to use for all new sign ups. once thats done, turn off it goes and creates new accounts on all of the top Web 2.0 sites, around 70 in all, with more being added all the time.

It does all this while I do my first coffee of the morning.I can do my breakfast and leave SEnuke for it, because all the CAPTCHA solving itself.

When I have had my caffeine fix SEnuke will happen only if, and I can then send it go and confirm all accounts by replying to the e-mail required. This will take around 5 minutes.

Now for some promotion.I give SEnuke a keyword phrase and tell it to find me a suitable article about my chosen topic. Next I click the button “spin it for me ‘, and it automatically adds the spin syntax to the article.I click the check box in the uniqueness and it rotates 16 versions, and compare them all against each other and tell me if its spun enough (the target is 30% the difference between each).

When I’ve added a link or two to article points to the pages I want to promote, I hit publish and disable it goes to log all the practices of Web 2.0, and publish a version of the article on each. just for good measure it falls a link at the bottom of each post linking to the last one it did make the link the wheel the creation an absolute breeze.

15 minutes later and all done, SEnuke then pings all new urls just created it then nukes them all for random bookmarking accounts, and just connect, submit all of the RSS feeds for different sites, RSS aggregator.

The entire process takes about one hour. as you probably already know, or if not, I am sure you can imagine, it would do all the above website and blog creation, article rewrite, the Web site submissions, bookmarking etc. probably take 3 good days.

So far I have only used it for the link building, but a lot of success stories on the Forum are from marketers, who use it to promote affiliate products direct. it has even a built in to the market, which makes your market research for you., enter a keyword, and will examine if any Web pages 2.0 is in the top 20 results. If there is it then checks Clickbank to suitable products to promote.

I was signed SEnuke free trial to know it would be really good to get me to add another recurring monthly bill to my PayPal account., after using it just once, however, I knew I would be sharing with the. This is a great piece of Kit, and I suggest you take it for a test run even before the doors close forever, because I can not see any requests for refunds in the Forum.

Click here for the free trial.

Click here to read the success stories in SEnuke forum.

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Dirty CPA Review

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«Back written by ady on november 12, 2009 – 11: 21 pm

I don’t know about you, but when I buy a product I expect an upsell. Its OK for a long time now, it has been common practice, and the wind not me as it did originally.

I am Not even 3rd and 4th upsell and, as in the case of Dirty CPA, I end up there, I would not bothered to buy things in the first instance.

It is like “Hello, your sales pitch said this program finanskorrektionsmuligheder all learn about CPA so why after purchase are you telling me now to buy your more in depth training course costs, four numbers?”

Review of the amended CPA

OK, apart from pet hates described above, I learn quite a lot in the few days or so, it took me to go through all of the videos.

I would have preferred a PDF to accompany each video, but as long as you are quick to write down, URLs and other important bits of info, uses video to provide this type of content works well.

There are some holes in the process, the largest any given a CPA campaign bonustype power you created. Let me explain ….

Sales page will ask you to provide the reader, if they would like to “make more money in 45 minutes, than you do normally in a month?”

Assume the answer is a resounding ‘ yes ‘ punter and then buy the course, find out how, he is soon to be told before the videos, which is a CPA campaign shall be considered to be a success if it returns a 50% profit.

This means that if your normal monthly salary is $ 4000 to say then you need to spend $ 8000 in these 45 minutes to make your $ 4 K for profit.

Expenditure of the kind of money is a relatively easy time when buying traffic, put it on a winning CPA campaign is not so easy.

Fortunately, the course is quite extensive and the point is made that you need to reign in your campaigns and test test test until you have your winners and then run with them as best as your budget allows.

Just to be clear, you must be a few hundred dollars a month to run your test campaigns and then you’ll find lots of spare cash, or a high limit on your credit card if you want to make the kind of money sales pitch conversations about.

Was it worth the money?

I am more than pleased with Dirty, I picked up THE CPA. lots of info, and it comes with a couple of neat tools, I can use in my other marketing ventures, not just THE CPA.

One of the dirty tactics videørne in session is a presentation on PPV (pay per view) the placing on the market of Cubits Sultanic. this hour and a half video alone was worth the cost of the course, which is concerned about a total newbie. would think, but I do not know, but with a trial version at just $ 4.95 its worth getting in to find out.

Check it out here.

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EmailAces Review

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«Back written by ady on August 19, 2009 – 10: 46 pm

This emailaces revision should serve as a warning to all internet marketers would be looking to save some pennies in the short term.

If I remember correctly was Marc from PLRPro, who advised me some years ago that if I were to take this game seriously I need to use either the Aweber or GetResponse autoresponder as my service, all other similar services was just pretenders.

Are new, you are me and become a smart arse I decided not to listen and shopped find me a bargain basement pretender is called emailaces.

Since then I have built lists of:

7000 + UK homeowners who have hired the services of a generator and had major renovation work done (priceless).

2000 + would be internet marketers.

1000 + Americans concerned about identity theft.

About 10 other smaller lists covers indegestion, back problems, etc, etc.

Value of the above? I to say, a grand a month … …. the minimum.

Last week my bank rang to say the trøde my card had damaged the dedit online and they would not accept longer transactions through the map and a new one would be in the post asap.

The card arrived a few days ago so I logged in my PayPal account and added the new map. when the 2 small payments had taken over the card to confirm it was mine, were all set up.

I should point out at this point that any card attached to my PayPal account has not been applied in at least 2 years. I get the money paid into my account every day from the sale and I never completely empty account.

No problems so far …

I cancelled then the old card from my PayPal account as per bank instructions only to immediately receive e-mail from PayPal 14 each tells me a subscription payment had canceled and would no longer be taken from my account in the future.

These included memberships such as SEnuke, LinkVana, BackLink Solutions, Nichebot, HostNine, SEO hosting, a pile of Hostgator accounts and EmailAces.

Dave Kelly support guy from LinkVana emailed literally minutes to ask if I had “really” canceled or was it a problem with PayPal?HostNine and Hostgator responded to my tickets within an hour to confirm they would cancel anything. all other responded within 24 hours to confirm it would not be a problem. everyone except emailaces.

The following is a copy and paste the email I got from emailaces during minutes PayPal cancellation:

“account Email ACEs referenced above will no longer be billed and shall be deemed to be permanently cancelled. we can not add you to the system or reactivate your account cause.”

I have emailed their support. I have filled in their support of the forms I have emailed their PayPal address. I have sent a PayPal dispute.

My e-mail messages ask …

If their credit and debit cards have expiration dates?why the discretion to cancel accounts without any confirmation request?why if I pay monthly on 26th should I be locked out of my account with at least one week to go in this month, even if I cancel my subscription?

Not a word of replies yet. I cannot log to retrieve my lists and yes I know, I should have backed up them, but do you?

Lesson learned. from now on its large players just for me … If you use emailaces or similar services (and that goes for cheap hosting and autoresponder services) unto you a favor and get, while you can do it on your own terms.

I have had to spend the rest of the week around all my sites, Setup new forms and build lists again from scratch!

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£ 700 In one day Review

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«Back to the written March 2010 ady on 8 – 1: 54 am

I get through a lot of crap products and most do not worth the digital space they take, but every now and then a will there merely beggers belief and makes even bad products look pretty good. £ 700 In a day is one of these.

Bad products in the internet marketing arena is designed for the first part only, newbie from their cash and send them on their way to the next dream. £ 700 in one day is worse than. It makes obvious the wrong information, which all but ensures a beginner may fail, and it offers a guarantee, which means that you will have to fight to get your cash back.

£ 700 in one day is a series of videos about making money from AdSense Keywords research video shows the owner of this scam junk – Shaun Smith of Birmingham in the United Kingdom – searches the term shaun Smith, Blogger and then bragging to his audience that the top 2 results is his blog.I shit you not!

He then does a search for “shaun smith internet Marketer” without the quotation marks and tells his viewers that 2 million plus the number on the top right, not how many search results, Google has found but, in fact, the number of people seeking to term – unbelievable but true people!

Warranty (if you can call it that) says, if you can prove that you did everything he tells you in 60 days, and you’ve never made a penny so that you are entitled to your money back if you deviate from his plan, give in to realize its a scam or a crap happen to have a little luck and, in spite of the extremely poor advice you happen to get a click and make a few cents, your warranty is invalidated.

Avoid like the plague, as well as the folks IT.

Visit the Grizz’s blog and in 15 minutes you will know the 10 times more than that, Shaun Smith has ever known about keywords and its 100% free!…Make money online for beginners.

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