7 easy ways to profit from Private Label articles

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So how can you make money using private label articles … What’s the big secret?
There is no big secret, really. is much easier to edit or draw inspiration from an article by existing PLR, rather than writing a new article from scratch.

Just a sprinkle of imagination and a little effort and you yourself did you have some unique content, that you can use a number of different ways to make money.

Here are some simple ways to profit from using private label articles …

1. use PLR articles as content for your website or blog

The most used way people private label articles use. If you already have a website to a particular market niche, you can add PLR articles for related topics, to help increase the volume of articles on your website.Alternatively, you can use PLR articles for much of the content of your site and add your own ghost written content or compliment them.

2. Create a unique relationship that you can sell

If you have a load of PLR articles for a specific niche, go through them and extract all the tips that you like.You will therefore a nice little report, containing all the best tips and advice, which you can sell.

It may be true that the same information could be found for free on some other sites, but it takes time and effort of people going to find everything. so do not be afraid to charge people for what you put time and effort in creating.

Useful advice: to increase the value of ‘ perceived ‘ report, you must create a cover image for this report/eBook. not necessarily you must create one of those images of the book replication also only an image flat and rectangular cover report will do the trick.

Amazon is a good place to see what I’m talking about.Take a look at any title of Book VI, and you’ll see the cover image for each one flat.
Even if you are selling a physical book, often helps conversation rates If you have a beautiful image of the cover trying to view.

3. Create a single report that you can give away to build your list

Along the same line as above, provides instead of selling the report, you can use is an incentive for people to subscribe to your opt-in list or newsletter.Just because it’s free, doesn’t mean you should do is good, indeed actually. you want to give people a good first impression when you join your list, so it’s important that the free stuff that you give is worth their time.

4. use PLR articles for the newsletter’s content

If you are creating a list of opt-in email, which I highly recommend that you do, you need content to send to your subscribers. If you send only people ads and promotions, they will end up just stop reading or unsubscribe.

Private label articles are a good choice for this. articles can be divided into small tips, or post them as they are.Both options will provide you with a lot of useful content to your subscribers.

I also recommend to try and match the topic of article PLR with the affiliate product you are promoting the same email address you’ll get more clicks. and sale if the content of email leads nicely into the product that you want to buy.

5. Article audio conversion

As soon as you use private label articles in their shape text baseline. you could read the article about you and convert it to audio format. many people like to listen to audio recordings on their MP3 players, or in their car after burning it to a CD.

You could also use the audio version of the content as an additional incentive to subscribe to your email address, or even offer it as a bonus or ‘ sell ‘ for a related product you are selling/promoting.

6. Create a podcast

Podcasts have become extremely popular. If you are creating audio versions of your articles PLR, you could create a podcast and make it available on the iTunes Podcast Directory as. This is a great way to get more traffic and exposure for your website.

7. create and sell physical products from PLR articles

It is known that physical info products usually have a higher perceived value, plus the same information in digital format. To take advantage of this, you can publish reports and audio recordings, which create as physical books and CDs.

There are a lot of services online these days where you can create very small quantities of physical CDS. ebook and So you don’t have to worry about huge stocks of purchase. in some cases you can get only every product on order.

Jason Lewis http://www.plrbuyer.com runs by providing training, detailed Reviews, price comparisons and a comprehensive directory of private label article sources [http://www.plrbuyer.com/reviews/private_label_articles/] for buyers of PLR.

Your success boiled down to the simple steps

Category : Article Resources

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Hi, it’s Mike Liebner here from Article Underground and the Words = Money Marketing Newsletter.

Out of the blue this morning I was thinking about the steps required to achieve success in online marketing and it occurred to me while we can get as deep and complex as imaginable with our road maps and blueprints, that it is also possible to condense all the secrets, details and techniques down to the bare core – the steps along the way to achieving success.

In fact that’s exactly what a lot of people really need – the most basic explanation of the steps required to get some money coming in. Maybe not quite so basic as my Article Underground Mantra of “Build Pages and Get Links” which does work by the way – but let’s try to include a few of the things in addition to that we need to accomplish as part of our plan.

So here it is – in as few words as I can manage – I will tell you what I think a newcomer to Article Underground and/or “affiliate marketing” needs to do to get the momentum going so that profits can come in as quickly as possible.

Now for those of you that are NOT beginners – please – still read on BUT keep in mind you may already have some of the bases covered. It won’t hurt to be reminded of those things. Also remember this is intentionally simple – tips and specific details are left for you to fill in as you go along.

Here are the steps – I’ll expand on them below.

1) Decide what you want to do – your basic end goal and the “tactic” or “method” you will be attempting.

2) You need to decide HOW you will get TRAFFIC.

3) Build pages with the right words on them. Put the right ads on them and make a “call to action” so your visitors will do something that can make you money.

4) Find out what works and focus our efforts on those things. Study stats and analyze why some things work better than others. Repeat and do more of what works. Dump what does not work.

OK – let’s expand on these a little.

1) Decide what you want to do – your basic end goal and the “tactic” or “method” you will be attempting.

Basically you need to decide whether you will be creating and selling your own products OR promoting those of others (affiliate marketing”). A 3rd variable you might want to add into the mix is selling advertising which could include selling text links or putting Google Adsense on some or all of your web pages.

In keeping with the goal of making this SIMPLE I’ll leave the MANY options for later research on your part – for now – to begin – you need a simple picture in your mind of HOW and WHERE the money might be coming from.

Basically – either you sell your own stuff – sell someone else’s stuff and get a commission – or you get paid to show ads on your pages – or any combination of those.

2) You need to decide HOW you will get TRAFFIC.

You can BUY IT or EARN IT – either will require effort – both are excellent ways.

You can buy ADVERTISING or you can build web pages with the goal of getting FREE SEARCH ENGINE TRAFFIC. Both are excellent ways to get people to see your offer(s).

3) Build pages with the right words on them. Put the right ads on them and make a “call to action” so your visitors will do something that can make you money.

OK – here is the critical step – regardless of whether you decide on getting FREE TRAFFIC or PAYING FOR IT – or BOTH – you MUST – note the MUST here – YOU MUST have web pages MOTIVATE your visitors to TAKE ACTION. Don’t hide the ads. Do appeal to them and do what you can to help them SEE things and REALIZE things. Point out POSITIVE info. Help them along!

Step 3 here is really the key step because it doesn’t matter HOW MANY PEOPLE see your page – IF YOU DO NOT have an OFFER and COMPEL THEM to take ACTION – you will not make one penny.

So – GOAL #3 should be to LEARN and MASTER building good looking web pages that are SPECIFICALLY MADE to help people who are looking at them to BUY SOMETHING or CLICK ON SOMETHING.

IF you are uncomfortable with this concept of selling things and recommending products and such – you will have a tough time making money in this business. Maybe it’s not for you if you get mad when people want you to buy things. Radio – TV – Magazines all do this – and the internet does it better than ever! BUT you can’t be shy about wanting people to do what YOU want them to do… You are helping people decide to make buying decisions – we’re not talking about tricking them – so – if this makes you feel uncomfortable – I’d say this business is NOT right for you. Think about it and consider trying something else if you don’t like asking people to buy things.

OK… sidetracked a bit. Yu want pages that help people take action and buy things!

Pick the best banners that will convert the best. Create words that make people want to do things. Design pages so they SCREAM OUT the steps you want people to take.

This is really one of the most overlooked parts of the process and I can’t tell you how many sites I have looked at that people show me and ask WHY they are not making more money and when I look at them they either have ZERO ADS or OFFERS or the ads and offers are hidden on the page. Or the ads don’t match the content. Or the banners look like crap.

IF you want to be successful at this and SELL LOTS OF STUFF or get lots of people to click on your ADSENSE ADS – then your pages need to help people do these things.

You can’t hide the ads…. you can’t be shy about featuring and recommending a product or a banner.

Now this is an ART in itself that could be a course. So we’ll have to save the details for another lesson.

Now, one of the things I have learned about recently that really opened my eyes is that in PPC advertising – such as when you buy ads on Adwords for example – your AD must be written to motivate people to take action. You need to TELL PEOPLE WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO DO! If your AD is crap and does not give people a reason to click – it will fail miserably. If you trick them or don’t deliver what you promised – you’ll be spending money and getting no conversions.

The same applies to your web pages – they must be designed in a way that helps the people visiting WANT to do the things that will make you money.

4) Find out what works and focus your efforts on those things. Study stats and analyze why some things work better than others.

This is the key step. You need to experiment and find your way and take note of the things that bring you more money. Then you spend more time on that line of attack.

If you are able to – monitor your stats – find out what keywords are bringing you the most traffic and ideally which keywords bring you traffic that CONVERTS into sales.

The goal is CONVERSIONS – whether you buy traffic or get people from the search engine rankings – you need to know as much as you can about the conversions and WHY they converted.

This is the secret to expanding your success!

Do you want to learn more about stats tracking and keyword conversions???

There are 2 programs that are really worth looking at!

I found an exciting program called Affiliate Prophet that is designed to track conversions for PPC. I bought it myself,  but this one is not required, but I do think you’ll learn something by looking at the sales page and reading all the info.


It is primarily for tracking paid advertising (PPC) but it does however also have features for tracking organic traffic plus split testing and other cool things. This is advanced stuff for sure – but some really exciting stuff.

The Affiliate Prophet page because it is loaded with valuable information – in fact – if you register Peter will send you a PDF case study of one of his actual campaigns showing his stats – the winners and losers.


If nothing else, even if you do not buy it – you will learn a lot about stats tracking and keyword conversions. I did!

Another exciting tracking program is Xtreme Conversions. It too is primarily aimed at PPC tracking but has some features that are of interest to organic tracking as well.


Once again – just by visiting the site you can learn a ton about tracking and conversions!

The key to making more money is by IMPROVING and EXPANDING on what is already working. Tracking is the way to do it!

Well… I already turned this into more words than I had planned.

If this stuff interests you and you want to learn more I suggest you read the following articles and watch the suggested videos!

If you are a beginner and need a refresher course on what affiliate marketing is and where the money comes from – please watch my video “The Missing Link”. It will help you make the connection between people and traffic and how you can monetize your web sites!


A perfect compliment is my article “The Best Place to Start is at the Beginning”


A great article that might just change the way you think is:

When You Change The Way You Look at Things… The Things You Look at Change!


Lastly… please keep in mind that this is a “numbers game”:


Creative Ways to Make Extra Money


Take Action


That should be enough to help you along the path towards success!

Wishing you success!

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