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Finally, I was trying out SEnuke this month, I have looked at it a few times and never SEnuke review bothered, but with the doors close soon I thought would better be able to take advantage of the free trial before the chance was gone for good.

I can tell you right now, within 10 minutes, sorry, do not take the leap months ago and add this tool to my ever growing list of marketing and promotion tools.

The easiest way for me to make SEnuke review is to tell you exactly how I use it because if you me and want your tools to really be ‘ automatically ‘ then this is likely to blow your socks!

Once I have checked my email to see how many sales in while I was asleep, fire up SEnuke and click Create accounts.

First, it does is create an e-mail account to use for all new sign ups. once thats done, turn off it goes and creates new accounts on all of the top Web 2.0 sites, around 70 in all, with more being added all the time.

It does all this while I do my first coffee of the morning.I can do my breakfast and leave SEnuke for it, because all the CAPTCHA solving itself.

When I have had my caffeine fix SEnuke will happen only if, and I can then send it go and confirm all accounts by replying to the e-mail required. This will take around 5 minutes.

Now for some promotion.I give SEnuke a keyword phrase and tell it to find me a suitable article about my chosen topic. Next I click the button “spin it for me ‘, and it automatically adds the spin syntax to the article.I click the check box in the uniqueness and it rotates 16 versions, and compare them all against each other and tell me if its spun enough (the target is 30% the difference between each).

When I’ve added a link or two to article points to the pages I want to promote, I hit publish and disable it goes to log all the practices of Web 2.0, and publish a version of the article on each. just for good measure it falls a link at the bottom of each post linking to the last one it did make the link the wheel the creation an absolute breeze.

15 minutes later and all done, SEnuke then pings all new urls just created it then nukes them all for random bookmarking accounts, and just connect, submit all of the RSS feeds for different sites, RSS aggregator.

The entire process takes about one hour. as you probably already know, or if not, I am sure you can imagine, it would do all the above website and blog creation, article rewrite, the Web site submissions, bookmarking etc. probably take 3 good days.

So far I have only used it for the link building, but a lot of success stories on the Forum are from marketers, who use it to promote affiliate products direct. it has even a built in to the market, which makes your market research for you., enter a keyword, and will examine if any Web pages 2.0 is in the top 20 results. If there is it then checks Clickbank to suitable products to promote.

I was signed SEnuke free trial to know it would be really good to get me to add another recurring monthly bill to my PayPal account., after using it just once, however, I knew I would be sharing with the. This is a great piece of Kit, and I suggest you take it for a test run even before the doors close forever, because I can not see any requests for refunds in the Forum.

Click here for the free trial.

Click here to read the success stories in SEnuke forum.

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