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This is a real fire sale offer with limited quantities and a ridiculous terribly low starting price of $ 299. for 1 year is prepaid membership, to article underground and it only by personal invitation at this link:

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The starting price is $ 299. for 1,200 article immediately with a full year of article underground.

>>> 2010 Article page underground fire sale

Best wishes for successful marketing!

Mike Liebner

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Introduction to blogs equal money and blogging underground

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Blogging underground is here – almost!

OK…I’ve been quietly worked my lab coming up with what I think is the Ultmate Web Publisher Toolkit and I’m sharing the world on August 24th, 2010 as blogging underground!

The new special report and free video library accordingly is training called blogs equal money, and it really is the bomb! Once again I have delivered price point with blogs equal to FREE!

Blogging underground is the all new improved version of the article underground – the only difference is that the monthly PLR articles – blogging underground but contain – the price point is very attractive and I hope that we will get more people to membership by you advanced functions and a monster Toolkit at a $67 per month price point! alternative we at $299 a year will offer.for those who want to save a ton of money and nothing against advance payment!

  The really cool thing is that article underground members blogging underground get free!

Yes! I know I could make more money make, if it were a paid upgrade, but I article to use underground members who want it for the PLR article, which can all new blog post utility and the ever-growing network of ‘ Announcemnet blogs “.”

Man o man , BPU thing (the blog post utility) is a monster, and getting back links in our growing stable of the a-class of blogs makes it a no-brainer!

Now – before we have loaded already 100 inside blogs, and 60 + member contributed blogs! And the numbers rise as I 200 experienced domains are in the pipeline have added in the next few months!

Get blogging underground free when you join article underground! Introduction to blogs equal money and blogging underground I am my friends who are a pre-release look at equal money blogs and blogging underground with 6 sneak peek videos get!Almost 3 hours blogging underground videos!Lock the door and you say you are busy!check the list of videos: 1. Intro to BU – a private pre-launch tour of blogging underground words equal money only for subscribers.> run time 24: 552 aus.Blog post utility-tour through the new control panel in the be Web post!> run time 17: 283 aus.Keyword research section Oveview video – shows how to use the keyword research tables the domain hunting or go for keyword-targeting > run time 27: 334.Site-Struktur – the secret ingredient that makes our system work so well! > run time 22: 585. 12 step success strategy system overview – is the new system a monster! 49 minutes with me spend like me, covers the entire system and all its steps am. > run time 49: 11
6. How to start A blog – this video is for beginners – started correctly is important! > run time 20: 15Watch out the videos here

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Save money on article underground

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If you stop more details on a 1 year membership – you, by the firesale page for more details.

This is a real fire sale offer with limited quantities and a ridiculous terribly low starting price of $299. for a 1 year prepaid membership article u station and it is only by personal invitation at this link:

>>> 2010 Article underground fire sale page

The starting price is $299 for 1,200 items immediately along with a full year of the article underground.

>>>2010 Article underground fire sale page

Best wishes for successful marketing!

Mike Liebner

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$41. a month for article underground text linking power!

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You ever wished you could get a text link quickly and easily – like in immediately??? Then read on my friend!

I wanted to just one minute to remind the article underground content and traffic system has a save option if you buy a 1 year prepaid membership take.

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It’s well worth the regular amount of $1,164.Wenn monthly subscription numbers – but – it’s only $41.58 per month with this special 1-year plan! this saves you $55.42 every month!

Just think of how big a value that is monthly for 400 to put PLR article delivered fresh each month PLUS the over 100 article announcements blogs, keyword rich text links at your fingertips.

Think of it this way if you ever need a text link FAST – it could be easier than picking at least one of the 100 + WordPress blogs get access on and create a keyword rich post along with up to 2 text links in it!

Exploit the power of this simply fully until you this link ability, at your fingertips have! Places can usually find the associated get take time and effort this is a simple LOGIN and POST process!

While the time saving factor is enough to excited – what is really this makes a great value that you in the driver’s seat and the exact keyword PHRASE you want to join! But – wait, that in itself the BLOG POST is strong, but since you-do, why not ALSO put your keywords in the POST title and the post innovative.NOW THAT’S TOP RANKING REDKINGS QUICKLY, WHAT POWER!

Sure, you may be a few to do this kind of SUPER-DOOPER, your own websites must link to – but – article underground and the 100 + article announcements blogs you at your fingertips – received to spread LINKS of websites and domains on servers around the world!

Sure… other so-called “blog networks” and “Link farms” it, but give you various LINKS to IPS all over the world???Most do not!In fact – you must be careful, because some of these guys just in 50 or 100 domains on the same server put up!Ouch! this is lame!Worse still: IS IT dangerous! this dangerous LINKS to your site banned – Yes – forbidden, because while the guys that sold you the links may not care about – GOOGLE will get the IP address of each link!

With article underground and our 100 + announcement blogs – have the security of knowing they are high quality of blogs and are real websites around the world! left with IP addresses you all must have the spectrum – many different CLASS A IP addresses!

This is to learn like a scientist now – something you need and understand???No! at least not if you link because we are experts and have your back to the AU BLOGS __!All heavy lifting for you and you can be sure your links are high quality and get top rankings!

So, that type should some incentive, head over our 1 year deal with snoop um.Sie get a lot of value for the money and get everything your online business, what you and hook must perform many free search engine traffic!

Now I know times are tough for a lot people – if – you’re insecure delete your hard earned money on a one year DEAL – how about try out AU for 21 days – it costs only $9.95 and get 400 articles along with full access to all our announcements blogs as the Forum and other great features!

You can find a link to the 21 day trial on the gift page:

If you have not already caught it – a link there to 200 AU PLR articles for free download!

By looking in and grab ‘em and have a look around!

A year deal is here:

Well, that’s all for now! hope so far have a great year!

Best wishes for your marketing success!

Mike Liebner

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“Failure in life, because in little things bedeutende.Erfolg is easy, but it requires most certain consistent things every day.”
-Anthony Robbins

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