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Do you want to distribute links to Web pages of blogs in the world???

An article underground membership get linked you made easy! And you have so much control the blogs can links get, as you like it! TO FAST!

I have always some e-Mails, to the questions as part of an article make underground via the article of announcement blogs, accession come. I thought it would be a good time to share the link of my blog, which describes some of the benefits of blogs and has also a video, which shows examples of the best backlinks to get.

AU blog-posting video

We have added some great new blogs, because the video, and I’m on a personal mission to add at least 100 new blogs by October 2009! So our blog network is growing fast, and we will add many great new sites with the AU members in connection with get!

You can see the video it has a ton of great info on back links and blogs!

> AU blog-posting video

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