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In order to download these plr articles, you must first complete a brief survey for each bundle that interests you. By taking these surveys, you allow us to do three things at once:
1. It generates enough profit to afford our bandwith & hosting
2. Assures you’re human and not a bot eating up our bandwith
3. Allows us to continue providing these articles for free!

Accessories 188 Articles about body jewelry, diamonds, gemstones, perfume and sunglasses. Graphics (.psd files and .jpg’s) included for gemstones and sunglasses.

Camera Download the camera pack with 80 articles about digital cameras and camera bags. Great product-specfic niche.

Car 85 car plr articles to download. Covers sports cars, porches, and car stereos.

Items Candles, Cell phones, office chairs and vacuum cleaners. 80 articles for good specific niches, great for targeting buyer traffic.

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