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Vary your link text???

I was just asked about different link text when using the article underground “Announcements blogs”, links to a page to erhalten.Erfordert of each “keyword phrase” is it own MATCHING article???

Soon – ideally Yes! but let’s try to understand this whole thing the intelligent linking!

In the past I have written that it is smart, vary your link text (and to eat your vegetables!).

I wrote it because I know some people think if you the same LINK text on and hammer to number enter.. get first, may be true – but as time goes on If you only use about and identical LINK TEXT – fall like a bucket of lead when Google starts, see the pattern.

It may take a while before you figure it out and place your position down on the page – but you are smart! you will find it!

The solution is just soooo! vary your link text.

I understand, it can be confusing – but to consider the main thing is that you want to do things like a machine or a robot, avoid.

Try to be people and create patterns and repetitive strings, that scream “smells something fishy”.

So when I say “your link text may vary”, is what I really USE MORE OF the words on your page and not only the same ONE keyword phrase over and over in the link text use.

And what about the pages that are on your links???This applies to you to???

It is always good, creating unique that put back on the AU BLOGS that show your Web page you are trying to rank.

The links will have more value.

So if possible – do it!

At the very least- use no identical “exact duplicate content” or articles.

Tweak and adjust at least a little!

In the same article about and transfer would be as bad as MAS submit an article, the article directories that have the same links in the bio box.

Can hurt big time if Google sees all with same exact bio box hundreds or thousands of identical article in directories and links pointing to you.

They are smart.Know this kind of links not really have much value.

You need to get to you to a top ranking TRICK.Ein some good links from article of announcements blogs and you are golden!

So try you to do the automated spammy stuff with the AU blogs – you are not good for that!Have GOLD at your fingertips – to use the true power and your LINK TEXT VARY and vary your blog posts!

If you want TOP ranking REDKINGS – it’s easy – to get the highest quality links can point to your pages!

You want to improve focus on needs for an PRIMARY and at least one Advanced keyword each page.

Depends on how many secondary keywords, to how many good keywords your Seite.Dies natural are the words to the destination – what is already on your page regardless of different link text strategies – start with!

Fact: Did you know that up on Google for hundreds or even 1, 1, 000′s of keyword phrases rank is some Web sites that have many large related keywords???

The words that appear on your pages in your link text are you use sollten.Es is of course for Google, to you for these words – rank, especially when you see the tex links from quality sites! HOME RUN!

Use the AUKDAT TOOL to see what keywords prominently appear on your page, and these keywords TEXT left the article of underground blogs and social bookmarking sites and those targeting.

I search is usually 2 and 3 word phrases, that at least 3 times displayed are. 2 times occur on the page on the mndstns.ONE in not enough – generally include the PHRASE a few times more when it seems only a time and if you want to rank for it.

It is more difficult to rank for a keyword that once on your page is displayed wird.Es still more difficult to rank for a keyword does not device but said it happens! this is, how powerful LINK TEXT!

Each text link externally displayed on Web pages (and internally) on the page with Google that will strengthen keyword PHRASE that is your page and you will begin, see ranking you for keywords in text links especially, if you see the words on your pages to!

Link text is important, but so are the words that Apeear before and after you…Surrounding words play a role in how you rank!

The search engines not only to the words in the LINK TEXT on your site search – a look at the words on the page of text links sind.Umliegenden close words matter-not only the link text!

After all – trust of the LINK text would not you more if it were from a page that was trusted for this topic???Try as if you were to think Google.

So if more traffic more top Rankinghs for tons of different keywords is it simply a question a little extra work to do! get out there and vary the link text and the content/article/contributions, links to your pages! this helps you get most of the results of your efforts!

It’s easy to get top rankings when you properly go about it and use the article underground announcements blogs the way as you are meant to be used!

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