Pay Google AdSense revenue share – you really how much?

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What % AdSense pays out?? OK…, so always a secret was, what pays Google really, when someone clicks on an ad on a Web page for AdSense publishers. But now Google has produced and is up above about how much you pay.

They say that show is in the “Spirit of transparency”.Google???OK – nice to hear!

-AdSense content publishers worldwide – earn a revenue share from 68% to show, that appear on your Web sites.

AdSense for content allows approved publishers to generate revenue from display placed next to your Web content on sites you won and operate.

68% is thought out your paid higher than I.

I always thought it was about 40 or 50% MAX.So, this makes me feel better about Google.Rechts guys! thank you for revealing the percentage the you your publishers numbers!

For more details and the official statement from Google AdSense blogspot blog at:

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