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Distinguish the link text???

I was asked just about different link text when used with the article underground “Announcements blogs” , to get links to a page.  Requires any “keyword phrase” is it own MATCHING article??

In the near future – ideally Yes! But let us try to understand this whole thing the link smart!

In the past I have written, that it is intelligent, vary your link text (and also your vegetables food!).

I wrote it, because I, that some people think know if it always and always the same HYPERLINKTEXT get HAMMER them on number… First of all, the possibly true – but continues as the time When you only identical LINK-TEXT about and use you as a bucket of lead drop, if Google starts to see patterns.

It may take a while before it it out and figure your position at the bottom of the page – but they are smart! You will find it out!

The solution is soooo easy! Vary your link text.

I understand can it confusing – but the main thing to consider is that you want to avoid things like a machine or a robot.

Try to be human rights and patterns and repetitive strings that scream “something smells fishy” do not create.

When I say “Vary your link text”, so what I really use mean you more of the words on your page and not just the same a keyword phrase over and over in the link text use.

And what about the pages that are on your links? This is true for them to???

It is always good to create unique posts on the AU BLOGS that show where you try your website rank for.

The links will have more value.

So if possible – do it!

At the very least- use any identical “exact duplicate content” or article.

Tweak and modify it at least a little!

Reposting of same article over and over would be as bad as MAS submit an article to article directories that have the same links in the bio box.

The hundreds or thousands of identical article in directories you hurt big time as Google sees all with same exact bio box and links pointing to you.

You are smart. You know, these kinds of links have not really much value.

They must not cheat to get them to a top ranking. A few good links from the article announcements blogs and you’ll be golden!

So try you not, that automated spam material with the AU blogs to do-they are too good for it! Have GOLD, at your fingertips – so use the true power and your LINK TEXT vary and differ your blog posts!

If you want to be TOP ranking REDKINGS easy-links get the highest quality, you can point to your pages!

You want each page focus on needs be optimized for an PRIMARY and at least one secondary keyword.

Like many secondary keywords hangs on how many good keywords have on your side you. This are the natural words to the target – independent of different link text strategies – start with what is already on your page!

Fact: Did you know that the many large related keywords are 1000de of keyword phrases on Google for 100 or even 1, rank is some websites??

The words which are displayed are those you should use in your link text on your pages. It is natural that Google rank you for these words – especially, when they see the quality of Web sites from tex-links! HOME RUN!

Use the AUKDAT TOOL for display the keywords prominently on your site and those keywords with TEXT LINKS to the article underground blogs and th social bookmarking sites, and such as the target.

I search usually 2 and 3 word phrases that appear in at least 3 times on the page. 2 Times at the mndstns. AN occurrence is in General not enough add the PHRASE a few times, if it only appears once, and if you want to rank for it.

It is more difficult to rank for a keyword that will be shown only once on your page. It is even harder to rank for a keyword, does not Appear…, but that is to say – it happens! That’s how powerful LINK-TEXT can be!

Each text link externally displayed on Web pages (and internally) for this page with Google, your site is reinforce is the KEYWORD WORTGRUPPE and it starts you ranking for the keywords that they see in the text-links – especially when they see the words on your pages to!

Link text is important, but so are the words that Apeear before and after you… Surrounding words play a role in how you rank!

The search engines see not only of the words in the LINK TEXT on your page also they look at the words that are on the side in the vicinity of text links. Surrounding words role to – not only the link text!

After all – trust the LINK TEXT would not you more if it were from one side, that was trusted for this topic? Try as if you were to think Google.

So, if you tons more traffic from more top Rankinghs for various keywords – it’s easy to do a question a little extra work! Get out there and vary the link text and also the content/article/place, have the links to your pages! This will help you in your efforts to get the most results!

It’s easy to get top rankings, if you properly go about it and with the article underground of announcements blogs as they are used!

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