Why I do not buy the source code of the million

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Until I know actually, how many copies will be made available, I do not be tempted with the source code of the millions and neither should you.

Yes it looks good and it probably is, but what is the point in buying it when you could well end up competing against hundreds (perhaps thousands) of the membership sites offer the exact same you are?

Out of hundreds of competitors, many will already be large players with huge lists, so that they get a jump on average IM’s from the outset. While the newbie is still unpacking the source code of the million, others will be established quickly and the marketplace will be flooded before they are even begun.

The average Joe is trying to convince the folk to accede to their version of Traffic Python (the software that comes with the source code of the millions d’euros) instead of guru bob will not be easy.

It will probably end up with a price war with people give more and more to try to lure new members and in the end, most will be lucky to get back $ 1300 source code Millions cost them.

So why not Brett announced how many will be sold? in the original seminar, he said, of course, he has not yet decided, but it would be strictly limited, although he does not yet take a decision on the exact figures.

I have posted comments in the source code of the Millions blog this question and sent an e-mail message as per instructions if you have questions presale and have yet to receive a response, it seems to still not decided what he cut off will be.

Call me a sinical bastard but my guess is the source code of the last 50 million will be announced when all the last possible sales have been pressed from honey train.

When each list has been copy floppy death and all fresh ideas to the bonus has dried up, can this message of “the last few available” good press another $ 50 K into piggy bank.

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