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Article underground members are very happy that a huge network of high quality of WordPress blogs created and managed in the House, the “announce listing pages” are available. That is why we call the AU article announcement blogs!

More than just FAST places left – these blogs on many top rankings and traffic their own always because you are valuable REAL CONTENT WEB pages!

That’s our secret!Seasoned over time and provides real valuable content that readers love to read! and AU you get traffic members you! real traffic!

It is super easy for AU members get a new article page indexed and places on the market, if announced our high quality of blogs!

Now these blogs are mainly of high quality and are monitored in the House and members to report spam and evil deeds of whatsoever.We police you the value extra high to keep!

In fact, we have a set of rules, to help the AU members LINK video discussed the “right way” as the new members AU blog linking tips.

AU members have simply just the core rules, get are really helpful tips that will ensure that the links bring us the most.

What are the rules?They are easy to follow!

Each blog post “real content Web pages” can contain up to 2 text links, the announcement.

No links to site maps or low value pages zulässig.Sorry Charlie – only links to good things people would read and enjoy such as a link to a page with AU PLR article on you:’ >

You can post don’t worry ANY one of your URL’s in each BLOG once – do not post the same URL (Web page) more than once per blog- – your links go a long way, so a time per blog is enough for each of your Web pages!

You can up to 5 posts per blog per domain every day

This means you can URLS from any a domain up to a maximum 5 x 2 = 10 in one day.

The general idea is, post links to many pages within the site and not hammer ONE PAGE over and over.

A link in an AU BLOG is valuable Enouigh that you don’t need to do massive link – a link goes a long way!

Man because there is only 1 URL limit per blog is that often tag archive pages, category pages, pages etc. in the blog shows the links – so that each blog post links to more than 8 or more pages (according to tags and topics, and so on) can display

The full list of rules is in the new Member video AU blog connection tips

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